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8 spiritual dating sites: 2024 reviews

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Finding a partner who shares your spiritual beliefs, healthy, environmentally conscious lifestyle, and interests might seem impossible in a sea of generic online dating profiles.

Luckily, there are multiple spiritual dating sites specifically built for people seeking a deep spiritual connection. 

What is the best dating site for spiritual daters?

Like a lot of other niche dating sites, the pool of daters on these spiritual dating sites will be smaller (and in some areas, nonexistent), and the tech is dated (most do not have apps!).

That’s why our No. 1 recommendation for spiritual dating is, which prioritizes finding committed partnership over hookups and has over 750,000 paid subscribers and 10 million active users. 

Check out our full review of eharmony and try it out for free >>

1. Conscious Singles

Since 1999, Conscious Singles has marketed itself as “the oldest, largest exclusively conscious, spiritual dating site.” This spiritual dating site matches potential couples based on shared spiritual interests such as astrology, mindfulness, and meditation — which means you're likely to find someone who wants more than something casual.

Registration takes a hot minute, but we promise it's worth the effort. Like its sister site, Spiritual Singles, Conscious Singles offers inspirational articles, spiritual/self-improvement products, and events. Both sites are part of the Conscious Dating Network, so you can access all sites when you create an account.

Is Conscious Singles legit?

Conscious Singles doesn’t have a BBB rating or Trustpilot profile. However, its sister-site, Spiritual Singles, has great Trustpilot reviews, which lends credibility to the entire Conscious Dating Network. All pictures/profiles on the site are subject to verification by a moderator. Check out our post with some online dating profile examples.

How much does Conscious Singles cost?

While it's possible to meet people with the free version, you will have more control choosing potential mates if you subscribe.

Conscious Singles pricing (plans automatically renew unless you cancel):

1 Month$24
3 Months$48 ($16 per month)
6 Months$72 ($12 per month)

Conscious Singles Pros

  • Reading/replying/sending likes is free
  • Webcam chat

Conscious Singles Cons

  • No app
  • Public profiles (no privacy)

Conscious Singles reviews 

Incredibly Grateful & Married, review

(Received recently–that's how it works sometimes!) My name is Randy, and I joined your site on February 14, 2016. After several months I became convinced that I would meet my match on this site. I traveled to meet several women but no match. However, I felt that I was getting closer to finding her each time.

On November 30, 2016, I sent an interest to a woman in Austin, Texas. We began speaking on the phone daily for hours, and we both knew after just a few days that we would spend our lives together. So on December 30, I flew from Chicago to Austin on a one-way ticket and stayed five weeks. After the first two weeks, we moved her into a larger apartment because we knew that we would always be together and go into business together!

Kim, my wife now, or Kimmy Chi as she is known, had created a line of organic body & skincare products, and I decided to work with her after she told me that she needed a sales and marketing person. That was me, too! We've now expanded the line with CBD products, and now we sell Chiki Buttah Products nationally.

Given it's our first anniversary, I'm now adding my story to the site. We feel that we are perfect for each other, but the most amazing thing to us is how we managed to meet and immediately start living together and working together while still getting to know each other. We're like 24/7 together and love it.

There is no doubt that we would not have met if not for Conscious Match! We will forever be incredibly grateful! We've never been so happy. Thank you!

Kim and Randy Keeshin

England to Atlanta! Soul Mates United, review

Hello, it has been a while since we finally wanted to write and thank your website.  

The website allowed me to meet my soulmate in just a few short weeks. We believe that it was our destined journey to meet through your site and that it's in alignment with the universe and God for us to be together. 

At first, what seemed friendly and pleasant became an unimaginably wonderful gift. We lived in different countries and soon after meeting knew we could not be apart long and decided marriage was for us. It was a true gift of marrying my soulmate and twin flame, and we cannot thank you enough.

We met last June and were married by the end of January. Thank you so much, and we will never forget your website. 

Best Regards,  

Paula & Teresa

Learn more about running a background check on someone your're dating

2. dharmaMatch

dharmaMatch is a refreshing dating concept built around being your best self. This spiritual dating site draws inspiration from the Eastern spirituality notions of dharma and karma, and its mantra is “Be Good. Meet Good. Do Good.” 

While it sounds like a great concept, the actual dating site leaves a lot to be desired. Based on most reviews, customer satisfaction is low. If you want to see if the app is worth your time, try running its free user base search in your area. For reference, we searched an NYC zip code with a 100-mile radius and received only two pages of user results (each page is 10 profiles).

On smaller sites like dharmaMatch (and on any dating site or app), it's important to run a background check on anyone you decide to meet up with to make sure they're safe and legit. Also, learn which red flags to look out for on your dates. Educate yourself about safe online dating.

