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She met nice, rich older men on Millionaire Match: A review

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Millionaire Match is seriously challenging the notion that money can’t buy love. With more than 5 million users, both men and women have a chance to shoot their shot into the rare air of the upper 10% of income-earners.

The site sells itself as a place for CEOs, entrepreneurs, pro athletes, supermodels, lawyers, investors, celebrities and influencers to find love — and for the rest of us to find love with these wealthy folks.

After my marriage of 20 years ended, Millionaire Match was recommended by the much younger faction of my girl group. The thought of me, the daughter of a share cropper’s son dating a millionaire, was intriguing.

I took up the challenge, but I had my doubts. While I look significantly younger than my 50 years, when I thought about wealthy men looking for partners, I was skeptical that many (or any) of them would be looking for one that qualifies for AARP. 

Although my experience was mostly really positive, online user reviews for Millionaire Match paint a different picture.

Here is a review of my personal experience, and an analysis of user reviews overall:

How does Millionaire Match work?

Millionaire Match caters to millionaires seeking a like-minded partner and people interested in dating a millionaire and appreciate the finer things in life. 

On the homepage at, applicants are broken into two tracks:

“Respectable and Attractive Singles”

“Successful Singles Making More Than $300K”

Despite its name, anyone of any income level can join Millionaire Match for free, but with some major limitations. With the free option, members are not able to initiate messages with others or see who has liked or viewed their profile. 

Millionaire Match members who claim to be millionaires are vetted and awarded the badge “Certified Millionaire,” which appears as a diamond symbol on their profile so other members can be assured of that legitimacy. 

Millionaire Match review shows profile with certified millionaire designation.

To qualify, applicants must submit:

  • Statement from a CPA that they have earned more than $300K in the last financial year
  • Personal tax return
  • Documents providing net assets

While it is clear that the site leans heavily on wealthy men seeking women, Millionaire Match also has its share of members who are wealthy women — some even Certified Millionaires. The site also claims to be LGBTQ friendly.

Dating a cougar? 9 things you should know

Millionaire Match makes it clear it is NOT a sugar baby/sugar daddy site and strongly discourages those types of arrangements. In my experience, however, one of the men I dated did try to offer me an allowance — more on that later. 

It’s worth noting that Millionaire Match’s parent company,, Inc., is also the parent company of SugarDaddyMeet.

How to sign up for Millionaire Match

Signing up for Millionaire Match is much like most dating apps and sites.

  1. Go to
  2. Create your account and pick a username
  3. Select your country or region from the dropdown list
  4. Enter your date of birth
  5. Enter dating preferences according to age range and location

Beyond the usual prompts about height, education, hobbies and relationship goals, Millionaire Match encourages members to dive deeper by sharing:

  • Qualities you are looking for in a partner
  • Career stories and highlights
  • Quotes from figures they admire
  • Favorite foods, charities, sports teams, etc.
  • How you keep in shape
  • Personality traits

Like a lot of other major dating apps, Millionaire Match has an option for users to verify their profile with live photos. The stakes are high on this level of dating, and potential suitors are becoming savvy to fake profiles, so I recommend taking this step to prove you are who you say you are — and look like your photos.

When you’re adding photos to your profile, you can designate some as private, then allow only certain members access to them on an individual basis. I personally designated a few more revealing photos as private — for example photos in a bathing suit. 

As an added bonus, Millionaire Match now offers Premium members the option to create video shorts so potential matches can be assured you are who you say you are and get a peek into your personality.

Check out Millionaire Match for yourself for free >>

How much does Millionaire Match cost?

You can join Millionaire Match for free, but if you want access to premium features, you’ll have to pay: 

  • $80 for 1 week 
  • $100 for 1 month
  • $240 for 3 months 
  • $390 for 6 months

What a Millionaire Match subscription includes

Here’s what you get with each membership tier: 

– Message any subscriber
– See who has viewed your profile, winked at you, liked you, and matched with you
– Additional prompts to fill out your profile
– Option to add video shorts to profile
– Auto reply feature with a selection of pre-canned responses when you are messaged while offline
– Basic profile creation 
– View profiles
– Reply to messages sent to you
– “Wink” at other members (limit of 50 per month)
– Cannot see who has viewed your profile

My experience using Millionaire Match

As a published author and social media influencer, I embraced the challenge to cultivate a profile that would best represent the woman I am and the partner I want to have. 

I had the stakes stacked against me if I was looking to bag a millionaire as a 50-year-old woman, divorced with four kids. Men tend to prefer youthfulness, so how was I going to pull it off?

Back to the conversation I had with my young girlfriends: 

They recommended that I extend my age preferences for potential suitors to at least 10 to 20 years older. That means at 50, I was looking at men upwards of 70 years old.

I’ll be honest — the thought of dating a man old enough to be my father who might look like The Crypt Keeper made me shudder. 

I overcame my fear and approached my profile with gusto.

In my experience, men are visual creatures, so I made it a priority to put a variety of flattering photos in various venues and contexts. I wanted my potential match to know that I feel just as comfortable in the country club as I do in the great outdoors. If you’re a woman, I believe the more photos you can provide, the better. 

Christelyne's Millionaire Match profile.

I posted more revealing photos in the private portion of my profile, within tasteful boundaries. 

Christelyne's Millionaire Match profile.

Once my profile was up and running, it took only a few minutes before I started getting responses. I didn’t just sit back and wait for the men to come to me, however. I set my sights high and filtered for Premium Members and Certified Millionaires. 

I can say with full honesty I have never interacted with more eligible wealthy men in my dating life in one centralized location.

