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eharmony promises love and commitment. What our research found …

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If you are sure you want a serious, long-term, committed relationship or marriage, there is a clear standout in the dating site scene: eharmony has long established itself as the leader in connecting singles looking for meaningful partnership. eharmony has:

  • A- Better Business Bureau rating
  • Free basic plan
  • Vetted profiles to prove members are a real people (and not married)
  • Research from Harvard and University of Chicago that finds that the site does actually produce marriages — and those marriages have low divorce rates.

Signing up for eharmony is a time and emotional commitment — one that could take more than an hour of your time.

I tried eharmony and in my personal experience, other user reviews, and eharmony’s success rate are a few indicators that make us fans of eharmony for those seeking serious, long-term commitment, standing out from a sea of other online dating apps, many of which are very worthwhile, but attract a wide range of daters with different relationship goals.

Our eharmony ratings:
  • Member's experience
  • Matches
  • Cost
  • Customer service

Our review of

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How does eharmony work?

eharmony uses an algorithm to match you and potential partners.

In this swipe-happy generation, it can be tough to make a real connection. For many, the mentality is “hot or not,” which, for those seeking a genuine relationship, can make online dating sometimes feel empty, even mean-spirited.

That’s why eharmony makes its members take a compatibility quiz upon signing up, which works to determine your best matches. You must be a paying member to see others' photos, search by location and religion, and otherwise make meaningful connections with other singles.

eharmony says they use actual science, not just your likes and dislikes, to match you with potential suitors who really “get” you, and with whom you have the highest chances of a meaningful connection.

eharmony uses what it calls “main effects,” which is “the potential direct impact of your traits and your partner’s traits on your and their feelings” to figure out what kind of person you should be with, making it different than almost any other dating website out there.

After taking care of the basics, including adding a nice photo of yourself and filling in general information such as where you live and your age, you’re prompted to verify your information and complete the compatibility quiz.

Verify your information

This is where eharmony stands out: First eharmony took steps to verify my photo, presumably checking it for being a fake, or old, or identifying me as being a cheat.

You can also opt for SMS verification where you enter your mobile number, and they’ll send over a code for you to enter.

eharmony text message verification.

Complete compatibility quiz

Next, you take a five-part compatibility quiz. They ask you a series of multiple choice questions that include interests, what you’re looking for in a partner, personal habits, and hypothetical scenarios.

If you can’t finish the questionnaire in one sitting and need more time to answer these hard-hitting questions, don’t worry — you can come back to it later. But I was able to finish it in 20 minutes.

Compatibility quiz on eharmony review.

These are some example eharmony questions:

  • Are you easily excited about things?
  • If you like a song, what is the usual reason?
  • What is your immediate reaction if a person you’re very close to does something that upsets you?
  • What are your main reasons for wanting a relationship?
  • Let’s say you and your partner get invited to a friend’s wedding. As you get ready for the party, which thoughts are you most likely thinking?

The one thing that bothered me is that some answers felt outdated or just didn’t apply to me at all. 

Compatibility quiz on eharmony review about friend's wedding.
Compatibility quiz on eharmony review about reading books.

After taking the quiz, eharmony lets you showcase your personality with prompts, similar to those on Hinge or Bumble.

Compatibility quiz on eharmony review about ideal first date.

Review your personality profile

Once you complete the questionnaire, you will have access to your personality profile. It’s broken down into four parts:

  • Fundamentals of your personality
  • How you behave in a relationship
  • Your everyday life
  • Style of communication

When you match with other members, eharmony gives you a compatibility score that compares their results of the quiz to yours:

Compatibility quiz on eharmony review about personality fundamentals.

I would say that eharmony was spot on with my matches. I had high compatibility scores with everyone I matched with, so compatibility wise, I think we could be good together.

Compatibility match on eharmony review.

However, their profiles are lacking. Even with a reputable dating site like eharmony, people still don’t fill out their full profiles. Also, there weren't a lot of compatible matches, even in my New York City search radius.

Can I use eharmony for free?

eharmony has a basic free version, which includes taking the compatibility quiz and viewing match’s profiles. But like other dating apps, to really interact with potential matches and get any real value from eharmony, you have to sign up for the paid version.

How much does eharmony cost?

eharmony offers subscription plans priced for 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months.

As of May 2024, these are the costs of an eharmony membership:

Free basic account:$0
6-month membership:$27.54/mo
12-month membership:$17.94/mo << MOST POPULAR
24-month membership:$11.94/mo

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What an eharmony subscription includes

These are some of the benefits that are only available in the paid version:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Ability to view unlimited photos
  • See who has visited your profile

Does eharmony work? What is the success rate of eharmony?

