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10 financial steps to a rich life as a single mom

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Please check out my post 10 Financial Steps to a Rich Life as a Single Mom on Ms. Single Mama.

The story of how this post came to be is a sweet, serendipitous one:

I’d been talking and thinking about this blog for a long time, but was busy with the rest of my life. Then a few weeks ago I got motivated (thanks in part to new-found time on my hands, courtesy of breaking up with my boyfriend), bought this URL, did a quick Google search for other single mom sites, then noticed that the giant BlogHer conference was in New York, where I happen to live. I had no excuse not to go, so I bought a pass, put on my black Cole Hahn wedges and headed out.

I was in a foul mood that day — 48 hours post-breakup and with little to chat about with other bloggers since I hadn’t yet written a single post. For the first two hours I talked to no one, wandered around, and pouted.

Then I noticed a woman who looked familiar. During my half-assed “research” about other bloggers one of the top single mom sites caught my eye, Ms. Single Mama. The blogger, Alaina Shearer, was a smart, funny, foxy woman who was also a successful entrepreneur. I liked what she had to say.

So there, out of 5,000 women bloggers, how do I happen to notice Alaina? And after I introduced myself, how lucky was I that she suggested I join her at the hotel’s bar where we threw back a couple of stiff ones, and she told me everything I need to know about the single mom blogging community, SEO and life in general? Yeah, pretty fortunate indeed.

That evening I went home, got this site into shape, and wrote my first post.

This week Alaina graciously introduced me to her readers by posting my “10 Financial Steps to a Rich Life as a Single Mom.” Please check it out here.




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