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Older women dating younger men: 3 things to know in 2024

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The trend has been fast and intense: In the years I've been dating as a single mom, there has been a steep uptick in young guys looking for older single moms.

If you want to go out with a younger guy, go out with a younger guy. Maybe for a fun drink. Maybe for a hot roll in the hay — once or regularly. And who knows, maybe for the long term. The only rules about young guys looking for older single moms are those you make for yourself. Enjoy!

Where older women can find younger men to date:

Common questions that older women have about dating younger men:

Is it common for an older woman to date a younger man?

In 23% of straight couples who live together in the United States, the woman is older, and 64% of heterosexual couples, the man is older, according a poll of more than 37,000 couples by the polling site FiveThirtyEight.

In the remaining 13 percent, the partners are less than 12 months apart in age — essentially the same age. 

The number of wives who are married to young men is rising dramatically — from 9% in 1964 to 15% today, according to the Census Current Population Survey. 

But how many women are dating or sleeping with younger men today vs., even a few years ago? 

According to a 2003 AARP survey of 3,500 older singles, 34% of women aged 40 to 69 say they prefer to date younger men, and 14% of women age 50 to 59 prefer dating men in their 40s or younger. 

Two decades later,’s survey revealed 81% of women are open to dating someone 10 years younger than they are, and nearly 90% of men are interested in dating someone 10 years older.

Why would an older woman date a younger man?

Twice in my late 30s I dated younger men. I was involved for a few months each with men who were 3 and 5 years my junior, and in both cases they were really, really lovely people, hyper-bright, ambitious and both were about 700% better looking than me. Both were great experiences.

Even if I would stare at them across the bar table or at their head on my pillow, rub my eyes and think WTF is going on here?!, my ego, I admit, was like a sow in shit …mmmmm … prrrrrr … meow … oink!

Reasons older women date younger men can include:

  • It's a huge compliment when a younger man desires you
  • You are both looking for fun, no commitment
  • It's taboo to date younger guys — and that's exciting
  • Weird kinks rooted in childhood trauma
  • Mutual attraction, no need for explanation
  • You fell in love, and love knows no age

But what is unique is the increased number of younger men seeking to date older women.

What is significant about this trend is that a) younger men historically have not been interested in older women — especially moms. After all, youth in every culture is prized in mating, as biology favors young junk. b) The uptick in this young-dude interest is so swift – and the age gaps significant.

I'm not the only one to notice. A few weeks ago my friend Perri emailed me:

I have a question for you. I just joined a dating site, and love it. But why am I being contacted by so many men who are 21 to 28 years old? I'm 42!  Can I date younger men in my 40s? Can I date men who are more than 10 or 15 years younger? It's crazy. I don't look my age but it's there in my profile, so no guessing is involved. Is this a dare to screw an old chick? That said, I'm meeting a guy tonight to play pool. He's great, makes me laugh, we have similar careers and education and the conversation is very easy and uncomplicated. But still – I'm perplexed! 

I admit, I'm perplexed too. So I did some research. And by “research,” I started quizzing the Benjamin Braddocks who hit me up online.

[Dating coach says:  Single moms are hot on the successful single man market]

Why are younger men attracted to older women?

While younger man dating older women may be increasing thanks to changing social mores, there are many reasons young guys like older women:

  • Older women aren't interested in kids, and unwanted pregnancy may not even be a risk
  • Older women are looking for fun and pleasure — not just a husband and father material
  • Younger men prefer dating older women because we are more experienced and confident about sex and our bodies
  • Because we are more experienced, a young man who pleases us feels assured and confident in bed

The first one was a super-buff 24 year-old whose profile said he speaks English and Hebrew, works in finance and photos showcased him hanging with a dolphin and jamming at karaoke with his bros.

His dating profile included:

Screen Shot older women dating younger men

Here's what this fine young man said:

how find cougar - older woman dating younger guy
dating younger guys in your 40s
how to meet hot moms
single mom young guys cougar

Oh boy, that one wasn't too introspective — or maybe he was just really horny and desperate himself? Anyway, the next exchange wasn't terribly valuable for gaining insight (though note his comments about looking for someone independent). A dark, handsome 27-year-old with a scrubby face and almost zero info in his profile engaged me in this exchange:

how old is too old to date?

Third one? A charm.