When compared to other dating sites, eharmony does work. The results are in the numbers: couples who meet on eharmony are more likely to get married, and less likely to get divorced.

Researchers at the University of Chicago and Harvard conducted a study of marriages, breakups and divorces by online dating site where the couple met, and found that couples who met on eharmony had the highest marriage rate, highest marriage satisfaction rate, and the lowest breakup and divorce rates. eharmony had the best results out of all the major dating sites.

eharmony marriage and divorce rates

  • 25% of the more than 19,000 marriages studied by the University of Chicago started at eharmony
  • 3.86% divorce rate, (vs. national U.S. average of ~50%, per Census data)

The compatibility screening digs deep. eharmony’s algorithm delves into who you are as a person, a method that has proved successful for thousands of users.

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Is eharmony reliable?

Between strong third-party review on sites like the Better Business Bureau, the academic studies at top universities published in leading journals, a long history and strong user base, eharmony remains one of the leading dating sites and apps for people looking for serious relationships. 

Let’s look at the pros and cons of eharmony:

eharmony proseharmony cons
– Caters to serious daters seeking a compatible partner
– Stringent verification process that weeds out fake profiles and married people
– Uses detailed profiles to spark conversations
– Quick responses from customer service
– Long process to go through compatibility questions (but worth it to find compatible matches)
– Knowing too much information upfront can impact getting to know someone organically

What are the pros of eharmony?

Focused on compatibility

eharmony’s long, involved quiz and matching process really does stand out among dating sites. It serves more as a digital matchmaker than a swipe-left-right app or speed-dating platform.

Attracts more serious daters

Because of its long history of focusing on serious relationships, including marriage, eharmony appeals to singles who are looking for commitment.

Verification process for added security

What’s also nice about eharmony is its state-of-the-art ID verification, providing you with an added level of comfort and security that the person you’re meeting is who he says he is.

eharmony routinely closes accounts for a multitude of reasons, including that users are inappropriate or abusive with other members, getting caught lying/cheating.

Instant conversation starters

eharmony requires each user to create an in-depth profile, which means you have plenty of information to use to strike up a conversation on that first phone conversation or date.

It’s a lot easier to prep for a first date when you already know that the guy has kids and doesn’t like Indian food. You may even be able to avoid a few awkward moments over appetizers, such as finding out your date is interested in making America great again in a different way than you are.

Opportunity to move at your own pace

The best part about chatting on eharmony stems from their “Quick Questions” option, which allows users to select questions they would most like their matches to answer.

This is a great way to help you (and the other person) learn information about potential matches that is important to you — as well as express to other singles what your priorities are.

With the ability to chat before meeting, it’s also more likely you will feel comfortable by the time you’re ready to meet for drinks or dinner.

A first date can be intimidating, especially if you haven’t been on one for a while. Having the extra cushion of “getting to know you” time can make first dates less of a big deal and more of a fun experience. And isn’t that the way they’re supposed to be?

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Prompt customer service

eharmony claims their customer service is available 24/7. Like most companies, their site first directs you to a deep library of FAQs articles, but it is easy to find the ‘Contact Customer Care' button on most of these pages, which leads you to a form on which you can send an email.

Our experience is that eharmony CS does respond within the promised 24 hours.

You can access eharmony CS through your membership portal, or as a guest.

What are the cons of eharmony?

The more you know, the worse a date can be

Sometimes a first date is filled with magic because you spent the entire time learning about someone you knew nothing about before. Sometimes, especially when you have experienced heartache and disappointment, a long list of information about a potential date can actually be a long list of reasons to talk yourself out taking a risk and saying yes to meeting.

With so much information available to you beforehand, you run the risk of losing some of the butterflies you may have felt otherwise. But what I can attest to is this: some of the best conversations I’ve had while on a first date stemmed from a tidbit from the guy’s profile, leading to a greater understanding of the individual and a much more meaningful connection.

Surprises aren’t always pleasant, however, and a spark does sometimes lead to a fire. That said, being prepared never hurt anyone, and online dating led me to my most successful relationship so far.

Unlike other apps and websites, eharmony doesn’t want you to be a member forever. The goal of the site is to take your online relationship offline.

eharmony reviews in 2024

We think eharmony is the best option for people who are looking for a serious relationship. It’s worth the cost because of its plethora of features, large dating pool, and high success rate of creating successful matches. We also like that it’s a long-time BBB-accredited business (since 2001) with an A- rating.

