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Where and how to sell used furniture online or locally in 2024

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Looking to make some extra money? Selling furniture that you no longer use can be a great way to do it.

Keep reading to learn:

How much should you ask for used furniture? What’s a fair price?

Depending on your furniture’s brand, condition, and where you’re selling it, you might earn back anywhere from 20% to 80% of the original selling price. If you have the original receipt of the item, that’s a helpful way to understand what the piece was originally worth. 

You may be able to up your asking price for furniture items that are a well-known brand, only a few years old, or in excellent condition. However, pieces made from low-quality materials or that are no longer in good condition (stains, bumps, markings, scratches, rips, etc) will not command as high of a price. 

Depending on where you’re selling the furniture, you may need to be open to negotiating your payout. 

Tips to earn the most cash for your furniture

Get the highest price possible for your items with these tips on the best way to sell furniture:

  • Understand the condition and value of your furniture. While most used furniture is worth significantly less than its original purchase price, vintage and designer pieces in good condition may fetch more money and could be worth selling on a platform that requires shipping, like Instagram.
  • Take good photos. If possible, place the furniture in a clutter-free space with good lighting. Use your smartphone to shoot from several different angles, showing any obvious defects. Edit the photos as needed to improve the color and lighting (but don’t erase blemishes or marks on the furniture — you want to be honest).
  • Consider how quickly you need to sell. Places like a consignment shop can take weeks or months to make a sale. If you need quick cash, you may be better off listing on Facebook Marketplace or another selling app.
  • Price fairly. Most people who buy used furniture are looking for a deal — and they won’t pay premium prices for something that’s not in good condition. Think about how much you would pay for a similar piece of furniture in its current condition, and use that thought process to guide your pricing. 

Where to sell used furniture locally

If you prefer to avoid shipping fees and just sell your used furniture locally, these are some ways to do it: 

Facebook Marketplace

If you have a Facebook profile, you can access Facebook Marketplace from your Facebook feed. To post an item, you’ll need to upload photos and add a title, a price, description, and item category. Other users message you to make offers on your furniture.

  • Shipping vs. pickup: Most items sold on Facebook Marketplace (particularly heavy items like furniture) are intended for local pickup, not shipping. 
  • Fees: While you won’t be charged a listing fee, Facebook does deduct a selling fee of 5% per shipment, or a flat fee of $0.40 for shipments of $8 or less. 
  • What else to know: You’ll need to have a Facebook profile to create a listing. Scams are also very common on Facebook Marketplace.
  • BBB rating: F
  • App rating: 3.2/5 stars on Android, 2.3 stars on iOS
  • Number of users: 5+ billion downloads on Android, 1.5 million ratings on iOS


Craigslist is an online classifieds site and app (Android and iOS available) that allows local sellers to list used furniture for sale by location. 

  • Shipping vs. pickup: Craigslist buyers pick up purchased items, so there are no shipping fees involved.
  • Fees: Outside of by-dealer posts, furniture listings on Craigslist are free to post. You coordinate with the buyer how you want to be paid — cash, PayPal, and Venmo are popular options. 
  • What else to know: For safety, only communicate using your Craigslist proxy email — which is automatically generated when you create a listing — and make sure you are meeting up in a safe area, preferably somewhere in public away from your home. 
  • BBB rating: F
  • App rating: 4.6/5 stars on Android, 4.8/5 stars on iOS
  • Number of users: 5+ million users on Android, 323,000 ratings on iOS

Check out our list of other sites like Craigslist.

Consignment stores

A consignment store or shop accepts unwanted items — including used furniture — and resells them on your behalf. You’ll receive a percentage of the sale when someone purchases your furniture. 

Some consignment shops might offer to pick up heavy items like furniture. Others may require you to bring in the furniture yourself. If you’re looking to make quick cash, consignment shops probably aren’t the best route — it can take some time to make a sale.

Search for “consignment shops near me.”


Antique stores

Antique stores commonly accept items, such as furniture, from private sellers. The owner or appraiser can give you more details on what types of items they’re currently looking for and how the selling process works.

Depending on the store, you might need to deliver the item yourself, or you may be able to have it picked up. Antique stores often work the same as consignment stores, where you receive a percentage of the sale once your furniture sells. 

