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Catholic dating sites 2024: 9 reviews

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If you’re a single devout Catholic looking for love, online dating sites might seem like the last place you’d find a committed, God-centered relationship. But not every online dating site is for casual dating and hookups. 

In fact, there are multiple Catholic dating sites and apps specifically geared toward people who practice the Catholic faith and share your religious values. 

I did a deep dive into seven Catholic dating apps to find out which ones are worth your time and money in 2024 (and which ones you can leave at the altar). 

Our top recommendation might surprise you, since it’s not actually branded as a Catholic dating app, is the leading dating site for anyone seeking a long-term commitment and allows members to filter matches by religious affiliation. eharmony founder Neil Clark Warren, a Christian theologian and seminary professor, had long-term partnerships and marriage in mind when he developed the site. 

We also like eharmony for Catholic dating because of its high Better Business Bureau rating, track record of pairing couples for marriage, and low divorce rates — backed by University of Chicago studies. It also has the largest volume of singles relative to the other sites listed here

Try eharmony for free >>

Still want to explore dating apps specifically for Catholics? Read our reviews:

  1. Ave Maria Singles
  2. Catholic Chemistry
  3. Catholic Match
  4. Catholic Mates
  5. Catholic People Meet
  6. Catholic Singles
  7. Online Catholic Dating
  8. eharmony
  9. More dating sites

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1. Ave Maria Singles

Ave Maria Singles bills itself as a “marriage site” rather than a dating site. It differs from other dating apps in that it caters to a practicing Catholic audience. Ave Maria Singles believes in getting its daters offline ASAP to build authentic friendships that hopefully blossom into love. Their blog features success stories, as well as inspirational articles. 

The small dating pool and lack of app make Ave Maria a relic.

Is Ave Maria Singles legit?

Since 1998, Ave Maria Singles has been helping Catholic singles find love online. While not accredited, Ave Maria Singles has an A+ rating with the BBB. This Catholic dating site is legit. However, some users report unresponsive customer service and a small number of members.

This dating app features a simple interface, search filters, and direct messaging, which is anonymous to protect your identity and personal information.

To verify identity, Ave Maria Singles requires:

  • First and last name
  • Billing address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Credit card number

You can only create an account if you attest to being an unmarried Catholic and declare your intention to marry in the Catholic Church. The user experience is relatively typical, where mutual likes result in a notification. Ave Maria offers a match test based on a Catholic worldview. A basic account allows you to create a two-picture profile, message other users, and not much more. Premium features include:

  • Unlimited photos
  • Drop-Your-Hanky (a feature women can use to signal when they want the man to make the first move)
  • Exception button (bypasses profile restrictions)
  • Not-interested button
  • Real-time chat
  • Saved search preferences

If you think that the premium features are necessary, you are correct. The Ave Maria Singles basic account is bare-boned compared to the mainstream dating app market.

How much does Ave Maria Singles cost?

Ave Maria Singles offers no free trial, which is disappointing because you can't test the site before paying.

Ave Maria Singles pricing:

6-Month Membership$39 
Unlimited Lifetime Membership (Ave Maria cancels the membership after 30 days of account inactivity and does not issue a refund)$59

Ave Maria pros

  • Exclusively caters to the Catholic community
  • Blog/articles 

Ave Maria cons

  • Small user base
  • No app

Ave Maria reviews 

Jennifer R. 5/27/2020

I will be upfront that I have been on/off this site for a long time. I don't think any men I met are qualified to be married. Many have emotional/psychological issues. Some have outlandish expectations such as a woman must be able to have x number of children (especially if the men are older), must have traveled, be a specific build/hair color, be a virgin and accept the men for who they are. It's a high expectations/double standard nightmare. I was discussing it with another Catholic friend, and she said it sounds like these guys are looking for a mix of the Virgin Mary and Barbie. I think she is right. In addition, there are very few members. Don't get wrong – I'm not bitter, just disappointed.