Here’s what others had to say about eharmony:

According to Consumer Affairs, one reviewer, J, from Texas met their spouse on eharmony. Despite the time investment needed to set the profile up, this reviewer liked the detail required because it was helpful for weeding out people looking to hook up, not date. The lengthy process also allowed better evaluation of potential prospects, and ease of communication assisted in the vetting process pre-date, saving daters time and money. 

Irene, a user from Maryland, met her husband Joe on eharmony. Married 9 years, she says she enjoyed numerous relationships over the years from the site before meeting the one. “You get what you pay for,” she wrote.

Scott from Indiana, who was divorced, met his future wife after a few bad matches on the site. Referring to the site’s matching process, he says: “It does work if you let it.” The couple has been married more than a decade.

Better Business Bureau rating and reviews

Accredited and in business since 2001, eharmony has an A- rating with the BBB. 

eharmony review from the Better Business Bureau.

eharmony reviews on Reddit

eharmony has plenty of play on Reddit – including both success and horror stories for online dating in general, and eharmony in particular:

Depending on where you live and what you are looking for, those who used eharmony reported success in finding a long-term mate — but you have to pay to connect with other members. A couple examples:

I know the sample size isn't huge, but both of my friends who tried eHarmony found amazing matches. One couple is engaged, the other has been dating for a few years now and are super serious. I suppose it's definitely a YMMV situation.

Decipher, Reddit user


I've never used a paid dating site, but my mom does. She used OKC for a bit but didn't like it. She says the men on paid dating sites are more serious and don't send sexual messages. I figure that's probably accurate because why pay to send “hey bb wan sum fuk” messages when you could do it on OKC/Tinder/etc for free. I think your experience might heavily depend on age. I'm not sure something like Match/eHarmony would be that useful for someone who is in their 20s.

Reddit user

Keep in mind that location has a huge influence on dating app quality no matter the app or site — just like real-life dating. The smaller the community in which you live, the smaller the local dating pool. Ask your single friends which apps in your area have the best selection of singles in your area.

eharmony reviews on Trustpilot

eharmony fails Trustpilot, where it has 3.2 stars out of 5, based on over 1,400 reviews as of May 2024 — with about half of recent reviews from the United Kingdom. Common complaints include issues with canceling the service and accusations of fake profiles.

eharmony review on Trustpilot from May 2024.

Can I cancel eharmony anytime?

One of the main complaints from eharmony members is that it is difficult to cancel. Members of eharmony get a 14-day cooling-off period on any subscription that you cancel.

To cancel your eharmony membership, navigate to:

  • Manage profile >
  • Amend subscription >
  • Cancel automatic renewal >
  • opt out of all their offers they will push on you >
  • Confirm cancelation

Can you cancel your eharmony membership and get a refund?

eharmony is pretty aggressive about charging — you pay in minimums of 6-month packages, but you can cancel at any time to avoid future payments.

How to log into eharmony and delete your account

First, you may choose to hide your eharmony account, which makes it inaccessible to any other users, and will not show up on searches, though will still be visible to those with whom you have already connected, or who have ‘favorited' you. This can be useful if you want to take a dating break. To immediately hide your eharmony account:

  1. Click on the arrow next to your photo
  2. Click the “Data & Settings” link
  3. Under the “Profile Visibility” section, click the green slider to make your profile invisible 

If you delete your profile you will no longer have access to your messages or matches. Deleting your profile is permanent. It isn’t possible to restore your profile after you delete your ehamony profile.

To fully delete your eharmony account while in the middle of a subscription package, you must contact Customer Care.

If you do not have a subscription, you can delete your eharmony profile:

How to delete profile on eharmony.
  1. Click on the arrow next to your photo
  2. Click “Data & settings”
  3. Under “Profile Status,” click “To permanently delete your profile, click here”

You will be asked to enter your login info to confirm the permanent deletion of your profile and personal data.

eharmony alternatives

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eharmony FAQs

Is eharmony a hookup app?

No, eharmony is not a site for hookups and booty calls. For those encounters, there are other places (like Tinder) to get your needs met.

Does eharmony do background checks?

While eharmony does not conduct criminal or other background checks, eharmony manually verifies each member is not married, fake, or otherwise gross using phone number verification, profile photo verification, social media scan and other methods.

How to run a background check

Does eharmony have an app?

Yes! eharmony’s app is available for Android and iOS. The app is easy to use and has all of the same features as the desktop: survey, matching, messaging and profile management, with the goal of making meaningful connections.