This 27-year-old advertising exec was again, super-cute, and his profile funny, smart and thoughtful. You know, the kind of guy I wouldn't think twice about dating. After he ‘liked' me, I jumped right to business:

inappropriate age difference

legal age to date Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 4.50.24 PMtoo much age gap date?Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 4.51.47 PMage matter dating?benefits dating cougar meet younger men to date too old for me calculatormaximum age difference for marriage relationship age gap rule

Into older men? Do’s and don’ts for dating an older man

Tips for older women interested in dating a younger men

Some advice from members of Millionaire Single Moms on Facebook:

It depends on what you’re looking for. I have a FWB who is 18 years my junior. It’s just for fun. We both know that. He does learn things from me, and honestly, I learn from him, too. We have similar interests and opinions, so we have some solid conversations. He’s also a snuggler, which I enjoy.

We don’t have many expectations, which is what makes it work. If he’s out with friends (under non-lockdown conditions), I don’t get upset. And if I have my kids, he’s fine that I can’t meet up. We don’t go on dates, just talk and have sex.

We both know the other could meet someone and want to date. I’m done having kids, and he will want to start a family one day. There are no hard feelings surrounding this. The way we do it works for us. I don’t think it would if either one of us wanted a serious relationship with the other.


Depends on why you are dating. As long as he’s mature and in a similar life place it could work long-term. Short-term, they could be fun energy!


Post-divorce, my longest relationship (4 years) was with a man 11 years my junior. My current boyfriend is 8 years younger. I prefer younger men now, largely because the men my age and older are just not as active as me, and I don't find many of them physically attractive now.

Make sure you are on the same page as far as what you want and what you want from the relationship. I'm not having more kids, if that's something they want it's a no-go. I've found many of the younger men (we are talking 30's here, not 20's) interested in dating an older woman are men that don't care to have their own children.


Also, don't forget to be safe, do a background check if you need to.

How much of an age gap is OK?

Are both people of legal age in your state? That is an important first question.

When it comes to what is a socially acceptable age difference, a rule of thumb is is the ‘half your age plus seven' rule. This equation is:

[your age] / 2 + 7

So, if you are 40, divide your age by 2, and add 7, to get 27 — the rule dictates it is reasonable to date someone aged 28 and older.

Some things to consider when it comes to age and dating, include:

  • Do you care what others think?
  • What is the goal of dating? Is it something casual (in which case age matters little) or serious, long-term partnership? If the latter, then, a big age difference calls for discussions about:
    • Desire for children, and how those kids will be cared for physically and financially if one person is very old
    • Feasibility of conception as it relates to age
    • The younger partner's interest in caring for an aged partner
    • Likelihood of decreased sexual desire and function that may not be aligned
    • How to manage any disapproval from family and friends
    • Likelihood lifestyles and interests may diverge as time goes on

Best dating apps and sites for single moms

My experience as a cougar (and advice for older women)

Take it from me: all of the sudden they've started to approach me online dating sites.  I'm 39 and these guys are in their 20s. Opening lines include:

“I'm a Columbia Law student, so while I might be younger, I'm clearly smart and ambitious.”

“Ur hot.”

“You look like you're fun. Want to teach me something?”

“Open to fun times with a young stud?”

As well as perfectly thoughtful messages that remark about my profile, interests or photos. The gamut. If I respond, does that make me a cougar?

Bit of background: All the men I've been involved with in my life were my age or older (in one case, way, way older but I'll elaborate on that in another post).

Update: Read the comments. The 31-year-old and I were dating.

8 rules for dating a single mom

Is it common for an older woman to date a younger man?

In 23% of straight couples who live together in the United States, the woman is older, and 64% of heterosexual couples, the man is older, according a poll of more than 37,000 couples by the polling site

Why would an older woman date a younger man?

– Reasons older women date younger men can include:
– It's a huge compliment when a younger man desires you
– You are both looking for fun, no commitment
– It's taboo to date younger guys — and that's exciting
– Weird kinks rooted in childhood trauma
– Mutual attraction, no need for explanation
– You fell in love, and love knows no age

Why are younger men attracted to older women?

While younger man dating older women may be increasing thanks to changing social mores, there are many reasons young guys like older women:
– Older women aren't interested in kids, and unwanted pregnancy may not even be a risk
– Older women are looking for fun and pleasure — not just a husband and father material
– Younger men prefer dating older women because we are more experienced and confident about sex and our bodies
– Because we are more experienced, a young man who pleases us feels assured and confident in bed

How much of an age gap is OK?

