Experian Boost reviews: Is it legit? What’s the catch?

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Do you need to boost your credit scores — fast? While some diligently work on improving their credit score for a year or more to make a big move like buying a car or a home or refinancing their debt, life might throw you a curveball — and you may need to boost your credit score and ASAP. 

Quick credit fix: Check out Experian Boost™*, an online tool that helps the majority of users increase their FICO®** Score by an average of 13 points, immediately. Experian Boost is unique in that it considers utility and telecom bills like your electric, cable and phone bills when calculating your credit scores. Experian Boost is 100% free, does not hurt your credit scores and takes just 5 minutes to complete (more details below on how Experian Boost works, and a review). 

Longer-term credit fix: Take steps to build your credit if you don’t have any. Or, commit to repairing your credit.

Is Experian Boost safe to use?

Experian is one of the leading three credit bureaus, overseen by federal and state regulators, and has the most up-to-date and powerful data encryption on the market. Nothing is perfect, but Experian is indeed a safe product.

Is Experian Boost really free?

Experian Boost is 100% free. That said, Experian does have some credit monitoring and repair products that cost money, which you can expect you will be pitched. But you do not need to pay in any way to use or benefit from Experian Boost. 

How does Experian Boost work?

Experian Boost factors positive utility and telecom bill payments into your FICO® Score. This means that unlike other credit bureaus, Experian Boost gives you credit for the months you paid your phone, electric or cable bill on time. 

Based on your credit history and bill payment records, Experian Boost can increase your FICO® Score immediately. Those whose scores are boosted see an immediate 13-point increase on average.

Any Experian Boost improvements are not applied to Transunion or Equifax credit scores. 

How much will Experian Boost improve my credit?

According to Experian, Experian Boost has helped over 1 million consumers improve their credit: 

Here is how Experian Boost works, step-by-step:

  1. Go to Experian Boost now:

2. Connect your bank accounts. This allows Experian Boost to comb your expenses for phone, water, electricity, cable and other utility bills for timely payments. 

3. Click the button to verify that you want your bills to be included in your Experian credit report, and let Experian Boost do its magic on your FICO® Score.

4. Watch your FICO® Score improve. This is a screenshot from a member of my closed Facebook group, Millionaire Single moms:

5. Once you are plugged into Experian Boost, the service will continue to monitor your credit scores and report for free, as well as a factor in your positive utility payment — which will benefit your credit scores long term.

Experian Boost reviews

Experian Boost reviews from Reddit

Redditors have mixed experiences with Experian Boost going back two years when it launched. Some are concerned about their data.

This Redditor shared personal experience with a FICO score increase.

Experian Boost pros and cons


  • Can bump up your credit score quickly when you need it
  • Easy
  • Free
  • Factors in utility bill payment, which other credit bureaus do not


  • Will not boost more than double-digits
  • Only works those with bank accounts and utility bills in your name
  • Potential for score decrease
  • Not all lenders accept the score

Experian Boost™ FAQ

Does Experian Boost hurt my credit score?

No. Experian Boost does not negatively impact your credit score or report.

How much does Experian Boost cost?

$0. No upsell or any other nonsense. Experian Boost is 100% free.

Is Experian Boost legit?

Yes. Experian is one of the three leading credit reporting bureaus, overseen by lots of federal regulation, and has an “A” Better Business Bureau rating.

Bottom line on Experian Boost 

So, you can see I’m a fan of Experian Boost. It is true! Here is why I think Experian Boost is good:

  • 100% free way to check your Experian FICO® Score
  • Fast: takes a few minutes 
  • FICO® Score increase is immediate! 
  • Legit and safe 

This is a great new credit product from a reputable company that has some very cool features, including an immediate, free credit scores and report, and a free, easy way to boost your credit scores. 

While a small credit score increase will not change your life, it is a nice step toward a bigger credit and debt goal. The use of positive bill payment can help millions of Americans improve their finances. 

Get your free credit report and increase your FICO® Score immediately with Experian Boost. >>

*Results may vary. Some may not see improved scores or approval odds. Not all lenders use Experian credit files, and not all lenders use scores impacted by Experian Boost. 

**Credit score calculated based on FICO® Score 8 model. Your lender or insurer may use a different FICO® Score than FICO® Score 8, or another type of credit score altogether. Learn more.

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