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11 easy ways to get free toys for kids

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Whether you’re looking for free toys for kids for Christmas, another holiday, a child’s birthday party or you want to reward your kids for a good semester at school, there are ways to get free toys all year long. 

We put together a list of 10 easy ways to get free toys for kids at any time. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your home to get toys from some of the free toy programs on this list. Plus, you might even be able to get paid for sharing feedback about the toys you receive.

Free toys #1:

Another great resource for free toys is the Freecycle Network. Over 9 million people are registered as Freecycle members across 5,300+ towns and cities. 

When you become a Freecycle member, you’ll have the chance to browse Freecycle Town groups. You can join multiple groups to browse posts for free items and also offer your own items to give away.

Freecycle is a great way to get free toys for your kids while practicing sustainability by keeping unwanted toys out of landfills. Sign up for Freecycle to get free toys.

Free toys #2: Craigslist free stuff

Craigslist continues to be a top choice for people searching for free stuff, including free toys. As a nationwide online classified marketplace, you can cast a wide net to see what people are offering in your community or anywhere in the United States.

To find free toys, navigate to the “For Sale” section. Next, click on the “free” link to see available items in your chosen area. You can type in the search field in the free stuff section to find what you’re looking for. 

Remember to always practice safety if you use classified services like Craigslist or Freecycle to meet up with community members who are giving away free toys. Use a communication app like Google Voice or WhatsApp to protect your personal phone or email address, plan all meetups in public spaces, and, if possible, go with a friend or family member.

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Free toys #3:

As the concept of freecycling continues to grow, so do the ways you can look for items you want. is affiliated with Freecycle, Full Circles, and ReUseIt groups on Yahoo Groups, Freegle groups, as well as groups that originated from Trash Nothing.

The TrashNothing community is over 8 million strong. Many claim that using TrashNothing simplifies the process of finding free toys and other stuff, making it a more convenient and time-efficient choice for busy parents.

You can sign up for TrashNothing using an existing Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Yahoo account. You can also create an account using an email address.

Free toys #4: Nextdoor

With Nextdoor, you can connect with your neighbors to stay on top of what’s happening in your community. It’s free to join. You can use it on an internet browser or through the app to find sources of free toys and learn about local events such as toy giveaways or yard sales where you can get steeply discounted toys.

To get free toys:

  • Check For Sale & Free: You can filter this section on Nextdoor to show all free items in your neighborhood, including free toys if they are available
  • Make a post: You can post a question about where you can get free toys so that people in your area can share what the know
  • Create an event: When you click on the Discover tab in Nextdoor, you can create an event like a free toy drive for your neighbors or a meetup to swap free, used toys
  • Follow Nextdoor on Facebook: Use the Nextdoor Facebook community to get ideas about how other neighborhoods are finding free toys

Free toys #5: OfferUp

OfferUp is an inexpensive way to find gently used or previously owned toys. Created by two fathers who sought to replace things they no longer wanted with things they needed, OfferUp is the largest mobile marketplace powered by a secure app you can use to buy or sell locally.

From your smartphone, you can use the app to message sellers. You can also view profiles to ensure you are dealing with reputable sellers with good ratings and positive feedback before you make a purchase.

Free toys #6: Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace can be an online jackpot for free toys, games, and other items your child will enjoy. As the largest social media platform, Facebook offers almost endless opportunities to connect with people who want to give away items or sell them at a discount.  

To see free items, simply navigate to “Free Stuff” on Facebook Marketplace. You can either browse what’s available or type in a specific search term like “free toys” or “free children’s games” to refine your results.

You can use Facebook Messenger to communicate with sellers so you can make a plan to pick up the items. 

Free toys #7: Freebie Alerts app

The Freebie Alerts app, available on the App Store and Google Play, sends you a notification every time your neighbors are giving away free stuff, including toys and games. 

The app monitors:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Nextdoor
  • OfferUp
  • TrashNothing

You can choose to receive alerts from all or some of these sources of free stuff. 

If you want specific items, like toys, you can use the whitelist feature to notify you of offers with certain keywords. When you want an item, just tap on it in the app to communicate with the person giving it away. You can also post items you would like to give away.

Get the Freebie Alerts app

Free toys #8: The Toy Foundation’s Toy Bank

For those of you looking for “free toys for kids near me,” the Toy Bank is a program run by the The Toy Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the importance of play for children in underserved communities. 

Since its founding in 2003, the Toy Bank has provided more than 26 million children with $225 million worth of toys through year-round toy donations from toy companies and retailers. 

The Toy Bank serves children who are:

  • Seriously ill or in a children’s hospital
  • In temporary foster care
  • Suffering from abuse or neglect
  • Impacted by domestic violence
  • Separated from a deployed military parent
  • Navigating natural disasters

Throughout the year, free toys are distributed to over 1,000 local charities and community organizations in every state and the District of Columbia. To find a Toy Bank partner charity near you, contact The Toy Foundation.

Free toys #9: Product testing

While toy testers typically don’t get to keep the toys they play with, product testing is a fun way to get in some playtime with pre-released toys and potentially earn money for sharing your opinion about new toys manufacturers are thinking about bringing to market.  