Are both people of legal age in your state? That is an important first question. When it comes to what is a socially acceptable age difference, a rule of thumb is is the ‘half your age plus seven' rule.


I’m a decent looking guy with an interest in bdsm, who is attracted to a lot of different kinds of women, sometimes older sometimes younger, many different body shapes. I’ve been with women from 18 to 55. While an 18 year old might not be able to orgasm after 30 minutes or longer, a 31 year old was able to orgasm within 5-10 minutes, and a 55 year old was able to in 7-10 seconds. Both the 31 and 55 year olds were able to come multiple times in a row, which is the damn hottest thing a person can experience being a part of.

These days the younger women don’t seem to be very confident; maybe disrespect from men they’ve gotten, bad experiences in the past, many of them are jumpy, deer in the headlights. They seem to require the perfect approach, perfect pickup lines. Maybe they require perfection because they have so many options; but I think a lot end up spending nights alone because of their expectations.

Some things I’ve noticed: I love the confidence older women have. It’s extremely hot; I can be myself, approach an older woman, just ask about her day if I’m not feeling super witty and she doesn’t get all jumpy. A younger woman will sometimes look both ways and get extremely nervous, appearing to run through all the negative scenarios of what might be going on and what I’m after – an older woman will look me back in the eyes and smile; and she’s often not afraid to let herself become turned on in public, which is fking hot. Younger girls seem to be more leery of general conversation; they don’t have the patience to ride out the small talk and play with me through the intro if it’s not perfect.

I think the increase in the past few years is because people are less skilled at speaking to each other in public – we have to search longer to find people we click with. It’s a known fact cougars have a higher sex drive because of evolutionary factors; this makes them slightly easier to have sex with, more open minded in bed and willing to try new things (bdsm, being tied up). Extremely desirable targets for guys who want casual sex without being rejected or breaking young girls hearts who want perfection and commitment

Why do young women like older men? They don’t, they like manly men, and older men tend to be manlier.

I’m a 28 year old male. I’m about 3 months removed from my last relationship which was with a 20 year old. She was a total sweetheart but I do think that aspects of her age contributed to our breakup (along with aspects of mine and my own faults, obviously). I find that younger women, in general, expect a sort of 90-10 relationship. Meaning many of them have been brought up to think that women are supposed to be prized and worshipped by men, with the man going 90% to make things work and the women going 10%, because after all she’s the woman, she’s the prize, she could replace your ass in a second if she wanted to, at least that’s the mentality. Sort of an exaggeration of the feminist equality movement that has great momentum in this day and age. In my opinion a relationship should be 50-50, in all aspects. They also have loyalty issues, again speaking generally. Maybe its because they’ve most recently dealt with high school boys, I find younger women just can not believe that their good looking boyfriend wants only them. They need constant reassurance that they are the only one. So to sum up my issues with younger women, they expect a lot, give less (in most cases), and demand total loyalty but never actually accept that it’s there.

So I’ve recently started chatting with a woman who is 36 with 4 kids. If you saw her you’d think she was a 28 year old athlete, she’s a total knockout. I’m a bit confused by the kids/age thing but definitely not judging her for it. She seems like a total sweetheart and a refreshing maturity change from what I’ve been dating recently. I’m excited to see where this goes and how it compares to my previous relationships with younger women.

The reason I am giving this woman a chance is because she is beautiful and seems like a good person. Is that any different from a younger woman? I don’t think so. Meaning I don’t think the reason that younger men are dating older women has anything to do with the younger men, but maybe just a function of high divorce rates, meaning more single women in their 30s/early 40s getting back into shape and taking their crack at the dating scene. Because for guys age really doesn’t matter, so to any normal, virile young man, any attractive woman is going to seem like an option. My guess is that there is just more single older women now.

Older women dating young guys is becoming so common that most people don’t even notice!! Men have been dating young girls forever, why not women ?? My heart was beating like mad when I was carried to the bed by a great looking guy 18 years younger !! So exciting, I never had sex that wonderful before him !

I stopped reading when you reprimanded someone during an exchange by calling them “racist,” I was engaged up until the point you used a meaningless term. In the context of the conversation you mention, he was simply mentioning the background of the individual he had dated. Are you seriously that clueless to cultural difference but aware of the social and cultural trend of older women and younger men?

He could have said “a 46 year old woman with no kids” but he purposely mentioned her race followed by “that was a different thing” which screams fetish.