Is dharmaMatch legit?

dharmaMatch has an A+ rating with the BBB and has been accredited since March 2023, although it has no ratings. The dating site is not listed on Trustpilot. It has 1.6 stars based on five reviews on Sitejabber. While legitimate, user satisfaction is low.

How much does dharmaMatch cost?

You can create a profile, send “smiles,” and respond to messages for free. However, you must subscribe to the gold membership to send emails or initiate contact.

dharmaMatch pricing:

1 Month$19.99
3 Months$50.97 ($16.99 per month)
6 Months$77.94 ($12.99 per month)

dharmaMatch Pros

  • Free responding to messages/”smiles”
  • Like-minded matches

dharmaMatch Cons

  • No app/live chat
  • Tiny user base

dharmaMatch reviews 

Googie B., 11/5/17, Sitejabber review

It sucks, don't waste your time! Well, dharmaMatch is not free even though profiles have no dates, are not active, and Dharma doesn't tell you when they were active. Pretty clever, don't you think so? You look like an idiot that spends 2/3 hours filling out their forms and answering their stupid questions just to send a smile to members who were active years ago. Hahaha, they got you, but at least now you know. I wasted hours making my profile :(

Mike D. January 22, 2018, Sitejabber review

Dating sites are coming to an end, and they know it. That's why there is no way to tell when someone has last been active for most of them. eharmony removed those notifications- what other possible reason would they do that? Dharma was a decent idea in trying to weed out the shallower end of the pool, and at some point, it probably worked, but it's a ghost town now.

I live in a central US metropolitan area, paid for one month – no significant loss – and contacted many people. I understand not getting responses, but my profile had only 2 VIEWS in a month. None were the people I contacted. These sites may have once had good intentions, but…

How to choose the right pics for your dating profile

3. Love Spiritually

The couple do yoga together. If you're looking for individuals who value daily mindfulness and spiritual practice, Love Spiritually is a dating site to try.

Love Spiritually is for those individuals who value daily mindfulness and spiritual practice. In addition, the site intends to form a platform for individuals who seek “holistic, sustainable living, yoga, raising the collective consciousness, and living with a pure, open heart…”

When I created an account, there were 192 people online (with only four profiles available for Instant Messaging). Upon profile creation, Love Spiritually awards you with one free conversation. And even though I specified that I was interested in men, I was matched with females and males far outside my preferred age range.

Also, nothing seems related to/driven by spirituality other than the site's name. Using the search criteria of male, age 30-50, within a 100-mile radius of NYC, 75 profile matches were returned. Overall, we recommend focusing your efforts on other dating sites.

Is Love Spiritually legit?

Love Spiritually has no Trustpilot or BBB profile. The site brands itself as the “#1 spiritual community on the net,” and while we strongly disagree, it is a legitimate dating site.

How much does Love Spiritually cost?

It is impossible to meet someone using the free version (unless the one free conversation granted to you ends in success). You can send up to 30 free “flirts.” However, your chances are improved if you subscribe.

Love Spiritually pricing (automatic subscription renewal unless you cancel):

5-Day trial$5 ($34.95 per month after trial ends)
1 Month$32.95
3 Months$44.97 ($14.99 per month)

Love Spiritually Pros

  • You can prevent contact from people who don't fit your criteria

Love Spiritually Cons

  • No app/blog
  • Small user base/bad profile qualities (except for the Richard Branson profile)

Love Spiritually reviews

We couldn't find any user reviews. However, we did see that Love Spiritually has 1,400 Facebook “likes” and 1,500 “follows.”

4. MeetMindful

User Beware. We cannot recommend this site because of the overwhelming scam/unfair billing practice complaints. However, if you are still curious, read on.

MeetMindful is intended for individuals looking to form serious relationships and fall in love. It offers entertaining articles, and its user base is overwhelmingly female.

Is MeetMindful legit?

After eight years in business, MeetMindful is not accredited with the BBB and holds an F rating and there are multiple unanswered billing complaints. There is a current alert on file (with a disclosed phone number) for this business, given the pattern of complaints about unfair billing/unresponsive customer service.

MeetMindful holds a 1.6/5-star rating (based on 100 reviews) on Trustpilot. Most complaints are about unfair/illegal billing practices. Many allude to fake profiles, repeating (rejected) profiles, a massive volume of unopened/unanswered messages and more.

How much does MeetMindful cost?

You cannot expect to meet anyone with the “free” version, as sending messages is reserved for paying subscribers.

MeetMindful pricing:

1 Week$14
1 Month$29
3 Months$49 ($16.33)
6 Months$79 ($13.17)

MeetMindful Pros

  • App on Apple Store and Google Play
  • Somewhat larger user base focused on large metro areas

MeetMindful Cons

  • Poor customer service/lots of billing complaints
  • You can't try the app for free

MeetMindful reviews

October 2, 2021, Trustpilot Review


The website continued to charge me after I canceled my membership. I did not find an email or phone number for Meet Mindful to question the charge, and the help function didn't work. I disputed the charge with my credit card company, and they declined the dispute because I had no proof of cancellation. Meet Mindful does not send an email confirming cancellation.

