Is worth it? A review.

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Read below to find out what you need to know about, costs, reviews, and more:

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How does work?

Users create a profile on and then set their dating preferences, including gender and age range. You also have to answer a five-minute questionnaire about yourself that touches upon interests, hobbies, and what you’re looking for in a partner. When it comes to your dating preferences and interests, you can also rate how important they are to you.

Once your profile is complete, it’s time to get matching! Users can find matches by swiping or looking through their interest pages. When swiping, you’re only shown one profile at a time, allowing you to really focus on that individual user. When you skip a profile, Match takes that into account and ensures that every profile that comes your way is compatible with your interests.

When clicking the “interests” page, you’ll find lots of interaction between other users; you can like or give someone a “wink” (a more flirtatious like) by having them swipe on your profile first. With Match, you can also send direct messages to other users without having to swipe at them.

Is a safe dating site? is as safe as any other dating app. Like with most dating apps, you have the option to verify your Match profile by connecting it to your social media.

Other dating apps under Match Group Inc. (like Tinder and Hinge) are taking extra steps with safety. This year, Match Group Inc. announced a partnership with Garbo (a female non-for-profit background checking platform) to run low-cost and fair background checks for users who sign up. In addition, Match Group Inc. is also working with the safety company, Noonlight to create new features to alert emergencies among users. Right now these features will only be available for Tinder, but if successful other dating websites and apps under the Match Group Inc. might follow suit. 

Match prohibits anyone who’s been labeled a registered sex offender, or who has been convicted or pleaded no contest to a felony, violent, or sexual crime.

Like with other dating apps, it’s important to be cautious about who you’re meeting. If you ever see anything inappropriate or suspicious on Match, report it.

Before you meet up in person, you may want to do a background check. Here's how >>

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Does Match have fake profiles?

Unfortunately, a common complaint among reviews is the number of fake profiles on the site. In 2019, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), sued Match Group Inc. for using fake profiles to trick users into buying paid subscriptions. Since news broke, Match Group Inc. has been making efforts to regain users’ trust, including launching an advertising campaign that takes a stand against fake accounts. According to Match Group Inc.’s website, there’s a dedicated team that helps detect and prevent scams from happening.

While is making efforts to stop fake profiles from appearing on their site, it’s important as a user to be aware and cautious while you’re making connections. Always report any profile that looks suspicious.

How much does cost? is free to sign up for, but there’s not much you can do without paying for a plan. Below is a breakdown of the costs as of October, 2o21 of the standard versus the premium plan and the features that come with it:


  • $21.84/month for 12 months
  • $24.48/month for six months
  • $34.45/month for three months

What you’ll get:

  • Sending messages
  • See who has viewed and liked your profile
  • Attend Match Events to meet members IRL

Premium Plan

  • $23.11/month for 12 months
  • 26.51/month for six months
  • $40.41/month for three months

What you’ll get:

  • All the features of a standard subscription
  • Email read notifications
  • One profile review a year
  • One boost per month
  • Discounts on Match events also offers “Boosts” — a feature that allows your profile to appear on their “Discover” page or as a “top suggestion” for one hour. Prices start at 0.60 for 10 credits.

Is Match worth paying for?

Match makes it hard for anyone with a free subscription to interact with others on the app. To make your time worthwhile, you need to buy a plan. However, many reviews suggest that the website isn’t worth the money, stating that they weren’t meeting quality people and that they had trouble canceling their subscription plans. Of course, every user’s experience is different, and factors like location, age, and gender may affect it.

What are the pros of using

There are over 8 million matches worldwide has the largest database of single users. Because it’s been around for so long, you’ll find a broad range of users from different generations finding love. You can even use your profile on their sister sites to find even more matches.

The majority of people on here are looking for serious relationships

Because you have to pay for a subscription plan to use the app to the fullest, people have this idea that the users on are serious about finding relationships (However, anyone can sign regardless of what you’re looking for.) One review on Reddit, says they found more quality matches on site.

It can offer a personalized dating experience

Unlike other dating apps, you set up multiple custom searches on Match to find your well…match! Taking advantage of this helps weed out any people who may not be a good fit romantically.