Need help with your profile? 14 examples of good dating profiles and how to pick profile pics.

What kind of people are on eharmony?

eharmony has about 750,000 paid subscribers and 10 million active users, which means eharmony has all kinds of people!

Whether you’re Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, black, Asian or Caucasian, straight or LGBTQ, love dogs or hate chinchillas, there’s a potential special someone for every member on eharmony. However, it’s important to recognize that online dating experience can also vary by geography, just like with other sites.

eharmony has long had a reputation, perpetuated by its marketing, that it attracts relationship- and commitment-minded singles.

The average age of an eharmony user is 30, while with Elite Singles, the average age is older than 30.

Is the LGBTQ+ community welcomed on eharmony?

eharmony arose during a time when the world wasn’t as accepting of a place as it should have been. In 2005, eharmony became the subject of a very public lawsuit as a result of its discrimination against members' sexual preferences.

However, today eharmony welcomes everyone, regardless of sexuality, and many LGBTQ are members on the site. The search function allows you to search for same-sex partners.

Recently, the religious right got upset at the fact that eharmony is now so inclusive, and promoting LGBTQ partnerships in its marketing.

Bottom line: Is eharmony worth it? Is it worth paying for eharmony?

Yes, most users say eharmony is worth the cost. 

Based on our eharmony review, we believe it is worth paying for eharmony for the following reasons:  

  • Large dating pool: eharmony has about 750,000 paid subscribers and 10 million active users.
  • Success rate: eharmony has long had a reputation for successfully matching people for long, happy relationships and marriages with a very low divorce rate.
  • Reputable online dating site: accredited and in business since 2001, eharmony has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

However, when using any online dating site, there is a caveat: finding love takes time and can leave some daters feeling emotional and unsatisfied when it doesn’t happen as fast as they want.

eharmony's extensive compatibility questionnaire can be exhausting — but the more time and care you take to fill it out, the higher your chances of dating success.

How does eharmony work?

eharmony uses an algorithm to match you and potential partners.

Can I use eharmony for free?

eharmony has a basic free version, which includes taking the compatibility quiz and viewing match’s profiles. But like other dating apps, to really interact with potential matches and get any real value from, you have to sign up for the paid version of eharmony.

How much does eharmony cost?

eharmony offers plans priced for 6-months, 12-months and 24-months subscriptions plans. The 12-month membership is popular and it costs $29.90 per month.

What is the success rate of eharmony?

Researchers at the University of Chicago and Harvard conducted a study of marriages, breakups and divorces by online dating site where the couple met, and found that couples who met on eharmony had the highest marriage rate, highest marriage satisfaction rate, and the lowest breakup and divorce rates. eharmony had the best results out of all the major dating sites.

Is eharmony a hookup app?

No, eharmony is not a site for hookups and booty calls.

Does eharmony do background checks?

While eharmony does not conduct criminal or other background checks, eharmony manually verifies each member is not married, fake or otherwise gross using phone number verification, profile photo verification, social media scan and other methods.

What kind of people are on eharmony?

eharmony has about 750,000 paid subscribers and 10 million active users, which means eharmony has all kinds of people!


They used to be good many many years ago when the original founder and was involved. They threw his 29 category test out along with the his process of how matches were made and how people were supposed to communicate out of the window. They also threw our his focus on Christians. Their new test and profile are a joke and there is no process anymore, it’s like any other dating site, except the system is neglected, the customer services is horrible and the pricing is rip off. The price is not worth it. You are better of with with Hinge, Bumble etc. Don’t punish yourself with this rip off!

As of

I don’t know what eHarmony she tried but as of November 2023 there was no Verification process to make sure your pictures are real as I was catfished twice in 4 days! Also when you cancel you still have to pay your entire subscription you signed up for, so that is false information the article is giving.

Well I don’t know what changed between Sept 18 when this post was supposedly updated to today, Sept 22, but the premium light membership is $39 and change per month for six months, it’s $74 and change per month for six months…. that in and of itself is far too steep a financial commitment for me…..

I tried many different dating apps, and eharmony was the most expensive, however it also was the most detailed with the compatability system. I found the love of my life on eharmony. He is exactly a male version of me. We have been together over a year now, and plan to get married within a few months. We even had more things in common than our compatability test said.

There is NO working phone number to reach customer service and they won’t answer emails. Stay clear. Because not only will they not give your money back, they keep hitting you with monthly fees until you get your bank to stop them.