It also didn’t hurt that I live very near San Diego County, which has the double benefit of being one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, and where men outnumber women.1

The men I encountered in my age parameters ranged vastly in attractiveness. Some indeed looked like the Crypt Keeper’s first cousin, while others clearly maintained their health, fitness and hair. I focused on those. 

The downside was that when I searched under those perimeters, potential matches often appeared way out of my preferred travel and distance limits.

If I live in the San Diego area and match with someone from Italy (which I have), what good is matching with a millionaire if I have to travel overseas for my first date?

There was a respectable bunch of eligible men about an hour’s drive away. Both of the men I ultimately dated (at different times) lived within walking distance from one another in fancy condos on the bay.

Both were in their 70s, charming, had all their hair, and were very interested in dating me. There were some niggling “ick” feelings about dating men two decades older, but then I thought about my dad and mom, married 45 years with a 17-year difference between them. Despite the gap, they were dedicated to one another until the very end. 

I’ll admit my initial dates with these suitors were met with an imbalance of physical attraction. While we don’t like to discuss these inconvenient truths amongst polite company, older men looking to date much younger women know intrinsically they will have to use more “creative” tactics to woo the women they want.

Gifts, money and fancy trips are a desirable incentive. 

Older men absolutely know they have to give a good reason for a woman significantly younger to choose them over younger men — whether it’s wisdom, maturity, status and/or money, they know they need to offer something to compete with six packs and full heads of hair.

There indeed is an exchange — the men want the beauty, and the women crave the success, security and status. The hope is that despite these base desires, a romantic love will emerge. At least it’s my hope.

Does Millionaire Match work?

I will say from personal experience that indeed, Millionaire Match worked for me. I met two Certified Millionaires who lived close enough for me to meet, and both of them became my boyfriends.

Both of them owned yachts and multiple homes and were very generous. One of them offered me $7,500 on our first date because I mentioned in passing that I was hustling to make enough working capital to start a new company. He had his sights set on me and probably blurted it out on a whim. Nonetheless, I took it. 

Both men were in their 70s, so the hunch my girlfriends had to target men 10-20+ years older was good advice.

The first man didn’t take long to decide I was the woman he wanted, and although the site discourages sugar daddies, he offered me a $4,000 per month allowance on our first date — a supplement to offset the time away from me actually earning a living so I could spend more time with him.

He went on to be a major monetary contributor to my new cosmetics company, and I can honestly say I couldn’t have launched it without him. We’ve both since moved on, but continue to be close friends.

The second one ended after a few months of travel, 5-star dinners and hotels, and the realization that although he had the success I sought in a partner, he was never going to have my heart.

He didn’t much like kids, and his boredom with retirement meant he demanded way too much of my time. After we broke up, he went back on Millionaire Match and began dating a 28-year-old community college student. He is 72. 

The search still continues for my “forever person,” and Millionaire Match will continue to be on my roster of dating sites

Create a profile for free and start browsing on Millionaire Match >>

Millionaire Match reviews

Millionaire Match reviews are largely negative, with some users reporting troubling experiences with their millionaire matches. 

Millionaire Match reviews BBB

Millionaire Match’s parent company,, has a C- rating (not accredited) with the Better Business Bureau. However, there are no user reviews available.

Millionaire Match reviews Trustpilot

Millionaire Match only has 1.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. Several reviews note that finding wealthy matches is difficult, and others claim they were randomly banned from the site without explanation:

Positive Millionaire Match reviews on Trustpilot are few and far between. The most recent I found was from February 2022.

Millionaire match reviews Reddit

Most Reddit users who discuss Millionaire Match talk about its reputation as a secret sugar daddy/sugar baby site, even though the site claims that’s not what it’s for.

They also say the site’s small pool of millionaire daters makes it difficult to actually find a wealthy match. 

Other dating sites for millionaires

In addition to Millionaire Match, Reddit reports these are some of the best dating sites for millionaires:

  • Luxy
  • Raya
  • The Inner Circle
  • Temony
  • The League
  • Sudy

You can also try a matchmaking site like Tawkify.

However, in our experience, the best dating sites are those with large user bases. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, we recommend eharmony because: 

Check out our eharmony review and reviews of other popular dating sites:
Plenty of FishAdult Friend
Coffee Meets BagelOKCupid13 international dating apps
Catholic dating sitesChristian dating sitesTinder
The League

What are the pros and cons of the Millionaire Match dating app?

Based on my own experience and the experiences of other Millionaire Match users, these are some pros and cons of the dating site: 

Millionaire Match pros

  • Real opportunity to interact with wealthy singles
  • Comprehensive filters to sort through matches
  • Tries to discourage “sugar baby/sugar daddy” relationships, though many Reddit users report people do use it for that purpose, and one of my dates offered me an allowance
  • Allows users to create highly detailed profiles

Check out Millionaire Match now for free >>

Millionaire Match cons

  • Depending on where you live, matches with Certified Millionaire designation can be few and far between
  • While the site boasts more than 5.5 million members (both free and paid), other dating sites with larger user bases like Bumble (100 million) might be a better option
  • Cost for Premium membership is relatively high
  • Overall poor user reviews

Answers to FAQs about Millionaire Match

Do you have to be rich to be on Millionaire Match?

No, you do not have to be rich to be on Millionaire Match. However, people who want to have the “Certified Millionaire” designation must provide proof of assets. 

Do wealthy singles really join Millionaire Match?

In my experience, you can meet wealthy singles on Millionaire Match, though your options may be limited depending on where you live. I had to set a fairly large search radius to find any millionaires to date.


  1. “QuickFacts: San Diego County, California,” July 1, 2022. U.S. Census Bureau.

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