When I canceled again, their webpage claimed I'd still have premium access for the remainder of 6 months. However, after clicking “cancel,” it immediately downgraded my account to free member status, forfeiting the remaining months. Now I tried to remove my profile and cannot find a way to remove the profile. Many others have filed complaints with the BBB regarding the same issues.”


Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service, BBB review

I joined this dating site, and there was no way to find people. The site doesn't fully let you view members until you pay. Once paid, you couldn't view any members. Traffic consists of the same two people every day. It appeared to be a phony dating site. There was no way to cancel the account or stop the recurring monthly auto charge.

The customer representative said they could not cancel or stop the auto-charge. They recommended contacting iTunes if ordered through iOS, but I didn't order through ITUNES. I ORDERED through They let me delete my profile, but that didn't stop the auto-charge. I emailed them, and they refused to refund me, even after telling them the site didn't work.


5. Soulful Match

The loving couple spends a lovely time in a cafè. If you're looking for love and lasting relationships, try Soulful Match.

Soulful Match is a private dating site that caters to singles looking for love and lasting relationships. Soulful Match offers inspirational articles and events and is a Conscious Dating Network partner.

The good news is that if you have a profile with Spiritual Singles or Conscious Singles, you already have access to this dating community. You can indicate your interest for free, send up to five “Hellos,” and respond to messages. The premium subscription allows you to initiate messages, attach images, access instant messaging, and upload up to two videos. The profile creation process is lengthy, but ultimately, it’s worth your time.

Is Soulful Match legit?

Soulful Match has a profile on Trustpilot but no reviews. However, it is a legitimate online dating site as part of the Conscious Dating Network.

How much does Soulful Match cost?

While Soulful Match costs less than most dating sites, it is possible to meet people with the free version since you can respond to messages received.

Soulful Match pricing (renews automatically):

1 Month$24
3 Months$48 ($16/month)
6 Months$72 ($12/month)

Soulful Match Pros

  • Profiles are approved manually (no fake profiles)
  • Truly caters to the spiritual community

Soulful Match Cons

  • No app

Soulful Match reviews 

Lists Fulfilled, check! website

My husband John and I met on your site nearly six years ago, and as I write this, we are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary! 

By the time I was 44, I had experienced several long-term relationships, but never marriage, and I truly wanted that life-long commitment. My last relationship was with a man I met the first time I was on your site as well, and after nearly three years, it ended amicably.

When I was ready to date again, I returned to your site because I knew this was the site where I would find the best mate for me. And I did! Months before, I had made a list of what I wanted in a mate, and as I read through John's thoughtful profile, I mentally checked off all the things on my ideal mate list. John was my list! (Coincidentally, he had made a list around the time I had made mine, and I was his list, too! Eerie!).

The fact that he was a widower with two young sons didn't scare me. All I knew was that his profile spoke to me, and I felt a connection. We exchanged long emails and quickly set a first date that lasted 4 hours. 2 ½ years later, we were married.

As a result of our union, I have gained two beautiful sons, John's family and his late wife's family, all of whom have made my life complete. He was well worth the wait, and I am so glad to have found someone who values the same things I do. I doubt I would have been able to find him through other dating sites. 

Our shared values have prompted us to form a company together. Sister Eden Media makes how-to and satirical videos about taking care of ourselves and our planet. 

Take care, and thanks again for what you do!

Lori Hill

Soul Level Connection, website

We found each other thanks to the Conscious Dating Network!  After some initial frustration that potential matches were a geographical challenge, we discovered that we both live in Arizona, making it easy to meet up for dinner and a complete conversation.  

We have found that our values are amazingly very similar and form the basis for what we both feel is a deep soul-level connection.  Thank you for providing this service and helping us find each other! We truly feel a profoundly emotional, spiritual, physical connection and marvel at finding each other every day. Thank you very much! We are delighted and very much in love!


Kathy and Stephanie 

Follow up:


I (we) sincerely want to thank you!! You truly helped us find this soulful magical match.

Words are inadequate.

We are simply so happy and now MARRIED.

Best wishes to you and yours,


6. Spirituality.Dating

This dating site is worth trying, mainly because it's free. According to its website, it's perfect for singles who “…are spiritual… and value a healthy holistic lifestyle (mind, body, spirit, and soul).”

When signing up, you can be as specific as you’d like about your spirituality, preferences, and beliefs. The interface is a bit cluttered, but you get to take fun quizzes like “Who were you in your past life?” The typical search filters include age, geographical location, pictures, and more. If you live near a large urban area, give it a go.

Is Spirituality.Dating legit?

