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Abe Mor reviews 2024: Is this a legit place to sell jewelry?

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Headquartered in New York City and doing business throughout the United States via its website, Abe Mor has one of the largest online presences in the online diamond buyer market.

Founded in 1964 ago by an Israeli diamond cutter of the same name, Abe Mor has 4.8 stars on its Google Business profile and an A+ BBB rating with hundreds of customers praising its easy selling process and fair pricing. Abe Mor buys diamonds of at least .50 carats and competes with Diamonds USA and myGemma, formerly WP Diamonds.

Here’s how Abe Mor stacks up against other top online diamond buyers:

Is Abe Mor legit?

Yes, Abe Mor is a legit diamond buyer that has been in business since 1964. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2016 with an A+ rating and zero customer complaints.

Abe Mor only purchases loose diamonds and diamond jewelry of .50 carats and larger. Abe Mor will also pay you for the gold and platinum content of your ring if it's set with an eligible diamond or diamonds.

If your jewelry does not contain a diamond — or its diamond is smaller than 0.5 carats — we suggest selling instead to Diamonds USA.

Diamonds USA has an A+ BBB and buys all diamonds, gold, and silver, paying within 24 hours. Diamonds USA buys all diamonds of any size, including diamond earrings, diamond rings, and diamond tennis bracelets.

How to sell your diamonds to Abe Mor

While Abe Mor does give estimates for loose diamonds and diamond jewelry in person and over the phone, the process to sell online works like this: 

  1. Click here to start the process on Abe Mor's website.
  2. On the next page, click “Request an estimate” to fill out a short form, including your name, contact information, and a description of your loose diamond or diamond jewelry. You can also upload images to the site, as well as a grading report, if you have them. Though a grading report, or diamond certification, is not required to sell to Abe Mor, sharing such a report can help the company give a  more accurate initial offer. The Abe Mor site is also mobile-friendly if you want to upload photos and attachments from your phone. 
  3. You will receive an initial offer for your item within 1 to 2 business days via email and text (if you check the box to receive a text offer). 
  4. If you reject the offer, then Abe Mor promises to ship your item back to you immediately for free via FedEx trackable shipping. If there are sufficient details provided with the initial submission, you may be able to negotiate this initial estimate, either via email or over the phone, though what you are ultimately paid will be based on the in-person appraisal. 
  5. If you choose to move forward, Abe Mor will send you a trackable prepaid FedEx shipping kit, which should arrive at your home within 2 to 3 business days. From there, you can schedule a pickup at your home or drop off at a FedEx location. Packages sent to Abe Mor are insured by AIB Express Logistics in transit for up to $50,000 — though more insurance can be requested if needed. Packages are not addressed to Abe Mor but delivered to AIB’s secure location and brought to Abe Mor by armed guards. Once in Abe Mor’s possession, your diamond is insured by AIB, and packages are opened under video surveillance. You’ll be emailed a tracking number to track your shipment. Shipping and insurance is always free.
  6. Within 48 hours of receipt of your item, Abe Mor’s in-house team will conduct a final appraisal and you will receive an official offer via email — or via phone if an explanation is needed. You can negotiate before accepting or rejecting this offer. Upon request, Abe Mor will send items for GIA certification. 
  7. If you accept the offer, you will likely receive payment within 3 business days — either by check (which is mailed via FedEx 3rd day delivery) or via wire transfer. Upon request, Abe Mor will overnight a check for 24-hour delivery.
Abe Mor reviews submission form.

Pros and cons of Abe Mor

These are some of the pros and cons of selling your diamonds and diamond jewelry with Abe Mor


  • A+ BBB Rating and zero customer complaints
  • Diamond grading reports are not required, though accepted
  • Shipping and insurance is always free
  • Items insured by AIB Insurance for up to $50,000, with additional insurance available if necessary
  • Modern, clean and easy-to-use website


  • Appraisals are conducted by in-house Abe Mor staff, though you can request GIA authentication. If GIA gives the same grading determined by Abe Mor and you decide not to sell to Abe Mor, you must pay for the certificate. Otherwise, Abe Mor will absorb the cost. 
  • Only accepts diamond jewelry at least 0.5 carats in size
  • May reject your diamonds if it does not need them in its inventory
  • Typical time from shipment to payment is longer than other sites like DiamondsUSA that promise 24-hour payment, though Abe Mor will overnight a check upon request
  • Pays within 2 to 4 days upon acceptance of an offer

Abe Mor reviews

While Abe Mor doesn’t have any customer reviews on major review sites like the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot, it does boast 4.8 stars on its Google Business profile based on about 380 reviews: 

Abe Mor review from January 2024.
Abe Mor reviews posted on Google.
5-star Abe Mor reviews posted on Google.
1-star Abe Mor reviews posted on Google.
Response to 1-star Abe Mor review posted on Google.

