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How to sell Tiffany jewelry in 2024

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If you never wear your Tiffany engagement ring or other jewelry, sell it before prices fall further.

Tiffany does not buy back jewelry, so if you want to sell your items, you’ll need to explore options such as a pawn shop, jewelry store, or online marketplace. 

Tiffany & Co. is an iconic, legacy luxury brand that tends to hold its value more than unbranded jewelry. That said, the price of diamonds is plummeting across the board, so do not expect any more than half of what you paid for your Tiffany — and perhaps even less.

In this post, we’ll explain what to do with unwanted Tiffany jewelry, how to determine what your jewelry is worth, and where you can sell it.  

Our recommended place to sell Tiffany jewelry is, an online marketplace that will auction your item to their jewelry buyers. Get a free Worthy estimate >>

You may also consider CashforGoldUSA, which pays quicker and accepts a wider range of sizes and values of diamonds, gold silver and gemstones.

Everything you need to know about selling your Tiffany jewelry or watch:

Where and how to sell Tiffany jewelry

How to assess what Tiffany jewelry is worth

How to figure out how much you'll get for your Tiffany jewelry

How to tell if a Tiffany diamond is real

FAQs about selling Tiffany jewelry

First, let’s go through options for selling Tiffany jewelry:

Where and how to sell Tiffany jewelry

Thankfully, there are reputable places where you can be assured you will get a great price selling your diamond Tiffany jewelry with a company with a good reputation, including:

  • Pawn shops
  • Jewelry stores
  • Jewelry auctions
  • Online jewelry buyers
How to sell a Tiffany ring for the most cash, safely.

Jewelry loans and pawning Tiffany jewelry

Typically, pawnbrokers will give you quick cash, can be trusted local businesses and pay a fair price. Learn more about how pawn shops work and how to find a reputable one.

You can use jewelry as collateral to secure a personal loan through companies like Diamond Banc that specialize in jewelry loans, if you're not ready to part with your Tiffany jewelry. Check out our Diamond Banc review.

Jewelry store near you 

A local jewelry store can be a good option for selling your Tiffany jewelry, especially if you have a relationship with a jeweler you trust.

Sell at a jewelry auction 

Auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie's, as well as other online jewelry auctions are typically interested in very high-end pieces, especially those with important provenance and documented history. This is not an option for most people.

Worthy's online auction marketplace accepts jewelry with a resale value of at least $1,000. Read about Worthy in our review.

Sell Tiffany jewelry online to professional jewelry buyers

There are many online jewelry buyers, as well as diamond buyers, a few of them are worth working with. I elaborate on the big players in the online diamond jewelry seller marketplace, which include Abe Mor and Diamonds USA and our recommended buyer for branded pieces, Worthy.

Check BBB and Trustpilot reviews, search through Reddit and get plenty of quotes if highest price is important to you (vs speed of sale).

Read our Worthy review, or get a free Worthy estimate now >>

How to assess what Tiffany jewelry is worth

Before you start the process of selling your Tiffany jewelry, educate yourself about what to expect. Many people assume that the resell value of their jewelry will only be slightly lower than what they paid for it, or the same as its retail value. However, expect to get between 50% and 70% of the retail value of your Tiffany item.

Before you sell your Tiffany jewelry or watch, take some time to understand its resale value and worth:

Does Tiffany jewelry have resale value?

Yes, the resale value of Tiffany jewelry is high. Tiffany jewelry retains its resale value more than any other branded jewelry because of:

  • Ongoing, high demand for Tiffany jewelry
  • Timeless design and high quality associated with Tiffany engagement rings and other jewelry

Ongoing marketing and advertising by Tiffany For more than a century, the word “Tiffany” has been synonymous with luxury. The jeweler’s elegant styles and its emphasis on quality stones and metals has made the store a favorite destination for the rich and famous and also for people seeking timeless beauty.

Tiffany is one of the most trusted, beloved brands in the jewelry industry.

A recent survey of nearly 6,000 consumers by research firm Kadence International, ranks Tiffany & Co. jewelry as having the highest ratings for luxury brands, as defined by measures including product quality, product distinctiveness, brand heritage, enduring appeal, status and exclusivity.

Tiffany engagement rings are the most popular of all branded diamond rings, and therefore more expensive than an unsigned piece of jewelry, studies find.1

How much is a Tiffany ring worth?

The original price or resale price of a Tiffany engagement or other Tiffany ring varies greatly with size, quality and style. Learn more about the value of your ring in this post.

You can maximize your profit if you have your item’s original Tiffany blue box (see why it’s so important below) and any accompanying receipts and paperwork like a certificate of authenticity or information booklet about your piece.

Here are some recent ring sales:

How much is a Tiffany necklace worth?

A Tiffany necklace or Tiffany bracelet’s price varies greatly by the materials, and if it features a diamond or other gemstone, the size and quality and if it is made of gold, silver or platinum.

