Should you take a personal loan to consolidate debt?

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    “Emma, I’m drowning in debt!”

    I hear this all the time from moms who follow me, in emails, on Facebook and in Twitter messages. I feel for you! When I was starting my career, I was juggling student loans, a car payment and a couple of credit cards. The interest rates were all over the place and it was confusing and easy to forget all the different due dates. My credit suffered. My mental health suffered. And I didn’t reach my financial goals as quickly as I wanted to, or should have.

    Especially when facing a big life change like divorce, breakup, or new baby, it can be easy to find yourself with numerous debts to people and institutions in your life. Maybe you’ve started a side gig or new business that requires some startup funds, or you had to get a divorce lawyer to protect yourself and your kids.

    Whatever the reason, a personal loan may be helpful. Unlike a debt to your parents or brother, a personal loan like one from Discover Personal Loans can be a great tool to consolidate existing debt, or find the funds you need to move forward in your life or business (but isn’t that the same thing?).

    A few reasons a Discover Personal Loan might be a great way to get the cash or credit you need now:

    • One payment is always much easier to manage and remember than a bunch of payments, due on different dates.
    • One payment with a lower, fixed rate is always much better than different variable interest rates. Discover Personal Loans offers fixed rates starting at 6.99% up to 24.99% with flexible payment terms, and the ability to pay off up to $30,000 in higher-interest revolving debt. Of course this could mean paying off that debt quicker, and big savings in the long-term.
    • Unlike other personal loan companies, or when compared with credit card balance transfers, Discover Personal Loans have no origination fees. That means you’ll receive 100% of your approved  loan amount.
    • Those funds can go straight to a bank account or creditor, if you chose.
    • Pay loans off over a period of up to 84 months.
    • Or, return the loan funds within 30 days and pay no interest — to save yourself in a pinch!
    • A personal loan with a bank like Discover can be better than a friends and family loan because it is with a bank and not friends or family. After all, how often has money come between people who love each other? With Discover Personal Loans, it’s money—nothing personal

    To learn more, check out Discover Personal Loans here. 

    Learn how much you can save with Discover’s debt consolidation calculator, and how much your payments will be with the personal loan calculator.

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