Video: Make more and be happier with this one time-management trick (you’re already doing)

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On the latest episode of Earn Like a Mother, I explore the wonders of outsourcing – hiring other, more competent people to do things at work and home that you a) hate to do, b) are overqualified for, c) hate to do.

Women do far more housework then men, including professional moms, 40 percent of whom are their families’ breadwinners. The culprit is guilt, and an antiquated sense that we must really do it all — even the nasty housekeeping chores that we’re far too overqualified for. In this episode we dig into why we feel the need to clean the toilet AND run corporate boards.

I give rocking PR executive and single mom Jenelle Hamilton some tools to get a grip on her feelings of overwhelm in her professional and home life, and we hear from time management guru and bestselling author Laura Vanderkam about her favorite outsourcing resources.

Watch the full episode by clicking here or on the image below!

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What is the thing you love to outsource? Or maybe the thing you know you should hire out but don’t. Share in the comments below!




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