The rules of corporate life ticking you off? Break them. Here’s how …


There is no way you’re going to kick ass in both your career and home life if you stick to the old, corporate (and I will say it: male-dominated / patriarchal) career model. You have to shake stuff up, figure out what is really important to you and find a way to do it.

In other words, break the rules.

In the premier episode of Earn Like a Mother, I teach you how to figure out what rules you’re actually following (probably way more than you realize!), create a business plan that includes your WHOLE LIFE, and get on your path to earning more, spending more quality time with your family, and finding the energy for the hobbies and passions that are important to you.

I also interview my friend Canadian construction mogul and mom of three Kelsey Ramdsen on how she does has built a $40 million business on her own terms.

I also help Jen, a mom who stepped off the corporate path to find her own — and is struggling to come up with a clear vision for this next chapter.

So check it out. Earn Like a Mother with Emma Johnson: Break the Rules, Make Your Own. 



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