Wow many good comments on here. I met my young partner (actually he found me after going through many profiles of older ladies) on the worst dating app where I had met some of the worst older men. Ive been with him almost too years now. I put a different age on one dating app I was on (at one point I was on three). My oldest girl who is actually the same age as him just 10 months older. Yea my partner and oldest kid are born in the same year 1992. I was born in 1968. My girl thought I was nuts going for a younger age. I met a few younger guys before the guy im with now and is thanks to them that im probably with him. I knew one hopeless one who would take me to his parents place when they were away (haha) another one would drop by where I lived(a rented room which I later got kicked out of illegally) and was a sweetheart in bed. When Jon approached me on tagged his opening line was ‘do you want a toyboy??’ could not take him seriously as I had heard it all and seen it all (to many penises). But he never gave up and thank GOD he didnt. I have four older adult kids (three girls and a a boy) my youngest is 17 and stays in the weekend. Its been a hard road to get where we are today. I have horrible Iranian ex who at 56 is still the same arsehole I put up with for so many years. (controlling, sexist, a pervert even with his own girls and my mum and sister UGH) he would only get hard looking at porn and would watch when we did the deed so WRONG. I was told for years that I was crazy and simple and stupid AND COULD NOT COOK(according to current partner im great)that I was obese and ugly. I forgot who I was and became a sad shell of what I was before I was unlucky and stupid enough to meet him at a club years ago. I have become that girl again. I never thought I would meet a younger man who would change my whole life and make me believe in real love and real amazing sex EVER. Sometimes I have to remind myself this is not a dream and is real and I deserve this and I have been through HELL to get it. He had nothing when he met me and quit his job. I lived in a old rundown old house(still do) with my younger too girls with savings which vanished quickly. He could only offer me his love and a few interesting possessions which moved in with him (daughter not happy with this at all). He went on a army course and onto another course and then into employment and supports me fully. My son has been biggest obstacle but after many arguments and tears he knows im determined to stay with Jon and wont cave in. Im learning to love a guy from my part of the world (NewZealand) and never though guys from here were so nice as only knew idiots before I met my ex years ago. He has a amazing smile and always cheers me up he ignores when I get silly and is patient and kind and giving and ive never had this many compliments in my whole life ever. So if your in doubt about if you want to date a younger or much younger guy and he is serious and wants to get to know you like mine then go for it and life is to short and age really is just a number. Ignore the stares and comments (i poke out my tounge or do a rude gesture) defend your right to love and be loved by a guy who you can be proud to be with (their all just jealous cause they havent tried or are to afraid to) not all young guys want kids and except that you cant its ok . In the end is your right to be happy and be in love finally. Mine has helped me through menapause and a hernia operation and I can trust him as I get older and finally feel safe(never did with ex)and know that he will look after me and be their in my final moments when I leave this earth. The only regret i have is leaving him and dying first. I have to make the most of NOW.

I love this article Emma! I found the same thing after 40. Being single again, suddenly the only guys asking me out ranged in age from 19 to 33! I dated a few and am now in a longterm serious relationship with my wonderful 28 year old man.

The younger man I am seeing now is the one who convinced me to give him a chance. He wanted me to date him or not date him based on compatibility NOT on age.

I am fifty and he is twenty something?. He won’t tell me and doesn’t want to know my age. He says I look 32-34 and he finds me insanely attractive….

Which was more important to me? A good chemistry between us, having common interests, a similar sense of humor and outlook on life or a number on a birth certificate? He had a valid point.

I’m not looking to get married again, just someone to go dancing, hiking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding with a caring, fun and kind companion. So far he fits the bill nicely. I’m glad he talked me into it.

One funny blip. We were out camping for the holiday weekend and went to the grocery store to pick up some supplies. I was paying for the bill (this time. He got it the day before) and the cashier looked at me and straight faced said “I do need to see HIS ID for the beer”. We both laughed and smiled and he gave her his ID; he squeezed my tush, growled like a dog in my ear and we left with our groceries, laughing on the way out.

As to the guy that compared older women to mopeds…none of the younger guys I’ve dated have a problem with PDA around friends.

I guess that is one of the reasons I chose to date these particular younger men over some of the others I had to chose from; they actually have some maturity, intelligence and confidence. They are no longer easily swayed by peer pressure like a grade schooler! Have a good one!