They have their Match Guarantee

New users g get to participate in the “Match Dating Guarantee” program; you’ll get a six month free membership, and if you don’t meet anyone during that window, will refund you. If they don’t meet anyone, will refund your first six months.

Match Events

Something unique to is their “Match Events” which allows users to meet and connect IRL. The way a Match Event works is that registered users can propose a group activity to and share it with other members in your area. 

Their emphasis on compatibility

You know how when you compare dating apps with friends, it always feels like you’re getting served the same people? offers a more personalized approach: It takes your preferences and assigns a percentage when you match with other users. They also offer “reverse matching” where you can match with people who are also looking for your specific interests.

What are the cons of using

No dating app is without its issues. Below are the biggest cons of

You need to buy a subscription in order to fully use it

With some dating apps, you can have a pleasant experience using the free version. With you barely have an experience. Buying a subscription is the only way to get access to all of’s features. This can be costly for people who don’t have the budget to pay for a dating website.

Canceling your membership might be difficult

A lot of Match reviewers complain about how they’re still getting charged by Match months after canceling their membership. And while they’ve been contacting’s support team, their customer service seems to be non-existent.

User experience is unclear

In a Reddit /datingoverthirty subthread, one user goes into detail about his experience, stating that user experience at Match was confusing; (some user elements (like the heart button) would randomly disappear. He also pointed out that you can’t read messages until you buy a subscription and once it expires, all your matches disappear.

Might not be suitable for hookups

While is open to everyone who wants to just make a connection with others, most people are on it to find love. However, some angry customers say the dating pool isn’t any different from what you might find on other dating apps (despite having to pay). However, be mindful that everyone’s experiences on dating sites are different, and it can depend based on where you live, your age, and what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for something casual, you might want to try one of these hookup sites instead.

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What are the reviews on like? reviews on the Better Business Bureau is not accredited by the BBB. Customer reviewers gave it 1.02 out of five stars. The majority of reviews complain about the auto-renewal and their difficulty canceling their membership. reviews on TrustPilot’s U.S. site does not have any rating on Trustpilot. However, the Denmark site has a poor rating on Trustpilot with just 1.2 out of five stars. Most reviews complain about the number of fake profiles, lack of customer service, and how Match continued to charge them months after canceling.

However, one Trustpilot reviewer gave the dating site five stars because he met his partner, proving that does indeed work. (It also shows how people who haven’t had luck on this app are quick to write a negative review.) reviews on Reddit

There are also numerous threads on Reddit discussing What most users say is that the cost of isn’t worth the experience. A common thing that’s been said is that users find from other people’s experiences that either they find a match in one week or they’re months on the site and aren’t able to find anyone. 

All these reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, considering that most people write reviews based on negative experiences.

Which is better, eharmony or Match?

eharmony has always been compared to Match. In fact, both sites are known as the OG dating sites. eharmony differs from primarily because of its history of focusing on serious relationships. Their compatibility quiz stands out from the other dating sites, plus they have a strict verification process to ensure a safe dating experience.

eharmony vs
BBB ratingA+Not Rated
Exclusively for serious dating?YesNo
Price per month for 6-month contract$49.43$26.51
Identify check for marital status and cheaters?YesNo is all about finding connections. It can be used as a casual hookup site or if you’re looking for a long-term relationship. If you’re open to meeting new people and are unsure of what you want, is the way to go. If you’re looking for a more serious commitment, while Match may still be a good option, it’s worth exploring eharmony.

You can learn more about other quality dating sites in our reviews of Zoosk, Elite Singles, Bumble and Tinder.

Bottom Line: Is worth it?

If you’re willing to pay, could be a good option for a dating website, especially if you’re looking for something long-term. Otherwise, there are other great dating apps owned by Match Group Inc. that might be more budget-friendly, especially if you’re new to the scene.

How much does it cost to be on is free to sign up for, but there’s not much you can do without paying for a plan.

Is a safe dating site? is as safe as any other dating app. Like with most dating apps, you have the option to verify your Match profile by connecting it to your social media.

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