Gina H. 9/25/2019

It is a quality website. I dated a guy from there for over a year, and even though we didn't end up married, I think he was a decent individual. I met other pleasant guys that were not a good match for me, but they may be someone else's! The number of active members is small but better quality than quantity. I'd give it five stars if it weren't a bit pricey.

2. Catholic Chemistry

Catholic Chemistry offers a dating advice page, entertaining blog, and tips for safe online dating. The interface is user friendly and straightforward but also relatively small, so if you enjoy extensive window shopping, try a more popular app like relationship-focused eharmony.

Introduction to Catholic Chemistry Dating Site.

Is Catholic Chemistry legit?

Since 2018, Catholic Chemistry has been helping Catholic singles find meaningful, faith-based relationships. Although not rated by the BBB or Trustpilot, Catholic Chemistry has a 3/5-star rating on Google Play and a 1.5/5 rating on the App Store.

As far as identity verification, Catholic Chemistry relies on an honor system. You can get started with just an email address and you don't have to ulpoad a picture until you are ready.

The platform matches members based on computer algorithms and profile commonalities. You can download the app (Google/Apple Store), sign up, and view profiles for free. However, to interact with members, you must pay for a membership, which renews automatically through the app store. Once you become a member, you can: 

  • Send and receive messages
  • Use the advanced search feature
  • See who liked/viewed your profile
  • Take a psychological evaluation
  • Save your searches
  • Use the private chat/webcam chat options

How much does Catholic Chemistry cost?

If you actually want to interact with other members, you’ll have to pay for a Catholic Chemistry subscription.

Catholic Chemistry pricing:

1 Month $19.99
3 Months$14.99/month
6 Months $9.99/month

Catholic Chemistry Pros

  • Affordable memberships
  • Thorough profiles

Catholic Chemistry Cons

  • No chat in the free version
  • Limited user base

Catholic Chemistry reviews

alexvat02 03/12/2021, Apple store

Great App 

I've been enjoying this app. I like how you can quickly see what other members believe and decide whether to pursue them. The only problem I have is that, while for the most part, it is fine, the app has some weird, occasional glitches. Also, the community is small, but that is not surprising given the demographic.

lgmmed 04/16/2021, Apple store

Like it but

I like the platform. I enjoy the multitude of questions you have to see what you have in common with potential matches. I feel safe on this site. Recently, I was on another non-religious site, and it was a terrible experience. Here we share the same faith, and I hope this site grows. Many blessings to everyone. Love you.

Learn more about running a background check on a date 0r start searching on TruthFinder.

3. Catholic Match

The platform is easy to use, with a pleasing design and numerous user-friendly features. Catholic Match offers various search criteria, including a filter for the last date a member was active. 

You can create a profile within minutes, link it to your Facebook page, and quickly start meeting potential matches. You must add a picture to your profile but there are no additional requirements to verify your identity.

Is Catholic Match legit?

Since it was created in 1999, Catholic Match has become known as one of the best online dating options for the Catholic community. Backed by Catholic leaders, Catholic Match has earned a loyal following and a growing user base. It is accredited on BBB with an A+ rating and 2.0/5 star reviews (reviews don't affect BBB rating). Unlike other Catholic dating services, Catholic Match actually has a mobile app. Welcome to 2024!

Catholic Match also posts articles to help its members successfully find love with other Catholics.

Articles posted on the Catholic Match dating site.

However, recent customer reviews imply that Catholic Match’s customer service quality has declined.

How much does Catholic Match cost?

While you can browse the app for free, you will not meet anyone, since messaging is not an option with a free account. 

Catholic Match premium pricing:

1 Month$29.99
6 Months$15 per month
12 Months$10 per month

Catholic Match Pros

  • Most extensive base of Catholic singles
  • Backed by Catholic Church officials

Catholic Match Cons

  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Declining recent reviews

Try Catholic Match free >>

Catholic Match reviews

Katherine V. 05/15/2021, Better Business Bureau

This site is primarily scammers, and the (forum) moderators protect them. For example, when I wanted to expose one scammer, a moderator attempted to humiliate me and blocked my messages in the forums. This action is criminal. They don't remove the scammers, but instead, protect them and hurt the legit Catholic members.

