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Best 28 jobs for single moms in 2024

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I have been a work-at-home freelance writer and media professional for 20 years.

There is no way that I could manage my family life, business, and personal care without the flexibility my work-from-home schedule affords me.

Since becoming a mom, I have felt so grateful that I have control over my time, location, client-base and general professional happiness.

One of the most common questions I get from readers is:

What are the best jobs for single moms?

Single moms want what other moms want in a job — but maybe even more so. What are the hallmarks of good single mom jobs? Here are some:

  • Good pay (at least $20/hr)
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote (at least partly)
  • Fair boss (including, sometimes, yourself!)
  • Interesting work
  • Room to grow

Thankfully, many companies recognize that some good positions they need to fill don't benefit from a university degree. Also, there are many ways to be self-employed or a contract worker without going back to school — and still make a very good living without going into student debt. You can also find a no background check job.

We also researched this a list of no-degree jobs. If you are thinking of going back to school, here is our list of scholarships for single moms.

Of course, many of us really want or need the flexibility of working from home. Here is a list of 21 jobs single moms can work from home, as well as same-day pay jobs.

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Accounting jobs

Every business, and most individuals, need an accountant at some point — and much of the work can be done remotely, from home. Whether you are a CPA, bookkeeper or accounting assistant, there are many job opportunities in a wide variety of industries, for all levels of education and experience.

Admin jobs

Administrative work is a broad description that can range from basic data entry that pays $15 per hour, to highly skilled executive assistant positions that earn multiple six-figure salaries with benefits — most of which can be done remotely.

If you get an administrative job through a temp agency, you may be able to get paid on the same day.


Becoming a bookkeeper tops our list of the best jobs for single moms because it offers:

  • Pay as much as $60+/hr
  • Flexible work hours
  • Room for growth
  • Challenging work
  • Quick training

Bookkeepers can earn a salary, or build a business earning $60+/ hour, which can be more than $100,000 per year. Entry-level bookkeeper jobs can pay $20/hour.

Depending on whether you are an independent bookkeeper or work for a company, you may be able to set your own payment schedule.

The job description for bookkeepers includes organizing financial transactions, tax information, and “the books” for their clients. They also update financial statements, read over financial documents for accuracy, and create reports.

If there is a problem with a statement or a miscalculation within their client’s numbers, it’s the bookkeeper’s job to find it.

While there are bookkeeping jobs available, more and more companies are turning to bookkeepers who work from home. Bloggers and influencers hire bookkeepers that work virtually, as do companies that don’t work out of a brick-and-mortar office.

Because most bookkeeping tasks are done online, many small businesses also hire work-at-home bookkeepers to keep their overhead down.

Bookkeeping is also an ideal career for military spouses looking for jobs working from home, since they so often have to move to new places.

There are many online bookkeeping courses:

Bookkeeper Launch is an online video course that helps people with zero experience learn bookkeeping skills, find new clients and build a successful online bookkeeper business — from home.

Bookkeeper Launch offers a free masterclass that goes over: 

  • Why bookkeeping is a stable and simple business option
  • How to earn money as a bookkeeper
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to get started and pick up clients

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Get all the low-down on how to become a bookkeeper, how much you can earn, and how to get your first client and grow your business.

Listen to this Like a Mother podcast interview with Erin Bardsley, a Vermont single mom who is successfully growing her bookkeeping business:

We give the details in our Bookkeeper Launch review.

Child care provider jobs

Child care jobs can range from the occasional babysitter, to part- or full-time nanny positions, working in a family's home, or being a child care provider in a daycare center.

Child care providers may choose to open a daycare center in their home. In this case, they may decide to watch several children in addition to their own (if they have any), while some work for someone else watching their children as nannies, or sporadic babysitting for an hourly rate.

Most babysitters get paid upon job completion, though full-time provider jobs likely pay out on a weekly or biweekly basis.

The requirements for this work really depend on the type of daycare position you desire. For example, The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes that many states require private, in-home daycare centers to become licensed.

To qualify for licensure, you likely need to pass a background check and have an up-to-date record of immunizations. You may also need to meet a minimum training requirement and be certified in CPR.