You may want to have your furniture appraised before contacting antique stores so you have a better idea of what each piece is really worth.


Local Facebook groups

Facebook Marketplace isn’t the only option for selling furniture on Facebook. You can also use your personal Facebook profile or sell through local Facebook groups. Use the Facebook search bar to find a selling group specifically for your town, community, or neighborhood. 

Make sure to check the rules of a Facebook group before posting an item for sale. Not all Facebook groups allow for-sale posts.

Likewise, if you just want to get rid of used furniture you no longer want, you can also offer it for free on a Buy Nothing Facebook group. 

Garage sale

A garage sale or yard sale can be a great way to quickly sell used furniture for cash. Some neighborhoods host community-wide garage sales on certain weekends in the spring or summer. Otherwise, you can set up a yard sale yourself. Consider putting up signs on the roads around your home or creating an event on Facebook.

For valuable or antique furniture items, be mindful of the weather, and don’t leave the pieces outside alone. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have change on hand.

Local newspaper

Yes, some newspapers still sell classified ads where you can sell your old furniture. Call your local paper to learn what they charge for ads, then send the editor whatever information they need to publish your ad.


Flea market 

A flea market is an open-air market that sells secondhand items, including furniture. Most flea markets ask you to rent a booth ahead of time to sell your items.

In some cases, you might have to apply and be approved. It all depends on the market where you choose to sell. Some flea market patrons will expect to haggle on your prices. 

On the show “Flea Market Flip,” people purchase low-cost furniture pieces from flea markets and rehab or “flip” them to sell for a profit:

Estate sale 

An estate sale is a good fit for you if you’re selling a significant number of furniture pieces and household items (perhaps after the death of a loved one or after a divorce). Organize and inventory the items you plan to sell. Choose a date and advertise your sale using signs and social media event pages. 

Find a furniture buyer near you

Some used furniture stores might offer to buy items from you to sell. Search for “furniture buyers near me.” 


If you can't find a buyer for your furniture, consider donating it.

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Where to sell used furniture online

These sites and apps for selling make it easy to sell used furniture.

One some of these sites, you may also be able to find free furniture to replace your existing pieces:  


List your furniture on ApDeco (no app available) by adding photos and details. The site will improve your listing for you and create curated shops for faster selling. After a purchase, you’ll receive payment in 2-3 business days.

  • Shipping vs. pickup: Coordinate pickup yourself, or opt in to local AptDeco delivery for a fee (available within designated service zones). Buyers typically cover shipping fees.
  • Fees: Listing is free. However, AptDeco keeps up to 48% of the earnings of a sale. Payouts are done via direct deposit to your debit card or bank account using Stripe. 
  • What else to know: Items in a set cannot be listed (except for dining table + chair sets and identical items). You’ll need to create individual listings for your items.
  • BBB rating: F
  • Number of users: More than 400,000 active customers


You can sign up for free on’s “start selling” page (no app available), and create a booth or webstore — a booth is housed within Bonanza’s site, while a webstore is a completely separate website where you control your unique brand. You will first need a booth to open a webstore. It’s always free to list an item on both a booth and a webstore. However, items sold from a booth are subject to commission fees, while you keep 100% of the profit from a webstore.

  • Shipping vs. pickup: Currently, local pickup is not an option on Bonanza. You can choose to offer flat-rate shipping, free shipping, or calculated shipping. If you don’t specify a shipping service, the shipping options will automatically default to the least expensive available option. 
  • Fees: Bonanza charges a $0.25 transaction fee on all sales made from a Bonanza booth for sellers who do not have an active membership subscription. Sales made on Bonanza are also subject to a Final Value Fee that’s based on the Final Offer Value (FOV). FOV is the amount the buyer paid to you for the item sold, plus any portion of the shipping fee that exceeds $10. For example, if your product sold for $15 and you charged $12 for shipping, your Final Value Fee (FVF) charge would be calculated based on an FOV of $17 (that’s $15 for the item, plus $2 for the portion of shipping fee that exceeded $10). Payouts are done via PayPal.
  • What else to know: You can import items from another selling platform, or pay for extra advertising for your Bonanza listings.
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Number of users: More than 5 million monthly website visitors in 2018


Chairish is a curated marketplace for vintage furniture and other home items (Android and iOS app available). After you submit a listing, the Chairish team will either approve or decline it. You’re encouraged to personalize your storefront and enter details and photos of your item.