The cougar trend isn’t something new. One of your encounters shows what it really is. With the invention and popularization of things like smart cell phones and the internet, two things a large portion of people who saw invented are still relatively young (or at least im not old yet lol), people now have access to ways to interact that weren’t available for other generations. There is even an old country song called older women (part of the song goes Older women, make wonderful lovers, older women, they UNDERSTAAAND).

There is a massive chunk of men into older women. The idea is that older women are going to be more intelligent, less chaotic, more steadfast in their beliefs, willing to speak her mind, easier to trust and no games or strings attached, able to hold down their own job (instead of the man supporting someone who cant or wont keep a job, but still wants all the money), and/or of course has more experience in bed.

I don’t think the guy named Tom Leykis is the real Tom Leykis because he says he is fit. The real Leykis himself also will readily admit that he is ugly while criticizing women’s looks.

I really do like how you view things and how you handle conversation so honestly but I have a question please, what happens to a person who is intelligent, ambitious and focus but he lacks some two, three things that blocks him from reaching his goals, because if he gets support for at least two(2) three(3) years in his studies, financially and physically so that he re-builds again though generally when it comes to handling a woman (sex wise, loving, caring ) .. I Promise You Will Never Regret This A Single bit

I never understand these sites about how to date an older or bbw woman If these are the types you love and you find one you like ask her out If she accepts take it from there If she declines try again and try to find out why If it’s about you let it go, but if it’s about her age or size simply reassure her A simple comment such as, “I like you that’s why I asked you out,” has to be a great groundbreaker. If she accepts then simply treat her well as she deserves to be with no explanations if the chemistry is right that should be all it takes I have had two relationships with women who had children older than me. If they know you’re sincere that’s all it takes.

I recently started online dating after having been off the market for about five months. I am 56 and it’s clearly stated on my profiles. Almost nine out of ten messages I receive are from the 18- to 38-year-old crowd. Things have really changed in just five months! (I did throw in a bikini photo just for kicks this time around, and I don’t know if that is giving the wrong message.)
It’s a bewildering world out there!
I have previously not dated anyone younger than me by more than a year or two, but I am seriously considering it, just to see what it’s all about.

I’m 41 and have a 33 year old trying to “court” me if you will. I asked him this very question and his main response other than (“Jo you’re hot”) was gals around his age or younger no longer know how to have conversations. I’m not sure I agree there but it’s just a tiny bit more insight on the subject.

I’ve seen the same thing online. And while I have enjoyed the flattery and witty banter, I haven’t taken any of the youngsters up on their offers to meet. But after reading this, perhaps I will. Might be fun.

I have been experiencing this almost exclusively. I am 47. The last one after me was 22! Yikes. All of my friends said just have fun but I felt too weird. 22 is so young. He turned out to be flaky and kept inviting me out then flaking out and not showing up. He’s deleted now. Haha. Mostly they are all in their early to mid thirties for me. Only a few my age or older. I am youthful with a lot of energy and maybe look mid thirties to early fourties.
Sat night guy on the dance floor was 32 but looked 22. Sweet hot beautiful fella from Ghana. We’lll see if we get together again. It didn’t move beyond the dance floor. Now the problem is I rarely see anyone close to my age that I find attractive. I have gotten used to the younger guys. So a guy my age has to be super fit and hot or he’s not going to turn my head. Of course intelligence is also very important and a good personality! :)
Interesting to read that this is a trend. I wondered why all these guys love me! Other than that I am sexy and adorable that is! Haha!

I am not yet divorced but on my way (he has a personality disorder and is verbally/mentally abusive.) I have thought about future dating scenarios, and while I don’t want twenty somethings and the immaturity that goes with it, I don’t really find men my age attractive either (47). I DO have to say that after such a long romantic drought, just getting hit on again would be thrilling, lol! I feel invisible.

Let’s face it. Men have been pining after youth and beauty since the dawn of time. Actors date and marry women half their age why? Because they can. And now younger men are dating / having sex with women twice their age why? Because they, as well, can. The mating arena has simply changed due to feminism and technology, and now the playing field and rules are different, so people are responding in kind. Young men are simply developing “new game” so they can better compete in this new game.

I think a lot of men and women are confused about which way is up in this radically new mating arena we’ve all concocted for ourselves. Some seem to think it’s better and the “bees knees” and others seem to think it’s a step into romantic desolation.

One thing I’ve come to believe is that commitments are no longer relevant and breakups are only a text away. Everything, including romance and love, is available instantly, and *will* gratify immediately (and on an ongoing basis), or be clicked, swiped, or drag-and-dropped off the screen. I don’t think technology has made humans suck more, but it’s just showed us the amazing human capacity for suck.

