My secrets to an awesome single mom life



Every day I hear from a mom who is facing single motherhood– either she is considering divorce, found out she is pregnant but not in a relationship, or is barreling down the road to single motherhood by some other force. Others have been at this game for a while and could use some support.

I hear questions like:

How will I make ends meet?!

I am so worried my kids will have a rotten childhood – what can I do?! 

How will I ever have the career of my dreams now?! 

Will I be broke forever?!

How do you get through the day!? 

Will I ever find love again?! What about SEX?!

How can I get some alone time?!

Exercise? What’s that?! 

I’d LOVE to find time with some friends, but, well … how?! 

I can’t get over the idea that my life is going to suck from now on. I can hardly get out of bed. Help?

These questions both warm and break my heart. They warm my heart because they are so familiar – I have felt and said each and every one of these things — as has every other single mom. In that common experience I find so much comfort.

I also weep a little each time I get one of these emails or Facebook messages. Again, these feelings of overwhelm and despair are so painfully familiar.

The good news is that you are normal. More good news: You’re not alone. Even MORE good news?! You not only will get through this moment, but you will thrive on the other side.

In this FREE 5-page guide I give you my 15-point manifesto for not just getting through your day, and not just surviving single parenthood. This is the beginning of an awesome life you will create for your family and yourself.


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12 thoughts on “My secrets to an awesome single mom life

  1. What a great idea! Wish you’d been around some 30 years ago. I’m curious ~ do you include retired single Moms whose children are long out of the household? Or is there a different group for us? At any rate, I’ll be sharing your group ~ it’s a fabulous idea.

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