Far Out Toys’ FunLab

Far Out Toys is a global company behind brands like Glo-Up Girls dolls and toys inspired by YouTube channels like Ryan’s World and Love, Diana.

The Far Out Toys FunLab is a community of parents and kids who enjoy playing with toys. By signing up, you become part of the Far Out Fun Lab community, where you will get invitations to review free toys based on your child’s interests. Periodically, members are asked for feedback on toys and have a chance to participate in compensated, online focus groups.

You can become a toy ambassador for anything Far Out Toys sells, such as family games, tech toys, or toys for different age groups. Sign up to get free toys from Far Out Toy FunLab.

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Fisher-Price Play Lab

The Fisher-Price Play Lab was the first of its kind. First established in 1961, the lab was a place for children to play with toys and guide the brand in its creation of toys that children love. .

Today, the Fisher-Price Play Lab recruits more than 2,800 kids of all ages to test about 450 toys and gear ideas per year.. Fisher-Price offers both in-person and in-home toy testing opportunities for parents and children who live in Western New York. All in-person testing takes place at the Play Lab in East Aurora, N.Y. This is also the site to pick up and return toys for in-home testing.

In-home testing is usually a two-week process. In-person testing takes up to 20 minutes, on average. The Fisher Price Play Lab notifies parents of testing opportunities up to two days in advance. There are also playgroups that meet weekly for one or two hours.

The Fisher-Price Cast & Play Crew is a community of parents with children ages 5 and younger who test toys and offer feedback to improve the toys before they are released to the public. 

All testing opportunities are compensated with Amazon or Target gift cards. Pay varies depending on the amount of time and effort. To participate in testing, your child will need a New York State Child Performer Permit, but you can start the Fun Lab registration process without it. To join the community, sign up on the Fisher-Price website.

Hasbro’s FunLab

Hasbro FunLab invites children to test toys and games. Though there are some virtual events and at-home programs, toy testing primarily takes place in-house at a Hasbro facility like the headquarters in Pawtucket, R.I.. There are also FunLab opportunities in Canada and the United Kingdom.

To become a Hasbro FunLab member, the registering parent must be at least 18 years old and not employed in the following areas:

  • Advertising, market research or public relations
  • Newspaper or magazine publishing
  • TV, movies or radio
  • Manufacturing or distribution of toys, entertainment games or videos

When you sign up your child to participate, you may be invited to toy testing events, focus groups, in-home play dates, and retail shopping studies. 

If you want your child to be a toy tester for Hasbro, you can enroll in the FunLab program today. 

Home Tester Club

The Home Tester Club is always looking for people to test free products like toys, food, and skin care aids. Free toys and other products are mailed to your home in exchange for an honest review. Your shared insights can help improve shoppers’ buying experiences and assist brands with product development.

Plus, if you enjoy taking photos or participating in surveys, you’ll have a chance to win prizes every week as part of the Home Tester Club community.

Just answer a few questions upfront to establish your interests so you can be matched with products that make sense for your household. Join the Home Tester Club for free.

Mattel Imagination Center

The Mattel Imagination Center welcomes children and adults as toy testers to help them develop and refine toy offerings. If your children are ages 3 to 13, they can participate in toy testing. Occasionally, there are opportunities for children younger than 3. 

The center offers virtual and on-site testing events. To participate in on-site events, you and your child must live within a 50-mile radius of El Segundo, Calif. For your participation at on-site events, Mattel offers incentives such as free toys or gift cards. Virtual testers are eligible for electronic gift cards.

As long as you live in the United States, you can sign up to be a toy tester.

Free toys #10: Get free toys for Christmas

Lots of organizations help financially struggling families get free Christmas toys for their kids.

We put together a list of charities and other organizations that provide free Christmas gifts and information about how to apply. You can also check out our post about how to get free Christmas money or earn Christmas money.

Free toys #11: Free baby toys

If you’re looking for free baby toys, you can use apps and sites like Freecycle and Craigslist to find free toys. Here are some other resources we suggest:

Toy lending libraries

Toy lending libraries are a community space where parents can take their young children to play with toys, socialize with other kids, and borrow toys to take home. These libraries are typically for children 0-5 years old, but age requirements vary based on the library.

For example, the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library offers drop-in and members-only play sessions. You can get in free if you are a first-time visitor or have an infant. Memberships start at $30 per year. You can borrow and return toys just like you would a book in a library.

To find toy libraries in your area, you can search “toy lending libraries near me” or check the toy library location list from the USA Toy Library Association.

Local pantries and community centers

Some local pantries offer toys for babies and young children in addition to food and other essential items. Also, look for community centers that offer multiple services. For example, the Franklin Community Center in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. runs a free store that is open to the public where you can get free toys as well as clothing and household goods1.1

Baby registry

Create a baby registry when you are expecting or even after your little one has arrived. Add toys to your list and anything else you might need. Then, share the list with family and friends.

Some popular baby registries include:

  • Amazon
  • Babylist
  • MyRegistry
  • Target
  • Walmart

Creating a baby registry is a great idea because you can be specific about what you want for your child, items are new, and if something doesn't work out, you can usually return it without an issue. Plus, if you are signing up for the first time, baby registries like Amazon, Target, and Babylist offer free gifts.

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