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Seeking Arrangement: Is this site legit? 2023 reviews

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Seeking (formerly Seeking Arrangement) is a popular dating website for sugar dating. Sugar dating is the practice in which a sugar baby (typically an attractive young woman) enters a relationship with a sugar daddy (an older, wealthier man).

During the course of the relationship, the sugar daddy will pay the sugar baby an allowance (a sum of money) monthly or per encounter. It’s gotten both good and bad press in the past.

I talked to women who have used the app to learn about their experiences and see whether Seeking is worth using for anyone who wants to start sugar dating. Here's what you should know:

What is Seeking (formerly known as Seeking Arrangement)?

Seeking is a niche dating site that’s catered to sugar dating. The website was founded in 2006 by Brandon Wade, an MIT graduate. He was unsatisfied with his dating life and felt that there wasn’t a place for successful, intellectual people to feel “hot” or for attractive people to shine.

According to Seeking’s website, Wade named the site “Seeking Arrangement” because he wanted users to be transparent about what they wanted out of a relationship. 

Seeking quickly became a popular dating site for sugar dating, bringing the concept to the mainstream. Because sugar dating has such a negative stigma (Seeking has been embroiled in controversies, including the U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz sex scandals), they’ve rebranded into a luxury, sophisticated dating website that matches successful users with attractive individuals.

Who is Seeking Arrangement for?

Seeking is for anyone who is open to the idea of dating a sugar daddy. It’s also for people who see success and money as a big factor for dating, as there are many older men on the site. 

What is sugar dating?

Sugar dating is a type of dating in which a person (sugar baby) gets involved with someone wealthy (sugar daddy/momma) in exchange for financial support or extravagant gifts (think vacations, luxury goods, etc). 

Typically the sugar baby is a young woman and the sugar daddy is an older man. (Of course, anyone of any gender can be a sugar baby or sugar daddy/momma). When I scoped out the website (I created two fake accounts: one as a sugar baby and another as a sugar daddy), I noticed the majority of sugar babies were young women in their 20s. For sugar daddies, there was more variety in ages but a majority were in their 50s.

One popular misconception with sugar dating is that sex is always involved. That is not always the case; sugar babies can also provide platonic companionship. Each arrangement differs depending on what’s discussed between the two people.

How can I download the Seeking Arrangement app?

The Seeking app is available on Google Play or iOS. Just go to your smartphone’s app store to download it for free.

Is Seeking Arrangement legitimate?

Yes, Seeking Arrangement is a legit website for sugar dating. While there may be fake profiles like on any other dating site, there are legitimate users seeking a sugar dating relationship.

“The people I have met on Seeking have been phenomenal,” says a current Seeking Arrangement user, who asked to be identified as Chelsea. “Nearly all have been successful, driven, motivated, and highly intelligent men.”

Is Seeking Arrangement illegal?

The Seeking Arrangement website isn’t illegal, but it gets blurry when sex is involved. In most states, it’s illegal to exchange sex for money, which constitutes prostitution. This gray area is why the site came under fire in spring 2021 during U.S. Rep. Gaetz’s sex scandal

If you’re unfamiliar with what happened, here’s a recap: The Justice Department conducted an investigation as to whether the Florida Republican had sex with an underage woman. During the investigation, details of his personal life emerged, including the fact that he paid to have sex with numerous women he met on Seeking Arrangement.

Wade has insisted that Seeking Arrangement is not a website for sex work. According to Seeking Arrangement’s website, they’re taking steps to ensure that no one is being exploited by adding extra security measures and aligning themselves with anti-trafficking organizations. Law enforcement officials are also known to go on Seeking Arrangement to look out for interactions that constitute sex work. 

Seeking says it’s actively listening to the community and is looking for ways to make the website safer. However, I’m not so sure Seeking Arrangement is fulfilling that promise. While the website doesn’t have a pay tool to exchange money, they do encourage sugar daddies to use pay apps, like Venmo, to send money to their sugar babies. Reddit users have also expressed their concerns with the site, saying they’ve encountered many fake profiles and escorts on the site.

