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Marriage on the rocks? 15 signs your marriage will end in divorce

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Is your spouse distant? Depressed? Are you worried your husband or wife is having an affair?

It is important to know the clues and be on the lookout for signs that your husband or wife wants to leave you.

This article outlines 15 signs your marriage will end in divorce. Here is how to tell if your husband or wants divorce or signs your wife wants to leave you and what you should do if you spot some of the signs:

What are the first signs of divorce?

These are some of the first signs of divorce — according to experts:

1. Sex stops, or sex starts to suck

If you’re still having sex, but the other partner stops caring about your pleasure, or intimate connection, they are checked out emotionally, and a divorce may be next. (Though I did report on weird cases where that chemistry outlives the marriage. Rare, weird but possible!)

What to do now: Pray. Focus on your own wellbeing. They're done.

Read more about the research on sexless marriages and divorce, and other common causes of divorce.

2. They stop arguing with you

If you’ve been bickering (or screaming) for years about certain issues, and they suddenly stop, they may very well have thrown in the towel.

What to do now: Get online therapy for yourself. Read about my experience with BetterHelp for therapy.

3. He or she spends more time with their own friends or family members than before — and less with you

You may have been your husband or wife’s primary comfort and friend, but now you have been replaced with other people (or a lover, for that matter).

What to do now: See above. Shore up your support system.

4. General contempt and disrespect

If your spouse overall is rude, dismissive and annoyed by you, they may be emotionally done beyond repair.

5. Your husband becomes evasive or stops caring about future plans, whether planning vacations, holidays, home repairs — all now irrelevant because they are out of there

What to do now: Find a divorce lawyer. Many attorneys offer free phone consultations. Find someone who promotes collaborative divorce or mediation, when appropriate.

Learn more about the pros and cons of amicable and uncontested divorce, and see if you qualify for an online divorce:

District of ColumbiaFlorida
NevadaNew Hampshire
New JerseyNew Mexico
New YorkNorth Carolina
North DakotaOhio
PennsylvaniaRhode Island
South CarolinaSouth Dakota
West VirginiaWisconsin

DivorceNet offers a free 30-minute divorce mediation consultation.

Financial signs of divorce

6. They are suddenly interested in the family finances, after leaving the money management to the other spouse

From the Wall Street Journal:

“Michael Stutman, past president of the New York state chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, says one red flag could come from the spouse who shows new interest in credit-card offers. The spouse could be trying to build up credit in his or her name or be concerned about maintaining access to liquidity during the divorce, he says.”

What to do now: Research all your accounts, collect documents for bank, savings, investments, real estate, debt, loans. Open accounts in your own name to build and maintain credit.

7. Using assets or credit in ways you hadn’t discussed

Say, taking out large sums from a home equity line, unusually high spending on a joint credit card (or worse, one in the other spouse’s name), or withdrawal from investment accounts.

The opening of new accounts or credit cards in their name only is another sign. Or, unusually large cash withdrawals from accounts is another red flag, as is if a spouse stops contributing to investment accounts (because those funds may be stashed away as an exit strategy instead).

What to do now: Shit is now serious. Retain an attorney and move to freeze accounts. Half of this money is likely yours. Keep lots of records.

For example, if tax or investment documents were always mailed to both of you, and suddenly they stopped, your spouse may have signed up to receive them electronically — or snagged them from the USPS, or change account passwords without telling you.

What to do now: Educate yourself about investing and saving if you feel behind. Read: How to start investing to build wealth

9. Lots of talk about how poorly their business is doing

He or she might be planting notions that he has fewer assets and income than in actuality.

What to do now: Focus on your own earning.

If you are under-employed, start searching for a new job or side gig. Read: Top jobs for single moms

Assume you are entitled to alimony as a stay-at-home mom — or terrified you have to pay it? Educate yourself about alimony law, and also understand the negatives of relying on alimony income from an ex.

Also, as women become more successful, more and more moms are paying child support and alimony.

10. Refusal of a stay-at-home parent to get a job, or a lesser-earning spouse to take a higher-paying position

She may be ensuring higher child support or spousal maintenance.

What to do now: Call that lawyer.

11. On the flip side, a spouse may turn down a promotion or overtime to lessen their financial responsibility post-breakup

The less income they report now, the less they have to pay in child support or alimony.

12. You might find strange documents about apartments, or relocation offers around your home

They are looking for a new place to live.

What to do now: Read How is property divided in a divorce and who gets the house?

Other changes in behavior that could be signs of divorce

13. They suddenly focus on their appearance

This might include plastic surgery, major weight-loss, new wardrobe all may be signs of a new lease on life — without you.

What to do now: They are spending frivolously on their future. You need to secure yourself financially. Sock away all the cash you can in an online savings account in your name only. Make sure you have life insurance policies for both of you, as well as estate plans.