Michael J. 10/20/2021, BBB

I had a great experience on Catholic Match. I interacted with lots of genuine, honest, Catholic men/women via the forums (attending group get-togethers that other CM members set up) and the search function. I met around 200 people, all very real, and had many local and long distances dates. Best of all, I met my wife via their matching system. After reading the negatives, I felt obligated to give CM a positive review. I have a lot of experience with MANY online dating platforms. The key is to be realistic about your expectations, accept that not everyone is going to be interested in you, and (for Pete's sake) read the terms and conditions/learn the rules on whatever dating site you join!

4. Catholic Mates

Catholic Mates is a very basic Catholic dating platform with minimal services. Founded in 2000, its premium features include emails, messaging, “flirts,” invisible mode, webcam, and access to members' profiles. Initially, the site design worked like Tinder but now feels dated compared to more popular (and even other Catholic) dating sites. No app.

Visual appeal is nonexistent on the site, with many advertisements, outdated pictures/design, and a cluttered interface. Additionally, the filters allow minimal help in narrowing search options. Unless you're looking to try all the Catholic dating sites on the market, we suggest investing your time and energy elsewhere.

How to choose the right pics for your dating profile

Is Catholic Mates legit?

Catholic Mates is a legitimate dating site. However, it has no ratings on BBB, Trustpilot (or anywhere mainstream), so it isn't easy to get an idea of user feedback. Catholic Mates has more than 500 “likes” on Facebook, with nearly 600 followers.

There are no extra measures for identity verification. You can create an account with an email address and add as much information as you want to help you find a match.

How much does Catholic Mates cost?

While you can browse members' profiles for free, you will not be able to message anyone unless you pay for a subscription.

Catholic Mates pricing:

5-Day Trial$5 ($34.95/month after trial)
1 Month$32.95
3 Months$54.98

Catholic Mates pros

  • Caters to the Catholic community

Catholic Mates cons

  • Member quality is substandard as compared to mainstream dating sites
  • No mobile app available

Catholic Mates reviews 

Catherine, Massachusetts (only user review found on

Catholic Mates is the first online dating site I've tried, and I've found this to be a good site with plenty of friendly Catholic singles.

5. Catholic People Meet

This Catholic dating site offers dating tips and other limited resources. However, we recommend investing your time/energy on different sites with a larger member base. When we subscribed, the “nearby” search yielded nine potential matches (all of them over 50 and some as far as three states away).

Is Catholic People Meet legit?

Catholic People Meet is another site that claims to bring together like-minded, devout Catholics. However, once you create your profile and start connecting, no interactions/profiles seem faith-based.

Catholic People Meet only requires an email address for identity verification. You don't have to upload a picture until you are ready. You can also link to Facebook if you wish.

The site’s aesthetic also feels outdated and again, there is no app. The profiles seem superficial and do not encourage an in-depth connection, which makes the platform an easy hunting ground for hookups over meaningful relationships.

How much does Catholic People Meet cost?

Like most Catholic dating sites (and dating sites in general), you’ll need to subscribe to  connect with other members.

Catholic People Meet pricing:

1 Month$16.99
3 Months$26.97 ($8.99 per month)
6 Months$38.94 ($6.49 per month)

Catholic People Meet Pros

  • Faith-based
  • Economical

Catholic People Meet Cons

  • No app
  • Limited feel/look/number of users

Catholic People Meet reviews ( reviews)

While we could not find legitimate (non-partial) customer reviews or BBB/Trustpilot ratings, Catholic People Meet does have 1,100 “likes” on Facebook.

“Anonymous, Phoenix, AZ

I found somebody very special on your site, and have no further use for your service. Thank you.”

“Anonymous, Saint Petersburg, FL

I met a wonderful Catholic man on your site. Fortunately, I am no longer interested in meeting anyone else.”