I do not think eharmony is worth it. My matches to date have been sparse and very wrong for me. With the false sense of security that comes from a so called match, it’s easy to think you’ve really found something great but it simply isn’t the case. Don’t be pulled in by the cheap long term subscriptions as eharmony will not refund any part of your payment and it isn’t cheap. I say pass.

Eharmony are crooks. Simple. Read reviews on trust pilot. I joined, thinkign i would eb charged monthly, after ONE DAY i saw they had taken £208 frommy account. After complainign they changed it to £65!!!! I had not even used the site!!! they should eb stopped!

SCAM do not go there, they have engaged debt collectors after I notified them immediately of wanting to cancel and they denied me to cancel. Totally predatory.


I created a profile last night and was going to go live today until I checked their ratings as I was about to download the app. Almost all 1/5 stars. No idea what happened nevause they ysed to be awesome but near as I can tell they are expensive, offer few features until you go premium, and require you to sign up for a full 6 months. Dating apps are useless without a critical mass of users so they’d best figure out what among price, quality of product, or customer service is the best place to improve and bring people back on board. A buy one month get one free seems like a good place to start.

Ostensibly, this seemed like an unbiased review, but did cause me to raise an eyebrow here as it seems you’re pushing it HAWRD. I thought maybe you just REALLY liked it though and gave you the benefit of the doubt. That is until I went to click off this tab in my browser and got a pop up that basically said “don’t go! try eharmony for free!” with a link to the site. Clearly this is just a post by eharmony itself or AT BEST you’re getting paid to write this. What a waste of time reading this article (or should I say ad?) this was

There are a lot of women that do not have posted pictures but, ,males have to post a picture. Knowing LOTS of individuals from 55+, the success rate is Very Very low.

Run away from eHarmony! They are running a huge scam to keep charging people who don’t want to continue the service.. The advertising and the contract promise “cancel at any time.” They do not honor that promise. They deliberately make it REALLY difficult to cancel. You will pay a discounted fee to check it out. And you will realize they just don’t have a critical mass of people in their network. So you will decide to cancel. But you will have trouble figuring out how to cancel on the website. You will send a message to customer service requesting to cancel. But they will not cancel it. And then one day there will be a $450 charge on your credit card. And you will be like, OMG! You will want to call and explain and ask them to waive the charge. Then you will realize there is no customer service phone number. And that the people who respond to customer service messages actually have NO power to help you. And if you refuse to pay the shady charge, or don’t have the means to pay the $450… they will keep billing you $450 every year. Because if you have a debt, you CANNOT stop your subscription! I had to get the BBB involved just to cancel my subscription. I mean, I hope my subscription is cancelled. I have no way to verify that since they still will not let me check my account status. And THAT is why most of the people listed in eHarmony aren’t actually active. They gave up on it months ago but can’t take their profiles down. It’s a lot of ghost profiles.

I subscribed to eharmony in 4/2021. Paid 3 payments of an outrragest amount of money (U$550.80/year) for a service that never worked, a poor data base , and many profiles are fake. After several attempts to login and reset my account to canceled the subscription, I canceled it via Pay Pal in 12/2021.
Still this 4/2022 I got charged with another year for a service that I haven’t used since 7/2021. Now after me explaning this situation, as courtesy eharmony is only charging me U$183.60 as they realized my account hasn’t been used, but if I don’t pay they’ll send me to collection…

For a site supposedly as serious as this, it’s almost unbelievable that you only get 500 characters per topic. That’s almost swipey app levels of ADD. It forces you into canned space saving responses removing any semblance of personality…. and God forbid you wish to express a slightly complex opinion. I’m as upset that I don’t get to see my matches’ writing style as I am about myself not being able to say what I want. I must have 25 partially realized blurbs written now where I’ve run out of space and had to scrap it

eHarmony will take your money. By deceptive practices. And if you do not like they’re site they will lead you in a circle of none refundable practices.

The worst website dating I’ve ever been on terrible customer service none ugly girls what do you got to be ugly to get on this website no responses

eHarmony worked “OK” for me in my 60s, to meet a compatible companion. In my mid-seventies, it’s not working at all…I’m an attractive female, however, there just aren’t that many single men my age, unfortunately. I’ve been sent less than 10 “matches” in four months, and there was no photo with 4/5 of them, and no real overlap of interests! This hasn’t been true on the AARP “Our Time” site.

Hello Emma,

What happens if you are a success story-do you still have to make the rest of the payments?

Thank you!

