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how to make money with online surveys junkie

If you’re looking for a way to earn some “fun money” online, Survey Junkie is worth a look. This website promises to help you “become an influencer,” but not in the traditional way.

Instead of spreading your influence via social media like Instagram models do, you’ll answer survey questions and consumer polls that advise companies on your views of their products and services. The best part is, Survey Junkie will actually pay you to share your thoughts.

You probably have a ton of questions by now. How much does Survey Junkie pay? How do you sign up? Are there any hidden costs or fees to be aware of? Also, how will you get paid for your time?

This review promises to answer those questions and more while helping you determine if Survey Junkie is right for you. Should you get started with Survey Junkie? Keep reading before you decide.

3 ways to earn money with Survey Junkie

In a lot of ways, Survey Junkie is just like every other get-paid-to-answer-questions website you find online. Once you sign up for a free account, you get matched with surveys that fit your criteria and profile. From there, you answer survey questions and get paid for each survey you complete.

However, there are some scenarios where Survey Junkie also pays you in “free product.” Per their website, product testing requires a survey and you to experiment with a free product you receive in the mail. So, you have the potential to earn money and free stuff.

Survey Junkie also makes it possible to:

  • Earn $25 – $100 for participating in online focus groups
  • Earn $25 – $150 for participating in in-person focus groups in your area
  • Earn $5 – $100 for phone interviews

These opportunities may be offered to you based on the information you include in your profile, but they are never guaranteed. Either way, it’s good to know there are so many ways to earn on top of the surveys you’re guaranteed.

Opening an account with Survey Junkie is easy. You can create a new account using your email or log in using social media accounts like Facebook. From there, you’ll answer a wide range of questions that can help them match you with surveys and other offers. The information you’ll need to provide can include your name, your age, the ages of children in your home, the industry you work in, and even your favorite alcoholic beverages.

From there, you’ll be matched with surveys that align with your profile. While how many points you’ll earn can vary from survey to survey, most surveys range from 50 to 250 points.

Fortunately, earning points is easy. You’ll get points for every survey you complete and you get 25 points for completing your first profile.

But, what are those “points” actually worth? They aren’t redeemable for cash into your bank account, but they are still valuable. Points you earn via Survey Junkie can be cashed in for Paypal cash or gift cards at a rate of one cent each. In other words, a 50-point survey is worth $.50 while a 250-point survey is worth $2.50. It’s not enough to make you rich, but the surveys you complete can absolutely add up over time.

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3 simple ways to make good money with Survey Junkie

You’re not going to make bank taking surveys for $1 – $3 a pop, but you can earn some side cash in your spare time.

  1. Log in every day. The best way to earn money quickly with Survey Junkie is to make sure you log in every day to complete any surveys you have been selected for you. Remember that more surveys = more money, and you will be a lot better off.
  2. It's about volume. Also keep in mind that most surveys, and especially short ones, don’t take very long to complete. A survey worth 50 points can often be completed in ten minutes or less, meaning you can crank out quite a few if you’re focused.
  3. Do surveys in your spare, down time. Finally, remember that taking surveys is not that hard and doesn’t require a huge commitment. Most people who maximize their time with Survey Junkie don’t set aside certain hours of the day to finish their tasks. Instead, they complete surveys while they watch television or once their kids are in bed. At the end of the day, you do not have to treat surveys as a part-time job nor should you.

5 things we love about Survey Junkie

At the end of the day, it’s hard to complain about a survey site that offers Paypal cash and gift cards. Survey Junkie may not be perfect, but it does make it easy to earn some holiday money or fun money while you watch TV or relax at night. Before you sign up for an account, consider these additional benefits:

  • It’s free to join. Signing up for Survey Junkie is absolutely free. You don’t have to jump through any hoops and there are zero costs to start taking surveys.
  • You will earn an average of $1 – $3 per survey. While $1 – $3 per survey isn’t a lot of money, it can add up quickly if you take a lot of surveys. Plus, you can earn money via phone surveys or focus groups if you qualify.
  • It’s easy to cash in your points for Paypal cash or gift cards. The fact you can cash in your points for Paypal money or gift cards is a huge bonus. Most people use Paypal these days and anyone could benefit from gift cards.
  • There are no fees to redeem your points. Redeeming your points is free and easy.
  • You can cash in once you have least 1,000 points or $10 in your account. You don’t have to build up a huge stash of points before you can cash in. You only need 1,000 points or $10 to make your first redemption.

5 negative things about Survey Junkie

Earning money in your spare time for surveys sounds great, but it is worth it? This totally depends on who you ask. Parents who use Survey Junkie while they watch television at night might tell you that surveys give them a fun way to kill time and earn some cash. Anyone who actually needs to earn money should probably get a part-time job instead.

Here are some of the other downsides to consider before you sign up for Survey Junkie:

  • Survey Junkie is a middle man that connects you to other companies. Survey Junkie acts as a middle man to connect users with surveys they qualify for. Many people prefer to sign up with survey companies directly for the simplicity or better payouts.
  • You may be asked to volunteer lots of personal data. While you don’t have to offer too much personal data to open a free account, surveys you’ll complete through the platform can ask some pretty intense personal questions. If you’re uncomfortable sharing how much money you earn or how you feel about complex subjects, Survey Junkie may not be for you.
  • Pay is relatively low. Earning $1 to $3 per survey is better than nothing, but it’s not going to add up to anything substantial over time. If you really need to earn extra money, you will likely be better off if you pursue a side hustle or part-time job.
  • You won’t qualify for every survey. Because you’re matched only to surveys that fit with your profile, you won’t qualify for every survey the platform offers. If you’re someone who wants to do a ton of surveys every day, this platform may not be enough to meet your needs.
  • There have been some payment issues reported. If you read online reviews of Survey Junkie, you’ll find that some people have complained about missed payments or disappearing points. These issues always seem to get resolved, but it’s worrisome to think your points or cash might disappear.
  • You don’t always get paid if a survey “fills up.” There are times when you complete a survey in its entirety but you don’t get paid due to an internet error. Other times, Survey Junkie will notify you that a survey is no longer available after you took the time to complete it. For that reason, some surveys wind up being a huge waste of time.

Is Survey Junkie legit? Or is it a scam?

Survey Junkie is one of the older online survey sites, being founded in 2005.

According to the website, they have more than 3 million members, is verified by the Better Business Bureau with a B rating, and 386 reviews.

Only you can decide what your time is worth and if completing surveys for $1 to $3 each is a smart use of your mental bandwidth. Then again, earning something is better than nothing and it’s possible you just want some extra cash to spend. If you can relate to that concept and have some free time each day to kill, then taking surveys can be worth it.

In terms of signing up for Survey Junkie in particular, don’t forget to check out similar platforms like Swagbucks, Prize Rebel, and Also, keep in mind that you can sign up for all these platforms if you want to take as many surveys as possible each week.

When it comes to taking surveys for cash, the time and effort you put in will determine how much you earn. You won’t get rich, but free money is better than nothing.

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