Some states also require childcare workers to earn a credential such as the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential offered by the Council for Professional Recognition. This credential requires some coursework along with childcare experience.

Check out our post on 8 free online childcare training courses.

Clinical research coordinator jobs

Clinical research coordinators oversee and assist with a wide range of experiments and clinical trials. They perform administrative tasks such as data entry and documentation, but they also conduct a lot of research to prepare for clinical trials and other experiments.

Clinical research coordinators also spend long periods of time researching and brainstorming potential experiments and conducting interviews to find out which experiments may be feasible. Finally, they follow up after experiments are complete to study and report any findings.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that natural science managers (the official term for this career chosen by the BLS) earned an annual median wage of $118,970 in 2017. However, many clinical research coordinators earned a lot more.

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Content manager

Like the job title implies, content managers manage website content. Think about your favorite blog or news site. Chances are, a content manager is in charge of scheduling and posting everything you’re reading and every email alert coming to your inbox. 

If you have a knack for juggling multiple tasks and making sure things get done — skills you already possess as a single mom — this career might be the perfect fit for you. 

Content managers plan and schedule editorial content, assign projects to freelance writers, send out promotional emails and share content on social media.  

Glassdoor lists the national average salary for content managers at $75,672, though some positions may be offered on a part-time basis. Many content manager jobs can be performed remotely and offer flexible hours.

How to make money as a teenager: 25 best ways to earn cash in 2024

Copywriter/Freelance writer

Businesses, schools, non-profits and government organizations all need content: Websites, emails, newsletters, texts, social media, books and more. Increasingly, the skills of SEO, or search engine optimization, are all critical to being competitive in the writing world.

A journalism, marketing or communications degree will give you a leg up in landing one of these positions, but you can also obtain relevant expertise from freelance writing gigs and free online courses, like this one from Coursera on Search Engine Optimization. Learn more about whether it's worth going back to school.

15 ways to get a free laptop for low-income families and students

Corporate travel consultant

Credit card companies, travel firms, and hospitality-related businesses hire travel consultants to assist corporate clients with travel planning, booking itineraries, and emergency assistance.

These jobs are completely virtual, requiring the consultant to work over phone or through email, chat, and sometimes social media.

With full-time and part-time schedules, moms with excellent customer service skills and a desire to help others will find success in these roles.

Most travel jobs are paid on commission, or a percentage of the cost of the booked trip.

While corporate travel jobs may pay a lower rate per hour than some of the other jobs on this list (usually in the $15 to $20 per hour range), the fact you may work flexible hours makes it easy to pair this job with another job you can do from home. Another perk: This job makes it easy to keep your eye on travel deals!

Can’t afford health insurance? 5 health insurance options for single moms

Customer service chat jobs

Using phone and chat, customer service jobs are often done remotely from the parent company — including from your home.

If the job is offered through a temp agency, you may be able to get paid on a daily basis.


Doulas help mothers with the emotional and physical support during birth and postpartum. Mothers who were assisted by a doula have been found to have healthier outcomes for both mother and baby, as well as lower financial cost. Doulas in large cities can earn $100,000 or more per year.

According to parents who used doulas on Reddit, some doulas charge half of their fee upfront, then the other half ahead of the delivery.

byu/babycrazytoo from discussion

Learn more about how to become a certified doula, and find the best online doula certification programs in 2024.

Grant writing jobs

Salaried grant writers who write proposals for non-profit organizations average $45,000 per year, though freelance grant writers working remotely from home, online can earn $50/ hour or more.

Grant writers pull together the applications businesses and nonprofits use to apply for grants from public and private foundations.

These individuals read through grant applications, draft intriguing and informative proposals, and work with donors to ensure the clients they work for have a solid chance at the grants they’re applying for.

This job requires excellent writing skills as well as the ability to conduct thorough research. Grant writers also need to be organized and have excellent communication skills since they will need to interact and chat with clients and potential donors frequently. figures show that grant writers are currently earning approximately $45,757 per year. However, self-employed grant writers who are good with their time may be able to earn $100 per hour or more.