Shortly after the Matt Gaetz sex scandal, Rachel Uchitel (former SA spokeswoman and famously known as Tiger Woods’ ex-mistress) sued Seeking Arrangement for breach of contract. During her partnership with the site, she said she alerted Seeking multiple times about complaints she heard from female users about feeling unsafe. She said she was ignored. While some reviews below suggest Seeking does shut down accounts that exhibit unlawful behavior, I don’t think they’re doing enough.

Seeking Arrangement reviews 2023

Seeking Arrangement BBB rating and reviews

Seeking Arrangement’s parent company, InfoStream Group Inc., is not accredited and has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. Most reviews are from former users who’ve accused the website of suspending their accounts. 

Seeking Arrangement reviews on Trustpilot

Seeking also has a low rating on Trustpilot — 1.5 out of 5 stars to be exact. Reviews appear to come from men complaining about being banned from the site and about the women not being attractive enough (ew). There were also complaints from women about the profiles being fake and how Seeking wasn’t worth the money.

Seeking Arrangement reviews on Sitejabber

Seeking has 1.7 stars on Sitejabber. While most of the reviews echo the same sentiments as the ones on Trustpilot and BBB, there are some positive reviews on Seeking. A sugar momma gave a good review about her experience using Seeking. Some reviews even praise the site for connecting them with the person they ended up marrying.

Seeking Arrangement: What sugar daddies should know

How does Seeking Arrangement work for sugar daddies?

Sugar daddy users are required to create a profile — like they normally would on any dating website. You can log in with your email, then create a username and upload photos. Seeking will ask you general info about yourself, such as your ethnicity, body type, relationship status, and other lifestyle preferences. 

They’ll ask what you’re seeking and allow you to select answers, such as monogamy, luxury travel, or companionship (among others). Seeking will also ask sugar daddies for their net worth and annual income. Once your profile is set up, you can start searching for profiles and send likes and real gifts (think handbags and jewelry) to sugar babies.

What is a good sugar baby allowance?

The right allowance for sugar babies will greatly vary based on location and couple. 

“There are two main types of monetary gifts and allowances: PPM (pay-per-meet) and weekly/monthly,” Chelsea says. “Expect PPM starting out, but as the connection progresses, a consistent allowance may be expected.”

In Chelsea’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio, $300 PPM is a good amount, but Alie M., 27, a former sugar baby, says she’s gotten up to $4,000 a month. To get an idea of common payouts, consult this very organized and informative Reddit master thread that lists allowances in different cities:

What is a typical sugar baby arrangement?

The arrangement you have with a sugar baby will vary. 

“Most of the time, sugar daddies are craving a deep emotional connection accompanied by the intimacy that only a connection could provide,” Chelsea adds. 

She says some users might be seeking a companionship-based relationship, but it’s rare for a sugar daddy to want something exclusively online or platonic.

Just like traditional dating sites and apps, it’s important to discuss your desires and expectations with a potential partner to ensure you’re both on the same page.  

“This should be an attraction by both parties,” Chelsea adds. “If not, you’re not in the right place.”

Sugar arrangements can include an older woman, too.

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Seeking Arrangement: What sugar babies should know

What are Seeking Arrangement sugar babies?

According to Seeking, a sugar baby is an attractive individual who gets involved in a relationship with someone wealthy and successful.

How does Seeking Arrangement work for sugar babies?

The signup process is similar to signing up as a sugar daddy. You’ll create a username and fill out your profile, describing general info about yourself and what you’re looking for. 

Alie used Seeking back when she was in college and needed money. She advises people not to share their real names or personal information like phone numbers until they’ve established trust with their match. 

She also suggests choosing profile pictures that are vague. 

Once your profile is complete, you can search for sugar daddies using filters such as location, reason for using the app, hair color, and education (note: certain filters are premium) and start messaging.

Is Seeking Arrangement FREE for Sugar Babies?

