Poshmark reviews 2021: Is selling on Poshmark worth it?

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Poshmark is an online consignment shop, similar in many ways to ThredUp and Mercari. Sellers use the platform to list items for sale, which buyers then browse. When Poshmark launched, it was originally focused on clothing, accessories, and shoes, but the platform has since expanded to include jewelry, children’s toys, art, and home goods as well.

According to the site, there are more than 100 million items for sale on the platform, which consists of more than 60 million community members.

Interested in selling on Poshmark? Here's what you should know:

Is Poshmark a legit site?

Yes, Poshmark is a legitimate, safe, and reputable website. Launched in 2011, it’s been around for more than 10 years, which means it’s well-established and has policies in place to protect everyone who uses its platform.

Can you get scammed on Poshmark?

Poshmark is best described as an online marketplace or platform designed to connect buyers with sellers. This means that even though Poshmark is a legitimate business, there’s ultimately no guarantee that the individual buyers and sellers that use the site won’t try to pull a fast one on you.

With this in mind, Poshmark has created certain protections for both buyers and sellers to make it less likely that anyone gets ripped off.

On the buyer side, if you receive an item from a seller and it isn’t up to your standards—for example, if it’s damaged, the wrong size, or otherwise not as described—you can reject it, return it, and get your money back. Poshmark does not release your funds to the seller until you’ve “accepted” the item.

On the seller side, your shipments are protected so long as you use the prepaid shipping labels that Poshmark provides. 

One common complaint that sellers have, however, lies in the company’s returns policy. Buyers have the right to return an item if they deem it to be “not as described” in the listing. That means that if you as the seller overlook even a small imperfection (for example, a snagged thread) and didn’t include it in the description, the buyer could reject the item and return it for a refund. Poshmark tends to side with the buyer in these cases, so it’s important that you are very detailed and clear in your listings to avoid them.

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Poshmark reviews

Poshmark reviews on BBB 

Poshmark is not accredited with the BBB. That being said, the BBB has given Poshmark a B rating. 

Customers have filed a total of 1,579 complaints with the BBB about Poshmark in the past 3 years. Poshmark has also received 431 customer reviews on the BBB website, with an average score of 1.1 out of 5 stars. Negative reviews include buyers who have had issues with sellers, sellers who have had issues with buyers, and both who misunderstand the way that Poshmark works.

Poshmark BBB reviews

Poshmark reviews on Reddit

Many of the reviews that you’ll find of Poshmark on Reddit are rather dated, going back to 2018 or 2019. That being said, the discussion ranges from people raving about Poshmark to those complaining about the platform. There is a nice mix of both positive and negative reviews, which can help you see the pros and cons of selling (or buying) through the platform.

Poshmark reddit reviews

Poshmark reviews on Trustpilot

Poshmark has an average rating of 1.6 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, based on a total of 2,264 reviews. 80% of the Poshmark reviews on Trustpilot are “Bad,” while only 11% are “Great” or “Excellent.”

Poshmark trustpilot reviews

How does Poshmark work?

Selling on Poshmark is fairly straightforward:

  • Register for an account on the site
  • Take a photo (or photos) of the item you want to sell
  • Enter a description of the item
  • Set the price

If someone is interested in your item, they’ll buy it from you directly—there’s no auction involved. Poshmark will then send you a prepaid and pre-addressed shipping label, which you will need to affix to your package before sending.

How much does Poshmark take?

Listing your item on Poshmark is free. It’s only once you’ve made a sale that Poshmark takes its cut. Poshmark’s fees depend on the value of the sale:

  • If your item sells for less than $15, Poshmark keeps $2.95
  • If your item sells for more than $15, Poshmark keeps 20% of the listing price

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What brands sell best on Poshmark?

Because the vast majority of Poshmark’s buyers are women, you’ll probably find that women’s brands and women’s clothing generally sells better than men’s brands. That being said, men do use the platform, and women could always use it to buy for the men in their life. But it’s worth noting!

According to Poshmark’s internal data, users of different ages prefer different brands. For example:

  • Gucci, Adidas, and Brandy Melville perform best among Gen Z Poshmark users 
  • Nike, Madewell, and Anthropologie perform best among Millennial Poshmark users
  • Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and Patagonia perform best among Gen X Poshmark users
  • Coach, Michael Kors, and Eileen Fisher perform best among Baby Boomer Poshmark users

What you use Poshmark for:

Certain items perform better on Poshmark than others. That’s because people have come to expect that Poshmark will carry items that fall in certain categories. The categories below are some of the most popular on the site:

  • Clothing
  • Handbags
  • Accessories
  • Makeup
  • Shoes

What you should not use Poshmark for:

At the same time, buyers don’t typically turn to Poshmark for certain categories of items. While you can list these items on the site, you may find it harder to sell for the price that you’d like:

  • Diamonds
  • Jewelry
  • Watches

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How to sell on Poshmark

Selling on Poshmark is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is:

  1. Create an account
  2. Click “Sell on Poshmark” to get started
  3. Enter a title for your listing, including keywords that buyers are likely to search for
  4. Enter a description for your item. Be as detailed as possible.
  5. Upload photos and/or video of your item. If the item has any damage or imperfections, be sure to show those and document them here to reduce the likelihood of a return later on.
  6. Categorize the item.
  7. Enter the quantity, whether you are selling one or multiple pieces.
  8. Enter the size.
  9. Note the brand, color, and whether or not the item is new with tags still attached.
  10. Enter the original price, and your asking price.
  11. And you’re done!

Is selling on Poshmark worth it?

Compared to some other online consignment shops, Poshmark’s fees are a bit high, especially on sales under $15. A $2.95 fee on a $10 sale, for example, means you’re forfeiting nearly 30% of your sale. And the 20% fee on sales above $15 is also high compared to sites like Mercari, which charges just 10%.

That being said, in exchange for the fee, Poshmark handles the financial transaction, provides shipping, and acts as a customer support team for your sale. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether this is worth the price. Selling locally through a consinment or thrift store may be a better option, and certainly easier.

If reviews from others were any indication, you might want to think twice. Poshmark has a score of 1.5 out of 5 stars from both SiteJabber and Trustpilot, and has a C rating through the BBB.

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