It never ceases to amaze me how disposable humans now are socially. Friends boring you today? No problem. Here’s a map of people within 0.5km who are as cool, funny and interesting as you are! Hey… this one winked at me. Sorry Jane… I have to paint the dog tonight…

I just found your blog today and I subscribed after reading one post. You hit a cord with me. I am a hot, single momma and also a cougar. Lol The single younger men market is great! I’m in my prime and they are in thiers. So it works out great!

WOW! I am so happy to see that I’m not the only one bewildered by this strange new trend…I’ve never been hit on by so many (really) young guys in my life! Evidently this has become a “thing”, but personally, I’m not interested in going there. My god, I’m 43, with a 20 year old daughter!! Yuck

Emma, I think know the answer you are looking for. When men are growing up they usually have crushes on older women. As they are developing, they’re attracted to women like their female teachers, mother’s female friends, females neighbors, etc. who are usually in their late 20s to early 40s (this also includes women on TV and in movies). When men get above 18 a lot of them still have this attraction to older women and now they are allowed to date them. Today online dating has made single women in their 40 accessible to younger men so as a result it’s happening. When I was in my 20’s I dated women who were older and found that they were much more mature, caring, gentle, and open. They naturally made you feel you were special and what was happening was special.

Such a great article. Totally hilarious to read the comments…I mean honestly who knew? You couldn’t have told my 19, 24 or even 30 year old self that 42 was going to be when the magic happened. My looks haven’t changed but everything on the inside has and that is the key it seems. Now I can stop giving all these young guys the side eye and go out and have some fun and let the chips…and if it feels right, the panties fall where they may ;)

This is funny that you wrote this piece. I am a 31 year old man who you have worked with in a professional capacity several times over the last couple of years. And I was just saying to a friend of mine last week how I was interested in asking you out, but I felt like you would think it was ridiculous because I’m younger than you (so obviously I did not). I can say that it is not some sort of conquest, fetish, or dare – people are simply attracted to who they are attracted to. Through our professional interactions and your writing, I find you to be smart, witty, opinionated, and unique – all which I find attractive whether you are 19, 29, or 39. Just my two cents!

Ha! Well we all know a woman spoils after that right? Just kidding. I think you get my point though. Sure, some guys will chase whatever they can to get laid. Others just know what they’re attracted to. And you’re it.

“mess of slack flesh” XD Yaaaaasss for the ending!!

I recently had a gentleman at an industry convention who was only 23 hit on me quite a bit. At first I thought it was just because I don’t look my age (he had a VERY good pickup line too when we exchanged photos of our pets: “You know, pets are often reflective of their owners! I think there’s a reason why that toad is so amazing!” XD) The way he put it was that yes, a lot of younger women tended to be very marriage-hungry and Five Year Plan (TM) minded while older women were more sure of themselves and also had a lot major decisions already made. While I was definitely not marriage-hungry at 24, and I never believed in five year plans, I was NOT secure/confident at all. Not fulfilled in what I was doing either. I was very miserable in the financial industry and like WAY too analytic about dudes, stupidly holding out for the wrong guy too, and the few who were otherwise interested were just…meh. I practically had dewinterization stickers slapped on my ladybits like a foreclosed house. Summer of 2014 that all changed though!

Confidence/security definitely has to do with it. I spent all those years (my most insecure ones) being constantly hit on by these inappropriately older men…now I get mostly dudes my age and way, way younger. I also noticed that I get utterly BOMBARDED with the sausage (and usually always under 25!) whenever I’m skating or I just have one of my boards with me. Young dudes do not stop flirting with me. Hehe.

So it’s not just me? I’m with your friend – thought it was some weird contest. But over the last month I’ve been out with men 12, 14 and 15 years my junior. Yes, this puts them in their late 20’s and early 30s. All of these men are well educated, successful, and quite honestly, hot. We had a great time, enjoyed each other’s company, and in one case had some really fantastic sex. In all cases, they liked the fact that I have my own life, am independent, and am not looking for a life long commitment. I just want someone to go out with from time to time. In their words, that makes me very different from women their own age.

So given all of our collective experiences, it’s not a joke. We’re all really hot mamas!

I agree, I guess an older woman (mom) dating a younger man is not looking for something serious. That must be a plus for them!

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