Learn the ropes of grant writing, how to get your first job, and how much you can earn in this post.

Graphic designer jobs

Graphic designers create the visual effects and artwork that businesses use in brochures, print media, and web pages found online.

These professionals need to have an eye for creativity and some experience using software programs. You don’t necessarily need a college degree, but you do need to master photo editing programs as well as software programs like Canva.

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics says graphic designers earn a little less than $50,000 per year on average, their figures don’t reflect the many online design jobs available today. I personally know graphic designers who design the pages for websites and earn upwards of $100 per hour! That’s a lot of money, and it just shows how much potential there is in this field.

If you’re looking for a job designing for websites and other media, start with online job boards such as,,, and CareerBuilder.

Think graphic design is the at-home career for you? Read this post on how to get started, find your first client, build a portfolio and make coin as a graphic designer.

Healthcare/medical jobs

The medical industry has many opportunities to work remotely from home, including medical billing and coding, case management, telephone triage, clinical research assistants and coordinators, customer service, general administrative support and many others. Some jobs require special training, a degree or certificate, while others do not.

How to become a home health aide: 5 HHA training classes to get certified

Marketing jobs

Marketing jobs can include managing social media, data entry, marketing coordinators and managers, and much more — most of which can be done remotely.

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate will teach you the skills you need to collect, synthesize and present data for your employer — within six weeks.

Nursing jobs

As telehealth grows in demand, popularity and offerings, more and more nurses of all specialties are required to fulfill positions that allow them to work from home. Employers might include managed care / insurance companies, telehealth providers, clinical trial coordinators and more.


Coders and programmers build all the software or hardware code to create anything from a website, to an app, to the hardware of a phone, laptop or game console. This is an in-demand field, where salaries easily top $80,000, and can go up to $200,000 or more with experience (though degrees are not always required).

Payout schedules vary depending on whether you're an independent contractor or work for a company.

Even programmers who work for large corporations often work remote, online, from home.

To become a coder, there are free and paid online courses via Harvard’s edX or Code Academy. From there, you’ll want to learn how to build websites using source code—which you can teach yourself.

Google's UX Design Professional Certificate will help you learn the skills you need to be a user-experience developer within six months.


Our next pick for the best high-paying jobs for single moms is proofreading because it:

  • Requires no prior experience
  • No degree required
  • Is remote-friendly
  • Offers flexible hours and good pay
  • Is inexpensive to get started

According to ZipRecruiter, freelance proofreaders in 2024 earn an average of $57,520 a year in the United States or an average of $28/hour, with entry-level online proofreader jobs starting at $13.70/hour.

You may be paid by the gig or on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis based on your client's payout schedule.

Proofreaders are great for people who are good writers with attention to detail. Tasks include reading over copy written for businesses, academia or others, to find spelling, grammar or style errors.

Learn more about how to become a proofreader.

Sales jobs

Nearly every industry needs sales people, and much of this work can be done remotely. There are many opportunities for entry-level sales, including those that do not require special training or education.

Real estate jobs

Remote positions in the real estate industry can include title examiners, mortgage and loan processors, administrators for real estate firms, data analytics, real estate marketing and more.

Recruiting coordinator

Recruiting coordinators manage the entire job hiring process for businesses and organizations. This can include: post open positions, coordinate job fairs, conduct background checks, schedule interviews, communicate with candidates and more.

Tax preparer jobs

If you have experience using tax software to prepare federal and state taxes for individuals, then consider a seasonal gig as a tax preparer. Tax season runs from January 1 through April 15, though tax preparers do work outside of this high season. 

Tax preparers are professionals who provide guidance, advice, and explanations to help customers fill out their tax forms during tax season. 

Tax preparation jobs can be full-time or part-time. Part-time roles during tax season can be a good option for parents looking to work from home. Beyond tax season, you can keep the work going year-round by offering other services. These include bookkeeping, payroll processing, and financial planning. 