6. Catholic Singles was recently acquired by Catholic Match. Current Catholic Singles members can follow these instructions to set up a free subscription with Catholic Match.

Check out our Catholic Match review here.

7. Online Catholic Dating

You can sign up with your Apple ID or via Facebook. Upon signing up, you get a free membership to Catholic Mates (partner site). The website is easy to navigate, and you can filter your preferences by age, ethnicity, body type, eye color, best feature, and more. The site also shows who is online. The “Quick Match” feature selects potential matches, though we aren’t sure which matching criteria the site uses for this filter. To see who viewed your profile, you must subscribe.

Is Online Catholic Dating legit?

Online Catholic Dating is a legitimate dating site. While Online Catholic Dating holds no rating on BBB or Trustpilot, its affiliate sites Catholic Match and Catholic Sites (see above) are. Online Catholic Dating has over 1,300 likes and 1,400 followers on Facebook.

Use of your Apple ID or Facebook profile serves as identity verification for use of the site.

How much does Online Catholic Dating cost?

Once you complete your profile, you will receive a 25% discount (one-time offer) on the regular membership prices as a new member. However, to chat with other members, you must pay for a membership.

Online Catholic Dating pricing:

1 Month$32.99 (after a $4.95 five-day trial)
3 Months$43.98 ($14.66 per month)
Upon sign-up, you have the bonus option to try$1 per day (three-day trial)*CAUTION ($32.99 billed automatically after the free trial expires)

Online Catholic Dating pros

  • Complimentary membership to Catholic Mates

Online Catholic Dating cons

  • No app
  • No messages in the free version

Online Catholic Dating reviews

We were unable to find any reviews/endorsements for Online Catholic Dating at this time.

8. eharmony

You can learn all about the pros and cons of eharmony in our deep review of this relationship-focused mega dating site and app.

In summary, this is why I recommend eharmony for serious relationships, especially for those who prioritize their faith:

  • A- Better Business Bureau rating
  • 750,000 paid subscribers and 10 million active users (which means you’re way more likely to find a Catholic connection here than actual Catholic dating apps which all have far fewer members)
  • Robust app
  • Success in initiating marriages with very low divorce rates compared to other dating sites (according to a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)
  • Deep personality 150-point questionnaire that delves into spiritual and religious preferences

Try eharmony for free >>

9. More Catholic dating sites

You may wish to explore other Catholic dating sites such as and Catholic Sites Inc. However, keep in mind that the less popular the dating sites, the smaller the user base.

We also deeply researched Christian dating sites and apps, including Christian Mingle.

What is the best Catholic dating site?

If free chat or cost is your highest priority in a Catholic dating site, Catholic Singles is our top pick. But again, our preferred Catholic dating site isn’t branded as a Catholic dating site at all. eharmony has a much larger user base than any of the dating sites on this list with 10 million active users and a proven history of helping singles find meaningful, lasting relationships. We ranked all of these dating sites for your convenience.

  1. eharmony – search by religion
  2. Catholic Singles 
  3. Catholic Match
  4. Catholic Chemistry
  5. Online Catholic Dating
  6. Catholic People Meet
  7. Catholic Mates
  8. Ave Maria Singles (given the limited user base and unresponsive customer service, we advise you to spend elsewhere)

Want to cast a wider net? Check out our list of the best dating apps and sites for single parents, or learn about working with a professional matchmaking service, including It's Just Lunch.

You may also be interested in checking out some of the highest quality mainstream dating apps and sites that all help you connect with those with similar religious dating goals. Read our reviews:

Match.comBumbleElite Singles
ZooskPlenty of FishOKCupid
13 international
dating apps
Seeking ArrangementMillionaire Match
The League

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What is the best Catholic dating site?

If free chat or cost is your highest priority in a Catholic dating site, Catholic Singles is our top pick. But again, our preferred Catholic dating site isn’t branded as a Catholic dating site at all. eharmony has a much larger user base than any of the dating sites on this list with 10 million active users and a proven history of helping singles find meaningful, lasting relationships.

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