How a trip to the grocery store reminded me to never forget my deepest pleasures


Teia Blackshear Collier lives in Mesquite, Texas. She is the mom of three, ages 2, 7 and 9, and blogs at She shared this inspiration:

Yesterday, my eldest was sick with some stomach bug and my youngest was out of Pediasure. I went to Albertson’s to pick up medicine. I was standing in the coffee aisle, thinking about how overwhelming my day had been when I greeted an older woman with short, white grey hair. She was standing a little further down the aisle staring at the Keurig pods. She also held a box of Maxwell House Coffee pods and just stood there, looking  dazed.

She told me that she just bought herself a Keurig. I told her that I’m addicted to mine and love it. She asked my favorite roasts. I gave her my top three. She told me that her husband drank Maxwell House for 52 years. She was still holding the box of Maxwell House, staring at it. I thought she might cry, but she didn’t. What she did is tell me that for 52 years, she had always wanted to drink something else. She set the box back on the shelf and selected three others for herself. She finally stopped staring at the wall of pods and grinned at me.

It was like she was learning what she loves again, what makes her happy. It was clear that she gave herself permission to want what she wanted in the simple act of buying the coffee she desired.

It was a reminder not to lose myself in another person to the extent that I forget what delights me, and to be grateful for my freedom — however it has come.

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