Large tax preparation companies, like Intuit, H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, and Liberty Tax, rely on seasonal workers to satisfy customer demand during tax season. These large companies hire thousands of tax preparers each year, meaning there is huge demand. Small accounting firms also hire for these roles, and you can set up your own shop and work independently. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a part-time tax preparer makes on average $22.64 per hour, which amounts to $47,090 annually. Senior tax preparers can easily earn more than $100,000 per year, while tax preparation managers can take home $200,000 annually, according to Robert Half Finance & Accounting.

You may also be eligible for commissions and bonuses. Per Glassdoor, H&R Block tax preparers typically receive around $2,500 in additional pay from commissions and bonuses. Jackson Hewitt employees typically earn an additional $340, and Liberty Tax employees usually snag an extra $300. 

Don’t have a background in tax prep? Take the free federal income tax course. H&R Block also offers a virtual income tax prep course, which runs for 12 weeks. (The course is free, but course materials cost $149 in most states.)  

Project manager jobs

Project managers oversee projects from start to finish. They set the overall scope of a project, coordinate deadlines for all individuals involved, monitor deliverables to make sure work is completed on time, communicate with stakeholders, and provide administrative support as needed. Industries in which you’ll find project manager positions include construction, software development, information technology, healthcare, and marketing. 

You’ll excel in this kind of position if you’re super-organized, enjoy collaborating with others, work well under deadlines, and have great time management skills. You’ll also need to be savvy with workflow tools, such as Trello and Asana, which are commonly used by project managers. Other tools that are good to be familiar with include Slack (to communicate with teammates), Evernote (to organize your notes), and Dropbox (to share files). 

Per the Project Management Institute, by 2027, employers around the world will need more than 87 million people in project management roles (yes, you read that right!).  According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a full-time project manager is around $66,000. Rates start at $46,000 on the low end but can go up to $107,000 on the high end, per Glassdoor. 

There are also certification courses you can take from the Project Management Institute (PMI) that can help you stand out from other job candidates. 

Learn from Google's Project Management Professional Certificate in six months or less.

If you think of yourself as a natural problem-solver, consider going for Google's Project Management certificate. Free 7-day trial >>

Transcription, typing, and data-entry jobs

If you are an accurate, fast typer and can meet deadlines there is unlimited work for you in the field of data-entry and transcription — especially if you can proofread your own work.

These jobs can involve a variety of tasks and require fast, accurate typing, fast internet, and familiarity with software like Microsoft Office and G Suite.

Translator or interpreter jobs

Interpreters and translators are hired to translate one language into another, either by listening and reporting in another language verbally or by translating a language using the written word by hand.

These people work with medical and legal organizations, publishing houses, educational institutions, television and movie production companies, and other businesses, and are responsible for helping two or more parties communicate through language barriers.

For medical and legal translation, experience in the medical or legal fields is a must. However, the biggest requirement for this job is absolute fluency in at least two languages.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, through the decade ending in 2026, jobs for interpreters and translators should increase by 18%. Approximately 22% of interpreters are also self-employed since this job is one that can easily be done from home.


If you have solid proficiency in a school subject, including English, math, science, a world language like Spanish or Mandarin, you can find tutoring jobs near you. Other in-demand specialties include English as a Second Language (for both children and adults), GED, and SAT/ACT test prep.

Consider joining and/or getting certified from the National Tutoring Association, the American Tutoring Association, or the Association for Tutoring Professionals. A college degree and education experience is helpful.

You may be able to find gigs through people you know, CraigsList, Facebook groups and NextDoor, or community organizations that serve low-income students. You can also apply to be a teacher's aide or educational paraprofessional at a public or private school near you.

Virtual assistant jobs

While most entry-level VAs start earning around $20 per hour, experienced virtual assistants can earn upwards of $75 per hour. Keep in mind that salaried executive assistants at top corporations can earn $200,000 per year or more — these are important jobs!

These professionals perform virtual services like customer service, accounting, scheduling, word processing, and sales-related support tasks. Virtual assistants can also be social media managers, create content for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, as well as email campaigns.

Learn more about what it takes to become a virtual assistant in this post.

