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Places where you can sell junk cars for cash in 2024

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If your car is old and falling apart — and maybe doesn’t even run — there are still plenty of companies that will pay you cash for your car:

Search online for “cash for junk cars near me”

If you're looking for “junk car buyers near me” or how to get “cash for junk cars near me,” simply Google either of those phrases for a list of local providers that will buy your junk car (and potentially pick it up for you), or enter your zip code here:

1-800 Cash For Junk Cars

With 200 locations nationally, 1-800-Cash for Junk Cars will give you cash for your old, wrecked, or non-running car. Simply call 1-888-865-5597 or fill out the vehicle information form on their website. In most cases, the company will pick up your car the same day, free of charge. But proceed with caution; we had trouble finding consumer reviews for this company. 

Cash for Cars

To sell with Cash for Cars, call 1-888-993-4420 or plug in your car’s information using the form on the website. Once you accept their offer (there’s no time limit on it), the company schedules a time to tow your car for free and deliver your check. Cash for Cars has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and 4.7/5 stars on Trustpilot. 

Where can I sell my car for the most money in 2024?


In addition to towing and roadside maintenance, Jrop will also buy your old car for cash. Call 866-600-5767 or get an offer online. Schedule a time to have your car picked up and receive payment. Jrop has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (unaccredited). We didn’t find consumer reviews, but employee reviews on GlassDoor speak favorably about Jrop.


Visit Junk-A-Car’s website to get a free quote or call 1-844-901-4392. Junk-A-Car will tow your car and pay you cash upon pickup. Junk-A-Car is not rated with the Better Business Bureau and doesn’t have a Trustpilot profile. 


You can sell your old car to Peddle using their “get an instant offer page,” where you’ll plug in your car’s information and accept a cash offer within seven days. Peddle will pick up your car, and you get paid. Peddle has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau site (unaccredited) and 4.7 out 5 stars on Trustpilot. 

Get an instant offer from Peddle now >>


Pick-n-Pull has recycled old cars since 1987. To sell your old car, visit the “we buy cars” page and either call 866-520-9750 or upload your car’s info online to get a quote. Certain locations are eligible for free towing; otherwise, drop your car off at your closest Pick-n-Pull location. Checks are either mailed or picked up/delivered. Pick-n-Pull has a D- rating on the BBB website (unaccredited). The one review on Trustpilot says the company isn’t “what it used to be.”


Recycling companies may purchase your vehicle to recycle its parts. To find recycling companies in your area, try searching keywords like “scrap cars for cash” or “cash for junk cars” and see what comes up. Remember to check local reviews or ask family and friends for companies they’ve used.

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Salvage yards

You might also choose to sell your old car to a salvage yard. Call local salvage yards and compare offers to make sure you’re getting a fair deal. Remember to check reviews. 

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FAQ about selling junk cars

What is my junk car worth?

Your junk car might be worth more than you think. On average, you could make anywhere from $100 to $500 for a junk car based on its scrap metal value. 

For exact pricing, get a free, instant offer from Peddle. If you agree on the price, they will tow it away at no cost to you. Or, check with a local salvage or junk yard. Just be sure to shop around for the best price and research the company to learn about other customer experiences.

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Bottom line: Best place to get cash for junk cars

The best place to sell your car for cash is a reputable car-selling website that will allow you to list your car to private buyers. Some of the top-rated sites are Autotrader, CarGurus,, and eBay. Peddle is another great option that takes both running and scrap cars. 

Get an instant cash offer from Peddle today >>

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What is my junk car worth?

Your junk car might be worth more than you think. On average, you could make anywhere from $100 to $500 for a junk car based on its scrap metal value.

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