5 things I’m doing in 2014 to boost productivity and save money


I’m all about productivity. That means making the most of your time, money, energy and emotions — even if it means enjoying the hell out of them. Here are some changes I’m making in the New Year to get the most out of what I’ve got:

1. Go totally digital. Since I started freelancing I have used an Excel spreadsheet color coded for various functions: blue highlights for projects filed but not final, magenta for outstanding invoices and yellow for paid-in-full. Lame! QuickBooks, come to momma! Also: buh-bye ridiculous desk calendar and my inability to schedule meetings when I’m away from you! I am becoming an adult and giving my new Google Calendar app a smooch. Happy New Year, sweets!

2. Saving the environment with my vagina. No, I don’t have plans to sleep with a Republican congressman (again) in an (another failed) effort to convince him to tighten up fuel emission standards. Instead I just ordered a DivaCup, one of a few models of reusable, bendy receptacles that replace tampons and pads. For an investment of about $30, I expect to break even in a few months and never have to worry about running to the drug store in the middle of the night. Globe: feel free to thank my hooch personally.

3. Going veggie weekly. We have no dietary restrictions at my house and eat plenty of meat. I like meat. So do my kids. But I don’t believe people eat as much meat as most Americans do, including my family. It simply isn’t healthy to eat too much, plus raising, slaughtering, packaging and shipping animals for human consumption is bad for the Earth. Kids, hope you like veggie chili! And bean burritos and pea pesto pasta. Cuz you’re gonna eat it.

4. I bought a new car. In September my 1999 red Subaru Forester named Rosie died. She was replaced by a 2013 blue Subaru Impreza wagon named Raino (ask the kids). Yes, this means $477 monthly payments for the next few years, but it is also gaining me a) peace of mind by having a reliable ride, b) far lower gasoline expense thanks to great mileage, c) no repair bills for a while (compared to my old hoopdie, fingers crossed). Plus, it’s fun to drive, looks cute and affords me peace of mind. Did I mention peace of mind?

5. I’m setting specific goals for this blog.  I haven’t really done that in the 1.5 years since I launched this site. “My blog is going crazy,” I told a writer friend. “But there is no captain on the ship! It’s really steering me.” That may have been true, but from a business perspective makes no sense. Today I have plans for what I want to accomplish in 2014, and I am working with a fellow blogger friend to hold each other accountable and make that happen. Prepare to have your mind blown.

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