Seeking has a free version you can use that allows you to search, like, and message members. Its premium package is free for college students (you get the upgrade by signing up using your .edu email). Other members have to pay.

What sugar babies get with Seeking’s premium subscription ($19.99 per month for a 30-day subscription or $44.99 a month for a 90-day subscription):

  • Advanced privacy settings
  • Advance search filters (ie: search members based on net worth, relationship status, and body type.)
  • Inbox filters
  • Read receipts
  • Ability to add free member notes to keep track of who you meet.

How much does a sugar daddy pay?

While sugar babies are allowed to message members for free, sugar daddies don’t get as many free features. They have the option of purchasing two different subscription packages.

What sugar daddies get with Seeking’s premium package ($19.99/month for a 30-day subscription or $44.99 for a 90-day subscription):

  • Unlock conversations with members
  • Hide online status, join date, and last login country
  • Boost profile to get it more noticed
  • Option to filter inbox

Pros of Seeking Arrangement

Upfront user experience

Chelsea likes Seeking because people are honest about what they’re looking for in a relationship. 

“I don’t see it any differently than Tinder or Hinge,” Chelsea says. “For example, when you match on Tinder, we all know there’s a large likelihood that the other person is looking for intimacy/sex. Deep down, that’s the motivating factor.”

Free features for sugar babies

You can get away with not having to pay for a premium subscription if you use a college email address.

Benefits can go beyond financial support

I’m not suggesting you go on Seeking to make money, but for those who do it, the financial support goes a long way. 

“I have been able to begin investing, have everything I could have ever wanted, and more,” Chelsea says. 

For Alie, sugar dating allowed her relief from her finances while she’s in college. She also received business advice and mentorship from her partners, which is of course another valuable tool.

Cons of Seeking Arrangement

Fake profiles and scammers

This is typical of most dating websites, but like with every new encounter, you need to take safety precautions and look out for potential red flags

“Always have a phone call or video chat before meeting, even if it’s brief,” Chelsea suggests. 

You can also invest in a background check from a site like >>

Not for long-term relationships

That’s not to say it can’t happen, but if you’re looking for a more traditional approach to dating, you should consider another dating app.

More women than men on the site

As always, who's on the site will depend on your location. Big cities will probably see more men on the site versus small rural areas.

Bottom line: Is it worth it to pay for Seeking Arrangement?

I don’t think it’s worth paying, but as long as you’re safe, finding a sugar daddy on Seeking might be worth a try. My issue with Seeking Arrangement is the number of escorts and fake profiles on the website, which is the biggest reason why I don’t think it’s worth paying. 

For me, safety is the biggest issue when it comes to dating of any kind, and I don’t think SA is doing enough for women to feel safe and empowered on the website. If you live in a big city, it’s probably easy to meet a sugar daddy IRL. If you do decide to use Seeking Arrangement, definitely proceed with caution (as you would using any dating app) and be very careful about what you share/agree to before trusting anyone you meet.

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Who is Seeking Arrangement for?

Seeking is for anyone who is open to the idea of dating a sugar daddy. It’s also for people who see success and money as a big factor for dating, as there are many older men on the site.

What is sugar dating?

Sugar dating is a type of dating in which a person (sugar baby) gets involved with someone wealthy (sugar daddy/momma) in exchange for financial support or extravagant gifts (think vacations, luxury goods, etc).

Is Seeking Arrangement legitimate?

Yes, Seeking Arrangement is a legit website for sugar dating.

Is Seeking Arrangement illegal?

The Seeking Arrangement website isn’t illegal, but it gets blurry when sex is involved. In most states, it’s illegal to exchange sex for money, which constitutes prostitution.

Bianca Mendez is a writer and editor living in New York City. Her work has appeared in Women’s Health, Bustle, Well+Good, Latina, Refinery29, and many other publications. She also served as a sex and dating editor at Elite Daily and was a freelance lifestyle editor for Bauer Publishing’s Teen Department, where she helped the team launch three new magazines. Bianca's LinkedIn profile

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