3 reasons to get empowered and sell your house yourself


When a marriage ends, it’s common to sell the family home. After all, there is always less money to go around, and often neither spouse can afford the home they shared. Many people chose to sell for other reasons — desire to downsize, relocate closer to family, buy your dream property, or just to live somewhere with no memories of the sonofabitch/shrewwhore.

If this is you, or you otherwise are thinking of selling, I urge you to consider a new trend in real estate, such as Owners.com. If you look at the real estate market today, consumers have the option to go with a full service broker or attempt to manage a fully independent FSBO process. Owners.com is different from both models; they are in tune with the modern consumer who wants the option to manage their real estate transaction from anywhere, on their own time.
In other words, sell that shack yourself.

Here are 3 reasons why this can be a GREAT option:

  1. You save a shit-ton of money. Traditionally, real estate agent commission is almost always 6 percent. The seller pays that commission. That means that if you sell a $200,000 house, you pay the realtor $12,000. You sell a $100,000 condo; you pay the realtor $6,000. You sell a $500,000 property; you pay the realtor $30,000.

See how this works?

Doesn’t matter if you are underwater on the place, selling at a loss, or splitting any profits with your ex. You pay your realtor 6 percent, who then splits that cash with the buyer’s agent. When you sell by yourself, even if you have to pay the buyer’s agent their cut, you still save a ton of money. And, if you find an independent buyer who’s not working with an agent, you pay $0 in commission.

  1. The Internet makes it super-easy to sell your house yourself. If you’re like me, you check out houses on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) via Zillow or Trulia all the time out of curiosity (warning to my friends: if you recently bought or sold a home, 100% guarantee I have looked on one of those sites to see how much you paid/got. I’m nosy like that).

You don’t have to commit to a contract with a traditional agent to get your home listed on the MLS. Now, there are third-party services that make it so, so easy to do that work yourself. Owners.com is an online brokerage offering sellers the support of professional agents and flat fee MLS listing packages. Previously only traditional, licensed real estate agents could access these valuable tools. Included in their services are suggestions for showing your home, helping with paperwork and supporting you as you negotiate and close the sale, these allow you to maximize your profit on the sale of your home.

On the sale of a $300,000 home, a seller saves an average of $9,000 by using Owners.com, the company reports.*

  1. You’re probably doing all the work anyway. According to a recent survey, 87% home buyers/sellers who used an agent report handling some part of the process on their own.
    Not surprising, the ability to save money with this new way to do real estate holds the most appeal for home buyers/sellers. Of survey respondents, a full 74% said “saving money on commission” is the most appealing part of the self-directed model, followed by the 69% who said they were attracted to “not having to pay for services I don’t use or could do myself.”

Survey says:

The most appealing aspects of this option to home buyers/sellers are financial in nature.

Survey fun facts:
– More females than males would prefer to ‘handle it themselves to save a buck’ (80% vs. 72%), while males are more likely than females to ‘throw money at a problem’ (28% vs. 21%).

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This post was created in partnership with Owners.com.

*The savings as seller is based on an average commission of 3% less the Owners.com MLS pro listing package. $9,815 average seller savings is based on an average home price of $350,000 (U.S. Census, Jan-Sep, 2015) and average commission of 3% less $695 Owners.com listing package cost.


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  1. This article is helpful to many. Including myself. It opened my eyes to real estate. Things I never knew. Kinda makes me want to dabble in Real Estate

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