(Virtual) event planner

Event planners are the professionals hired to coordinate large office parties, corporate retreats and meetings, weddings, and other events for large groups.

These workers handle the intimate details of each occasion, booking guests, speakers, vendors, sponsors, meals, travel plans, décor, media production, public relations, sales, and entertainment.

Virtual social media manager jobs

If you spend a lot of time on social media, understand the ins-and-outs of each platform, and have experience managing this type of marketing for companies, virtual social media management jobs are a great option.

People who do well in these jobs like to engage people in lively conversation and provide interesting links to articles, videos, and other media to attract website visitors to a company’s website or try out a product or service.

10 quick job certifications that pay well

FAQs about careers and jobs for single moms

What is a good career for single moms?

There are countless ways for single moms to make good money, with flexible schedules. In-demand jobs that do not require a degree that we recommend include coders/programming, project management, bookkeeping and proofreading — depending on your interests and skills.

How do I make money as a single mom?

Often, single moms feel like they need to hide the fact that they have kids when they apply for work. Instead, focus on promoting your skills, great work ethic and the fact that having kids has helped you learn to manage your time.

Single moms can make more money through:

Bottom line: What are some high-paying careers for single moms?

Starting a career as a bookkeeper, proofreader, or programmer/coder and project mangers is a great way to increase your earnings in a short amount of time. Some  courses in these fields can be completed in as little as six months.

What are the best jobs for single moms?

Single moms want what other moms want in a job — but maybe even more so: good pay, flexible schedule, remote (at least partly), fair boss, interesting work, and room to grow.

What is a good career for single moms?

In-demand jobs that do not require a degree that we recommend include coders/programming, project management, bookkeeping and proofreading.

What can single moms do to earn money?

Single moms can make more money through a raise, promotion a new job, a side gig, starting a business or sell things you no longer need.

How do I get a job as a single mom?

Prioritize finding the child care you need to build your career, and forging a positive co-parenting relationship or otherwise sharing child care time with your children's dad.

How can a single mom work full-time?

Nearly all single moms need to work, which is possible by way of quality and affordable child care, a reasonable commute (or work-from-home position), and ideally, a flexible schedule.


Sadly out of touch article. Like many articles, it doesn’t address the reality of being a single parent, or the realities of the workforce. I was in proofreading and copywriting for years. It’s highly competitive and pays poorly, unless you can work for a publishing firm, in which you NEED experience or a degree. Bookkeepers require degrees, programmers require degrees or at least a ton of experience and certifications, and you can’t just hop into becoming a massage therapist without any schooling. Considering that MANY single moms start out with no job experience or no schooling, these jobs are completely out of reach, and these types of articles are misleading and frustrating.

This article doesn’t make any sense how you can work more than one job without taking into consideration childcare you can’t leave your kids alone unattended and have a full-time that doesn’t pay well plus a second job. I have a bachelor’s degree in business management and most employers require me to put in sixty hours a week.

Huh? Bookkeepers don’t require degrees, only a certification. Many companies will take you on without experience. Where are you looking? Programmers don’t need either of those either, especially if you are learning programming through a job training program (there’s always a free one offered, coding is INCREDIBLY popular) then you can easily get a job there too. I really have no idea where you’re getting your info from.

I really enjoyed reading this article Emma,
I was clear, informational, and very well organized. Thank you for your expertise.

This article is wonderful. So much information in one place. I am a single mother to a disabled 13 year old boy. His father passed away in August and I just recently got taken off the schedule at my job that i worked at for 2.5 years. I am very overwhelmed right now because i dont know all of the resources to help me with my son. I have felt so alone because my son has so many things that he struggles with I have looked for support groups but alabama does not have th parent to parent groups I need help with accommodations with making my home accessible to my son he has a hard time due to morbid obesity and all of the internal and mental issues that go along with that He suffers from depression and anxiety to the point that He cant be left alone This website was super helpful but any individual advice or encouragement you may have i would so appreciate it Im very lost right now and I just want to give my son a life that he can succeed live a happy life in a world that is so bad everywhere you look. I tell him everyday that we have to choose our hard and if we dont like things about ourselves we ask for help and we change them…. life can be hard because of our health conditions but if we work hard we can be happy and healthy we just have to find the right help and support.