Here are some recent Tiffany necklace auctions on, which range from $1,200 to $3,362:

Tiffany jewelry sold on for $1,200.

How much is a Tiffany bracelet worth?

These are some recent Tiffany bracelet auctions on

Elsa Peretti designs, including her Tiffany bean necklace, Peretti's silver cuff for Tiffany and others, are also in high demand if you want to sell.

Do Tiffany watches hold their resale value?

Like other Tiffany jewelry, Tiffany watches also maintain a high resale value. These are some recent Tiffany watch sales on

Tiffany watch sold on for $1,500.

How to figure out how much you'll get for your Tiffany jewelry

Most local jewelers in your community will offer a jewelry appraisal, even for free. This can be a good estimate of the replacement value of your jewelry, which can help you get it insured, and understand its value. A local appraisal usually is much, much higher than the actual resale price. 

However, if you want to know the true value of what your jewelry is worth, and how much you can get for it by selling, you really need a certified lab report from GIA or another noteworthy lab that will charge around $150 to $200 for most gradings.

In this clip from Antiques Roadshow, a woman with an 1870 Tiffany and Co. gold necklace underestimated the value of what she had:

How to tell if a Tiffany diamond is real

Like anything else of value, there are fraudsters and rip-offs when it comes to luxury jewelry brands like Tiffany. Here is how you can know whether the Tiffany ring, necklace or other piece is the real deal:

The best and easiest way to ensure that you do, indeed, own a Tiffany diamond is to get a certified lab report from the Gemological Institute of America. If you do have a GIA certification, you can double-check its authenticity with the free and quick GIA Report Check.

Tiffany’s 4 C’s of diamonds

I also advise that in this stage, you educate yourself about the famous 4 C’s of diamonds. This is where Tiffany’s special sauce is ever-evident and ensures that every Tiffany diamond is of the highest quality. 


Tiffany commits to the highest quality cuts, and guarantees its diamonds for a lifetime. 


Tiffany only sells colorless, or nearly colorless diamonds. Here is Tiffany’s color scale:

Color scale to sell Tiffany jewelry.


When Tiffany diamond graders find that a diamond’s clarity falls between two grades, Tiffany will always assign the stone a lower grade—and not inflate a diamond’s clarity grade. Tiffany claims it never sells diamonds with visible inclusions or blemishes. 

This is the diamond clarity scale from the American Gem Society:

Clarity scale from the American gem society to sell Tiffany jewelry.

FAQs about selling Tiffany jewelry

How can I get the most money for my Tiffany jewelry?

Keep your blue Tiffany box (and anything else that came with your purchase)

There are three reasons why presenting that little blue box matters so much:

  1. Establishes Tiffany jewelry’s authenticity
  2. Buyers want the complete Tiffany experience
  3. You can earn more money

ebay sellers aren’t allowed to sell them, and they aren’t widely accessible elsewhere.

A genuine Tiffany purchase will come with a box with the store’s name in a perfectly stamped standard font and paperwork verifying its validity.

What if you don’t have the Tiffany blue box?

If you’ve misplaced your box (or never had one to begin with), all is not lost.

While you may not make as much as you would with the box in hand, there are plenty of buyers on the market still willing to purchase your piece for a reasonable price.

Tiffany & Co. jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity and a blue booklet.

If you can place any one of these items, include it with your appraisal to get the best estimate possible. Just think, the more information you can provide to your jewelry buyer, the better.

Buyers like Worthy will purchase your Tiffany jewelry with or without the blue box.If your piece of jewelry is authentic, the company’s team of experts will be able to tell. They’re trained to spot the intricacies of a legitimate Tiffany & Co. piece.

Do your research and you can profit from your Tiffany jewelry, even if it’s missing the package.

Does Tiffany buy back jewelry?

If you are wondering if Tiffany buys back jewelry, the answer is no. But, Tiffany will issue a full refund within 30 days of purchase, with receipt, as long as your jewelry is in resalable condition.

While Tiffany & Co. does not have a buy-back program, Tiffany does have an upgrade program for engagement rings. Tiffany will give you store credit equal to your original purchase price, which you can use toward the purchase of a new Tiffany engagement ring.

Bottom line: Where is the best place to sell Tiffany jewelry?

Worthy is the best place to auction Tiffany jewelry.

However, if you need cash now, Diamonds USA is less complicated because they buy jewelry.


  1. “Tiffany & Co. Tops Luxury Ranking List Among U.S. Consumers,” June 14, 2024 National Jeweler
Does Tiffany jewelry have resale value?

Yes, Tiffany resale value is high. Because of the ongoing, high demand for Tiffany jewelry, and because of the timeless design and high quality associated with Tiffany engagement rings and other jewelry, and ongoing marketing and advertising by Tiffany, Tiffany jewelry retains much of its value.

Does Tiffany buy back jewelry?

If you are wondering does Tiffany buy back jewelry, the answer is no. But, Tiffany will issue a full refund within 30 days of purchase, with receipt, as long as your jewelry is in resalable condition.


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