  • Shipping vs. pickup: Chairish supports in-home delivery, prepaid shipping, local pickup, local delivery, and seller managed delivery. With the Chairish Drop Off & Go program, a professional packing expert does the work for you.
  • Fees: Creating a Chairish listing is free, but you won’t receive 100% of the selling price of an item. Chairish commission rates are based on your seller plan. If you sell an item for $2,500, for example, the site will take 20% and you’ll receive $2,000. Payouts happen through PayPal, or direct deposit via Stripe. 
  • What else to know: You control your pricing, you decide when to negotiate, and you’ll receive 70-80% of the selling price of your item. 
  • BBB rating: B
  • App rating: 3.8/5 stars on Android, 4.9/5 stars on iOS
  • Number of users: More than 5,000 downloads on Android and 32,000 ratings on iOS


You can create a free account on ebay’s website or use the ebay app (available for both Android and iOS). ebay offers two selling formats — “Buy It Now,” where someone can purchase your furniture at the price you set, or “Auction,” where you place a starting bid and sellers bid against each other for a set period of time to drive up your payout. 

  • Shipping vs. pickup: Use pickup for local options, or use an eBay delivery label to save on shipping. In most cases the buyer pays for shipping, but you can choose to offer free shipping and pay for it yourself. 
  • Fees: It’s free to list on ebay, but ebay keeps a portion of the sale — 13.25% of the sale price or lower for most categories. Payouts are deposited into your linked checking account. 
  • What else to know: You can choose to pay to promote your listings. 
  • BBB rating: A-
  • App rating: 4.7/5 stars on Android, 4.8 stars on iOS
  • Number of users: 100+ million downloads on Android, 3.9 million ratings on iOS


OfferUp is a marketplace app and website where you can sell used furniture locally — or ship it if your item is less than 20 pounds. After you upload photos of your furniture on OfferUp, you’ll write a description, select a category and condition, and set your asking price. App users submit offers, which you can accept or reject. 

  • Shipping vs. pickup: Items under 20 lbs can be shipped through the OfferUp marketplace with a prepaid shipping label. Otherwise, used furniture buyers will come to your home or an agreed-upon pickup location.
  • Fees: Posting furniture on OfferUp is free (unless you opt in to premium pay-per-use features that increase views of your post). You might need to pay service fees when shipping (12.9% of your item’s final price with a minimum fee of $1.99) or cover shipping costs for qualifying items. You’ll be able to see estimated costs when listing an item. Payouts are done through the OfferUp app and can be deposited to your debit card or bank account.
  • What else to know: You’ll need a form of ID, such as a driver’s license, to create an account. As a seller, buyers can leave you ratings.
  • BBB rating: Not rated but has 1.03/5 stars
  • App ratings: 4.4/5 stars on Android, 4.8/5 stars on iOS
  • Number of users: 50 million+ downloads on Android, 4.2 million ratings on iOS


Remoov picks up and sells, donates, or recycles unwanted items in the Bay Area, Phoenix, and Miami (no app available). Start by texting a picture of your items for a pickup estimate. You’ll receive a response within one business day and can schedule a pickup. Then appraisers will look at your items to decide whether they can be sold.

  • Shipping vs. pickup: Remoov picks up your items.
  • Fees: You will receive 50% of the resale value once your items are sold. Payouts are done via check or PayPal. 
  • What else to know: Remoov is currently only available in the Bay Area, Phoenix, and Miami.
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Number of users: Not available 


You can sell vintage or antique furniture on RubyLane (no app) by creating a shop. You’ll need to maintain this shop over time and continuously upload new items, keeping at least 10 items available for purchase at all times.  

  • Shipping vs. pickup: You will be responsible for shipping your furniture once it sells. Use RubyLane’s shipping calculator to decide what kinds of shipping you want to offer for each item.
  • Fees: There is no listing or setup fee, but you’ll pay a $25 monthly maintenance fee (you can earn this fee back if you upload 15+ new items per month). There is also a 9.9% service fee on sales. Payouts are done via PayPal.
  • What else to know: You will need a PayPal business account to conduct business on RubyLane.
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Number of users: Over 2,000 shops


Sell on Shopify by creating an online store, including webpages showing your products, and select the checkout process you want to use. Shopify can connect to your social media profiles — like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest — to help you promote your furniture.