Abe Mor BBB

Abe Mor has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, where it has been accredited since 2016. While the company has no complaints on the BBB site, it also has no customer reviews. This suggests that while an excellent track record, Abe Mor may not have the volume of business that other diamond buyers have.

Better Business Bureau Abe Mor reviews.

Abe Mor vs Worthy

Abe Mor purchases diamonds from you outright, based off of a single, in-house appraisal of your jewelry. Worthy, on the other hand, is an online marketplace that does not purchase your item outright (though they do offer an estimate of the value of your item). 

Instead, the final sale price of your item on Worthy is dependent on the bids it receives from the buyers using Worthy’s auction platform.

Abe Mor only buys loose diamonds and diamond jewelry, so any other jewelry or gemstone is not eligible for selling to Abe Mor. Worthy’s marketplace does welcome fine jewelry with or without diamonds, as long as it will sell for $1,000 or more, especially branded jewelry like Tiffany and Cartier.

Worthy has a B+ BBB rating, while Abe Mor has an A+ BBB rating. The whole process of selling your jewelry with takes 10 to 14 days from creating an account to getting paid — and some items do not sell. With Abe Mor, you can expect the process to take about 7 to 10 days from the time you request an online estimate, depending on how quickly you mail in your items.

Abe Mor vs Diamonds USA

If the jewelry you’re selling doesn’t include diamonds or doesn’t meet Abe Mor’s minimum 0.5 carat weight requirement, A+ BBB-rated Diamonds USA (and its sister site CashforGoldUSA) is an excellent alternative, since they do not have a minimum carat weight. 

Diamonds USA also pays exceedingly fast — within 24 hours of accepting their offer — while Abe Mor’s process will take about a week.

Diamonds USA is our go-to recommendation if you are selling gold, any-sized diamond or gemstone jewelry, since they do not have a minimum value and have high customer service. Diamonds USA and its sister sites buy all precious metal, gold, silver and gemstones.

Abe Mor vs local jewelry stores

If you’re looking to quickly sell diamonds or diamond jewelry, a local jewelry store may be your best option, since Abe Mor takes as much as 10 days to ship, evaluate, and submit payment.

That said, you may get more money from Abe Mor. In general, local jewelry stores face less competition than online buyers, and also have higher overhead, and therefore have less incentive to offer as much for your diamond. 

Find local jewelry shops to sell your diamonds: 


Abe Mor vs pawn shops

Pawn shops typically pay between 25% and 60% of the retail value of your item, but pay immediately and in cash. You can learn here what pawn shops buy, how pawn shops work, and how to pawn jewelry.

Again, Abe Mor will likely pay you more, but it will take longer to receive your money. 


FAQs about Abe Mor

Thinking about selling with Abe Mor? Here’s what you need to know:

How quickly will you get your money if you sell to Abe Mor?

If you accept Abe Mor’s offer, they’ll send you a check via FedEx 3rd day delivery. Wire transfers typically appear within 2 to 4 business days.

Is Abe Mor legit?

Yes — Abe Mor is a legit online diamond buyer and seller, with more than 50 years of industry experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

Bottom line: Abe Mor is a legit way to sell diamonds

If you have loose diamonds or diamond jewelry with a diamond 0.5 carats or larger, Abe Mor is a reputable buyer with more than 50 years of experience in the industry. 

Based on hundreds of 5-star reviews across Google and Yelp, and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, Abe Mor offers a safe, easy, and fairly quick process to sell your diamonds without leaving your home (if you schedule a FedEx pickup). Customers also frequently praise Abe Mor’s transparency: 

5-star Abe Mor reviews posted online.
Abe Mor reviews posted online.

However, if you have jewelry without diamonds or with diamonds smaller than 0.5 carats, we recommend selling to Diamonds USA, which offers: 

  • Payment within 24 hours of receipt of item
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Simple, straightforward selling process
  • Cash for all gold, silver, platinum, and diamond items
  • Expert appraisals
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, including price-matching and free, insured returns.
  • Free insurance up to $5,000 — as well as up to $100,000 in some cases
  • 10% bonus above the estimate if you send in your item within 7 days

Get a free quote today from Diamonds USA >>

Is Abe Mor legit?

Yes, Abe Mor is a legit diamond buyer that has been in business since 1964. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2016 with an A+ rating and zero customer complaints.

Our Abe Mor ratings:
  • Experience for sellers
  • Sellers' fees
  • Value for sellers
  • Customer service

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