I’ve been on eharmony for three months now (paid). “Annoyed but hanging in there” is how I would sign anonymously if I were “writing to dear Abby.” I actually got on here to see if there was some sort of support group or sub group for eHarmony users. So, yes, hanging in there bc I have a goal and I doubt I could get a refund; and I toiled and toiled over joining this one and did not do it to give up bc of mechanics.

I don’t get the feeling that the company’s much touted personality survey is really translating into the way information is presented. Or that what they do with the results is as helpful as it could be somehow. Or maybe I don’t know how to use what little info is there and can’t flirt well enough? If you tell me that we both like theater, yet you show me someone who is very conservative when I am liberal, what am I supposed to do with that? Most men are not answering very many of the questions, which makes it hard to have something to converse about. It’s very democratic! Everyone has the right to have a barebones awful profile if they so choose. But if all I know about someone is their age, location, occupation, level of education, if/where they went to college, number of kids, divorced or widowed (or—separated—yes, that’s allowed), that they like country and rock and want to find someone they’re compatible with, what do I really have to go on to know who they are? It almost seems like it would be better to require a minimum of questions be answered—but they get their money either way.

The app seems like it’s not a priority to them as a business product. They point me to the browser site to manage certain things. Also, they email me that I have new matches or likes or whatever, and when I follow the link, it opens in browser instead of the app. It’s hard to get straight answers from customer support, as if the support people don’t really have a thorough knowledge of the inner-workings and are just manning their station, rattling off emails. I had to hound them to be able to discover the real answer to how to set my distance beyond 150 miles. (That’s how abysmal the profiles in Alabama are.) It’s as if they’re not checking what people are writing on profiles and it feels like I’m working for them to cite the issues. They let men write lude come-ons on their profile. When they email you in response, They don’t include your email to them when you report things like this, so you’re not sure which of your email inquiries they’re responding to. When I asked, they said they didn’t know bc they deleted the person. That seems highly unlikely, suspicious, and like a bad business practice. (What if the person went on to do worse things and authorities needed the info.?) But they’ve taken action and blocked people, so that’s good. I think one guy may have been selling solar panels. Idk bc they don’t use honest info about their disciplinary actions. I’ve not gotten straight answers about rules and procedures. It’s been frustrating that something already time consuming is more time consuming bc of the way the mechanics and admin is run. Sometimes I wonder if the company changed hands, is being handled by people that maybe don’t understand the language or culture that is being used, or if it was better before they shortened the questionnaire. I feel that they are too focused on appearances and really believe you should just hurry and meet and see how it goes. I have chosen not to post a photo for personal reasons. But every single time I open the app or login on the browser, there is a pop-up hounding me to post as many as 12 photos! I have already explained to them my reasons and my perspective; and if, as you point out in your article above, they’re truly wanting to be different than swipe-to-hookup sites, they should be able to focus elsewhere and stop “asking me.” I like that they were understanding about needing to change my public name so I could be comfortable though. There is no way to keep notes about anyone, which also increases the time required because you have to keep going back into profiles you’ve already viewed to remind you of the details about a particular person. Maybe my subpar experience is specifically related to my area or my state, but it seems like if their nuts and bolts are so robust, there would be a way to use their extensive database or methods to improve the process. Oh, and some of their standard advice has been to not talk too much because men don’t like that! And that breaking one’s strong will is a positive thing. Mostly, I find myself wishing I could “build a better mousetrap” or thinking there is a better one out there, and I just chose the wrong one. It is a steep learning curve, but as I said, I am hanging in there and being patient with the process and the lack of sophistication in the app. Ha, there is actually a pop-up on this site to try them for free. So I’ve given you the unbiased review.

Definitely not worth it I am 69 widow attractive intelligent athletic 2 matches blocked because they were considered inappropriate numerous had no photos 2 became quite nasty one was self proclaimed prescription drug user anther recovering heart transplant in no way was any of these men compatible in no way do I mean any disrespect except to those who were disrespectful to me I am not expecting Kevin Costner but it is quite clear in my profile that I love animals but I prefer them alive so matching me with a man in camouflage holding the head of a deer he just killed in what universe would that be a match I ride horses swim ski workout daily so how am I compatible with a 75 year old man recovering from heart surgery the drug addict I have no clue. Save your money ladies if you are over 50 there is nobody there my take any man in that age range is only in these sites to find a much younger woman or try and scam a vulnerable woman their your money and go to a local bar with a friend have some drinks shhot some pool sing some karaoke you will have a better chance of meeting someone there and if not at least you will have some fun and save yourself some money.

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