  • Shipping vs. pickup: New Shopify users likely will manage order fulfillment and shipping themselves.
  • Fees: Shopify’s Starter Plan, which allows you to list items, is $5/month. There are no transaction fees for stores using Shopify Payments. Payouts happen via direct deposit to your checking account, as long as it meets the bank account requirements for Shopify Payments in your country. 
  • What else to know: Shopify is best for people who plan to continuously sell items long-term.
  • BBB rating: 1.12/5 stars, A+
  • App rating: 3.9/5 stars on Android, 4.5/5 stars on iOS
  • Number of users: 5+ million downloads on Android, 9,000 ratings on iOS

Where to sell luxury and vintage used furniture


1stDibs resells luxury, high-end furniture. However, not just anyone can sell on this site (Android and iOS app also available) — you need to be a vetted, professional seller. If you’re an individual who is looking to sell a few items on 1stDibs, you can fill out an application to become one. 

  • Shipping vs. pickup: 1stDibs partners with leading providers to offer fully insured delivery. Shipping options include in-home delivery, front door freight, parcel, and more. 1stDibs passes the direct cost for shipping to the customer.
  • Fees: You’ll pay 1stDibs a commission on each sale.
  • What else to know: Listed furniture must be antique and valuable. 
  • BBB rating: F
  • App rating: None available on Android, 4.9/5 stars on iOS
  • Number of users: Over 1,000 downloads on Android and 7,000 ratings on iOS


Sell antique furniture online by setting up an Etsy seller’s account (app available on Android and iOS). Take styled photos of your furniture and include detailed descriptions of each piece. You can promote your listings on social media or other channels. 

  • Shipping vs. pickup: You’ll be responsible for shipping, but you can also set up your listing for used furniture buyers to pay the shipping fees.
  • Fees: List your first 40 items free. You’ll pay $0.20 for each item you list plus a 6.5% transaction fee for every sale. For example, if you sell a piece of furniture for $500, you would make $468 after the transaction fee is deducted. Payouts are done via direct deposit to your bank account.
  • What else to know: You can boost your listings for an extra fee if you’d like.
  • BBB rating: A-
  • App rating: 4.9/5 stars on Android, 4.9/5 stars on iOS
  • Number of users: 10+ million downloads on Android, 4.5 million ratings on iOS


From your Instagram profile (app available on Android and iOS), open the menu in the upper right corner and click to view your Settings. Click Business > Set Up Instagram Shopping link to get started. 

  • Shipping vs. pickup: You’ll be fully responsible for shipping items that sell, covering the cost and choosing your preferred shipping method.
  • Fees: There are no fees associated with selling furniture on Instagram. You can accept Shop Pay, credit card, debit card, and PayPal as payment through Instagram.
  • What else to know: You will likely need to do some marketing to get your items in front of the right people.
  • BBB rating: F
  • App rating: 3.9/5 stars on Android, 4.7/5 stars on iOS
  • Number of users: More than a billion downloads on Android and 24.7 million ratings on iOS


Pinterest (Android and iOS apps available) might not be an obvious place to sell used furniture, but brands, creators, and merchants can sell using a free business account. Upload your products using a third-party integration like Shopify or WooCommerce. Then create and manage product groups — collections of items you’re selling that can be promoted with shopping ads.

  • Shipping vs. pickup: Sellers are in charge of shipping purchased items.
  • Fees: It’s free to create listings and sell on Pinterest. Use hosted checkout via Shopify to make it easy for people to purchase.
  • What else to know: Pinterest tends to be a good place to sell handcrafted items or antiques.
  • BBB rating: C-
  • App rating: 4.5/5 stars on Android, 4.8/5 stars on iOS
  • Number of users: 500+ million downloads on Android, 4.5 million ratings on iOS

Bottom line: Where is the best place to sell expensive furniture?

The best way to sell expensive furniture is to a high-end auction site like Sotheby’s that can advertise your furniture directly to high-end buyers willing to pay for it.

You can also sell on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, where people are looking for one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and are willing to pay for shipping.

Don't have furniture to sell? Check out our list of other things to sell and tips for selling these items:

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