Spirituality.Dating has no ratings on Trustpilot or BBB, but this dating site is steadily growing in popularity.

How much does Spirituality.Dating cost?

Spirituality.Dating is free. However, if you are looking to upgrade, you will get to:

  • Experience unlimited chats
  • View who looked at your profile
  • Flirt up to five times a day
  • Find out who likes or favorited you
  • Unlock all photos for other users
  • Undo swipes
  • Use the invisible mode

Spirituality.Dating pricing (no recurring charges/subscription):

5-day trial$4.95
1 Month$32.99
3 Months$14.66/month

Spirituality.Dating Pros

  • Free
  • Growing in popularity

Spirituality.Dating Cons

  • Small dating pool

Spirituality.Dating reviews 

We couldn’t find any reviews on but will add them as they become available. 

7. Spiritual Singles

When creating a profile, you have to meet the minimum requirements and invest a bit of energy, thought, and time. However, this site is worth it! Your profile will stay hidden until approved.

In the meantime, you have the opportunity to answer 20 “match” questions. Spiritual Singles is worth joining for more than just finding a mate. The site lists spiritual events, classifieds and is like a spiritual community. Check it out if you’re looking to make a strong connection with other spiritual singles >>

Is Spiritual Singles legit?

This dating site is trustworthy given that it actively seeks feedback/customer reviews regardless of whether or not they are favorable. Additionally, spiritual Singles uses SSL inscription, fraud detection, and id authentication/profile verification. As a result, most profiles you come across are legitimate.

While not rated on the BBB website, Spiritual Singles has 4.0 out of 5 starts on Trustpilot (over 550 total reviews), indicating that most users are happy with their experience. However, reviewers on Sitejabber give it 2.3 out of 5 stars.

How much does Spiritual Singles cost?

The site regularly offers specials, so check it out around upcoming holidays. Subscriptions renew automatically. Video date time can be purchased separately ($4 per hour, $12.50 for five hours, and $20 for 10 hours).

Premium membership allows you to send up to 50 emails per day (nonsubscribers can respond for free), attach pictures to messages, initiate unlimited instant messaging, 20 photos, and two videos.

Spiritual Singles pricing:

1 Month$24
3 Months$48 ($16/month
6 Months$72 ($12/month)

Spiritual Singles Pros

  • Messaging is free if a subscribing member initiates contact
  • Spiritual community, events, and classifieds

Spiritual Singles Cons

  • No app 

Spiritual Singles reviews 

December 12, 2021, Trustpilot review

Well, I'm not so keen on most online dating sites, but I am finding spiritual singles to be a better quality site as well as better members.”

Matthew Jones

December 8, 2021, Trustpilot review

I love this website. Soooo much better than many of the typical online dating apps/websites (if you're a spiritual person). It doesn't feel like the business is only concerned about how much money they can squeeze out of you (like OkCupid and Tinder). Instead, it feels like they still have a soul and maintain their integrity. Moreover, there's a good number of users, and I've already gotten a lot more activity than expected. Very glad I found Spiritual Singles.

8. Christian and Catholic dating sites

For religion-based connections, please consult our guides to Catholic and Christian dating sites.

Which spiritual dating sites are the best in 2024?

You may wish to explore alternative spiritual dating sites like,, LightworkersinLove, MeetSpiritualSingles, DivineDating app, and Nuitapp. In the meantime, let's talk about our favorites on this list.

  1. Because of its large user base and reputation for leading to meaningful relationships, eharmony tops our list for spiritual daters, even if it isn’t specifically “billed” as a spiritual dating site. We also love eharmony for its A Better Business Bureau rating and in-depth personality questionnaire that seeks to learn your spiritual and religious preferences. It also boasts a high marriage rate and low divorce rate compared to other dating sites, according to a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
  2. Our No. 2 choice is a tie: Spiritual Singles, Conscious Singles, and Soulful Match. We cannot praise this network of sister sites enough. Because they are a part of the Conscious Dating Network, one account gives you access to all.
  3. is our third choice and worth exploring. It is still growing, free and fun. We look forward to seeing how evolves and hearing members’ reactions/success stories.
  4. Our fourth choice is Love Spiritually. It has a small user base and poor-quality profiles, but you can try it if you wish to explore more sites.
  5. Next is dharmaMatch. We recommend bypassing this site and its tiny user base.
  6. Lastly, we have Meet Mindful. Unfortunately, while Meet Mindful offers the convenience of an app, we cannot recommend this dating site due to extensive (and unresolved) billing complaints on BBB.

Looking for more than a spiritual connection? Check out our list of the best dating apps and sites for single parents, or learn about working with a professional matchmaking service, including It's Just Lunch and Tawkify.

We also put together a guide to boosting your confidence so you can attract the right kind of matches and know your worth. And, if you're concerned, a guide on background checks for dating.


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