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Hi Mama! CONGRATULATIONS on investing in YOU. The fact that you even bought 30-Day Kickass Single Mom Money Makeover is telling the universe you are ready to turn your financial life around.

This page is your go-to guide for all the resources, tools and support you need to blow this shit UP!

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Track your money and set budgets (get real, mama!)

Personal Capital is a great resource.

>> Personal Capital review (track your wealth — for free!)

Tiller is another awesome app to track and budget for everyday and monthly expenses

>> Tiller review: Easier budgeting through Google Sheets and Excel 

Set goals

Ellevest has a really cool and free goal setter on their beautiful website, founded by Wall Street legend Sally Krawcheck

>> Why it's important for women to invest: An Ellevest review 



Get rid of stuff through ThredUpDecluttr,Nearly Newlywed for your wedding dress (common, what else are you going to do with it!?) If it is jewelry, go to Worthy

>>Should you sell your engagement ring after divorce?

>>Why you should (probably) sell your heirloom jewelry — and how to get the best price

>>ThredUp review: Is online consignment worth it?

>>How I made $246 in 10 min selling media and electronics online 

>>Sell your wedding dress? Yep. Here's how …

House and home resources

>>New York Times's excellent Rent or Buy Calculator

>>Should women keep the house in divorce? How to decide …

>>Is a cash-out mortgage refinance right for you?

Credit and debt

Check your credit score for free in 2 minutes:

Self Lender is one of my favorite tools, as it forces you to build a savings account WHILE you repair credit. It is awesome.

>>Self-Lender review: Build credit AND a savings account

Lexington Law is a great way to get rid of messed up credit reports


>>Self-Lender review: Build credit AND a savings account

>>How single moms can pay off debt in 14 easy steps

>>10 best debt consolidation companies 

Savings accounts

CIT Bank has had the best rate lately, at 2.15% and more.

>>9 best savings accounts for single mom


Ellevest is one of the big roboadvisors, and the only one specifically designed for women. I

>>How to get started investing for women

Build your career / side gig

If you're building a side gig or crave a career you can do from home, or with a flexible schedule, my #1 favorite resource is FlexJobs,  a huge website started by a mom who wanted to help women find careers that make sense for their families and lives.

Research salaries at Payscale and

>>Top high-paying work from home jobs for single moms 

>>FlexJobs review: Does this site really have good work-from home jobs?

More resources

If you loved this book, check out my #1 bestseller: The Kickass Single Mom: Be Financially Independent, Discover Your Sexiest Self, and Raise Fabulous, Happy Children