I have too much flexibility in my job and it’s making me lazy

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This is First World Fridays #FWF (check out the first FWF here) where I share the frivolous stuff that I allow to occupy my mind, and I turn it into an expression of gratitude. Please do it the same – in the comments, Facebook, Twitter, privately within yourself. Tag it #FWF (yes, I’m asking you to tag your silent prayers) and let’s start a revolution!

#FWF: It’s summer and I like to have fun. And since I am self-employed that means that if I’m not careful I can have too much fun. Case in point: This week I’m taking two beach days with the kids! Whoohoo! First World Problem? I’m not getting enough work done! Boohoo!



I really have a great career that allows me lots of time with my kids, flexibility to be very

Moms at the beach.

productive and do work that I love. What the eff am I complaining about?

Summer is here! Do you know how good that sun feels on my Vitamin D-deprived skin? My semi-depressed winter state has been lifted and I feel so awesome.

I have friends who also have flexible schedules who can join us at the beach. This week we’re spending time on different days with Morghan and Marc and their kids. Beach days are more fun with friends.

That I live within an hour’s drive of like 10 different beaches.


The beach is free.

My kids are old enough to play on their own so I can hang out with adults. This week Morghan and  lounged in the sun while our four collective monkeys took turns frolicking in the surf and slinging wet sand in one another’s eyes and screaming. “This is awesome,” we marveled. “Remember when we used to have to play with them?”


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10 thoughts on “I have too much flexibility in my job and it’s making me lazy

  1. I was upset that I wasted a whole child-free day shopping on-line for a new expensive smart phone because my old one just doesn’t have enough memory, camera megapixels. I mean, really. I didn’t get to work out due to this project(and having to empty the dishwasher and clean the kitchen) and barely made my therapy appointment to deal with my guilt over entitlement:)

    So, grateful for:
    1) Therapy covered by insurance that I have at the awesome job that I love and gives me three months off to spend the summer with my daughter!
    2) A kitchen complete with dishwasher
    3) The luxury to be able to replace “outdated” technology
    4)A treadmill at home on which I can workout whenever I want, child at home, or no.

    1. Good stuff! I got you beat – my cleaning lady put my only one-piece swimsuit somewhere where I can’t find it and now I might have to wear a bikini to the beach and I feel bad about that.

    2. Well you could just take the time and Reilly look at. Your life and make sure your on the right. Path. That you can make work foryou.and kid allways remember.kids First.

  2. At least you CAN wear a bikini!
    Some of us will be arrested for public … torture if we were ever caught in anything smaller than a bed-sheet!
    Joking, its not that bad.
    But I did work really hard to find a swim suit that covers A LOT.

    As I read this post I was saying – “THIS is exactly what I want for myself!!!”
    Ability to work flex-time, whenever I can/want/need and carpe diem those awesome summer days and weather and time with the kids.

    And I will put that on the list of my goals!

    FWF# Sometimes I envy people who feel like they don’t have to work hard, who lounge around, and are generally content with their inexpensive and less demanding life and less stress.

    Grateful# Feeling blessed that I have a choice – weather to work hard or to choose the life lounging around – each with its own rewards and consequences.

    1. Ha! GG! Yes, choice! For example, my friend there and I were marveling at the young mother who had a severely stretched out tummy, which she flaunted with a bikini and navel piercing. Arrest her? Well, for once I will keep my opinion to myself

  3. #FWF: I go to the beach with my friend and my sweaty pic in a beat cowboy hat ends up online!
    Grateful: I went to the beach and had a great time; the kids loved it; the pic isn’t full-body (horror!); my friend has an awesome blog!


  4. Over Morghan’s right shoulder? Is that a bikini? Thankfully , it’s a shot that blurred and far away. For that I am grateful this week.

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