yes, yes, yes! that’s a useful article :) just from my personal experience I would add passive income apps as a small side hustle to earn extra. For example, as I’m being online quite a lot, I discovered that I can earn from that. I installed Honeygain and Phone Paycheck apps that pay just for being online. not much, but with both I get 65-75$ a month. Honeygain is a little faster and gives 5$ free for new users with code – secret5. so that’s a small advice from my side :))

Omg that’s awesome. Thx for sharing I’m definitely going to give those a try. Hey – that’s some coffee runs, some groceries, or some pampering money.

In our home we pool all incomes. We own a large multi million dollar home in a upscale area. We rent out 3 bedrooms between 2 homes on property. I manage all pooled income for my retired disabled mother and in doing so we require each able bodied individual to work full time and then we collect from each renter a portion of the non personal household bills – calling it “RENT”. This knocks down my mother and I’s bills combined keeping our true income in our pockets. Its GENIUS.
MY bills for the home 900.00 so I charge 800.00 between my 2 rooms.
My mother’s bills for the home 1,300.00
She charges 700.00 for couple renting.
So now I’m left with 100.00 oop and she’s at 500.00 oop.
Renter 1 family $300.00 plus car, insurance, phone
Renter 2 friend $500.00 plus water, electric, trash
Renters 3 family $700.00 + internet, cable
Leaving us with minimal expenses and plenty of free help on the property. Luckily my wealthy high class parents invested properly ensuring my future to be profitable, I battle numerous disabilities so I’m able to be home full time running all incomes and budgets (money manager ) for 9 people is a full time job in itself all while caring for a ailing father.

Reading your blog has taught me so much and how to elevate as a single mother. You give me so much hope Emma you are a true blessing

This gives me something to shoot for, thanks so much! I’m returning to the job market after raising children and with little to no experience, I was not sure where to start. I’ve got a lot of reading to do!

I absolutely love this list! I’m always trying to explain to people why it’s so important for me to work from home (still haven’t gotten to yet) but this list is EVERYTHING

Can you recommend a good work from home job that is doable over poor internet service? I live in a very rural area that does not yet have broadband, and my satellite service while better than dialup is still painfully slow and also has a 10 gig per month data limit which goes very quickly. Moving is not an option as I am caregiver for my elderly parents who do not want to leave the home they have lived in for over 50 years now.

$15 an hour to start is not enough to support a family. The rest require experience or a specific degree. I found this list unrealistic for the average person.

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You can use the best adsense alternative for any type of website (they approve all websites), for more details simply search in gooogle: boorfe’s tips monetize your website

I am a veteran of the United States Army, I have issues with crowds and socializing. So I would love nothing more than to work from home as a virtual assistant/event planner. It’s what I’m good at. Do you have any suggestions for me to get started? Please contact via Email

Great blog .Hopefully you have or will help someone who is looking for a work from home job. I started mine last week and I was also able to help 2 other people myself. Keep up the great work.

Hi Emma,

Thanks for compiling this list, I am signing up for flexjobs because of this and have already found and applied for a mommy blogger job. Wish me luck that I get hired and start to earn from home for my little ones :)

Can we single women living outside US apply through flexjobs ? I am not from US. I have a degree in Information Technology and have work experience of programming and web and graphics designing.

I represent a audio visual company based in Massachusetts looking for a cleaner at a casting location in AL for a up coming movie production. You would be paid an average of $720 (48hrs x $15) for each project and there will be a minimum of 1 shooting section each month for the next 18 months. Your earning might be higher than that considering the duration of each shooting sections, most section last a minimum of 2 days (48hrs x $15). If you would be interested in this opportunity then you should visit our website {www (.) wjkelleymedia (.) us} , go to the career page and fill in the application form there, make sure you select house keeper in the tab “Applying for the post of a” and try to be as detailed as possible when filling the application so you can stand a better chance of being selected when your application is being reviewed.Alternatively you can have your application sent directly to me.

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