Should wives stay thin for their husbands?

14. Sudden interest in the kids

If they are thinking of leaving, and want to make sure they secure their share of custody time with the children, they show uncharacteristic interest in sports, religious, school and other activities, as well as ensure the children spend lots of time with their side of the family.

What to do now: Embrace a 50-50 custody arrangement. You’ll thank me later, no matter how scary or sad that may seem now.

15. They act secretive about their phone messages, texts, mail, and emails. Or: You catch them cheating

There may be an affair at play, or they may be waiting for a call from their lawyer, accountant, real estate agent, or spending time researching alimony law.

Infidelity can be the hardest thing to manage. How to get over cheating, and how it affects custody and co-parenting after divorce.
Worried your spouse or partner is cheating? “Go with your instincts,” says Ken Childs, founder of Paramount Investigative Services, a Beverly Hills, Calif. private investigative service. Read: How to catch a cheater

Bottom line: What to do if you see signs your spouse is planning to leave

Seeing one or more of these signs? Or maybe your spouse has even gone so far as to file for divorce behind your back.

When one spouse files for divorce, the other can feel blindsided —until weeks and months later, they look back and see all the red flags they were missing, or ignoring, or repeatedly turned down for sex. For years.

In my case, my ex-threatened to leave for months. I was pregnant, and couldn’t believe it — until he left his wedding ring on a shelf where he knew I’d see it. No subtlety there!

“There are often many indications of a pending divorce, but people don’t want to see them or acknowledge that their marriage may be in danger,” says Gretchen Cliburn, a financial planner and certified divorce financial analyst in Springfield, Mo., in Wall Street Journal.

Next steps: 

1. If your spouse hasn’t filed yet, read: How to leave your husband or wife or How to ask for a divorce

2. If your spouse has filed for divorce, read What to ask for in a divorce to prepare for divorce negotiations and get through this as quickly as possible. Read up on the why and How to divorce like a feminist.

3. Prepare for life as a co-parent: All about healthy co-parenting for the rest of your life

4. Take time to get your finances in order.

Sell the engagement ring for $$

5. Finally, you get a chance to start over after divorce and a one-year pass to be a hot mess.

How about you? What signs did you show that you were ready to leave you? What did your ex do to signal he was ready for divorce? Share in the comments …

How do you define a single mom vs. solo mom? founder Emma Johnson is an award-winning business journalist, activist, author and expert. A former Associated Press reporter and MSN Money columnist, and National Jeweler editor, Emma has appeared on CNBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, TIME, The Doctors, Elle, O, The Oprah Magazine. Winner of Parents magazine’s “Best of the Web” and a New York Observer “Most Eligible New Yorker," her #1 bestseller, The Kickass Single Mom (Penguin), was a New York Post Must Read. As an expert on divorce and gender, Emma presented at the United Nations Summit for Gender Equality and multiple state legislature hearings. Her next book, The 50/50 Solution, is out March, 2024 with Sourcebooks. More about Emma's credentials.


Oh God, that’s a reason for divorce?surprised people like this managed to get married in the first place. Poor guy.

IMO that’s a rediculous reason for a divorce, but honestly do him the favor and get one anyway.

What a well-thought-out list! I think a lot of these points ring true for so many people (even if they don’t want to admit it!) As you said, a spouse can often feel blindsided until they look back and see everything they were missing. It’s important for them to see the signs as they happen and know the best way to react to them. Great piece overall!

Very good post. I really like what you share. It was really helpful to me. I will save and share these useful things to share with everyone and everyone will know you. I love you so much. Thanks & good luck!

I want to leave my wife but I dont dare just tell her I have a girl on the side and I want my buddies wife really bad

My husband takes care of the finances and file taxes jointly but I did research and found out that he kept my half of stimulus money and didn’t tell me what does this mean I feel betrayed I can’t look at him and he just stares at the tv without saying anything

Wife had an affair with coworker, asked for divorce. We worked it out, i forgave and now there is no sex life at all. I give her massages every night and help her relax, but nothing. Breaks my heart.

I know my husband has been cheating for years and I’m done. I don’t have physical proof but I have enough and I know in my heart he has. He wants to stay together but I’m done. I told him we could work it out if he would tell me the truth but I can’t stay with both a liar & a cheater. He still didn’t confess. So, I tried to scare him into coming clean by typing up a ridiculous contract that basically said that if I find out that he’s been unfaithful I would receive all these outlandish things in our divorce. Things like, after I remarry he will send my new husband and I on vacation every year etc. I even put that I would receive his inheritance when that time comes :/. He was hellbent on sticking to his faux truth and signed it. I later found where he was looking Into whether or not that contract would hold up in court…guilty! Anyway, now he’s never coming clean because he thinks I’m going to use the contract once he admits it to me. I’ve told him I wouldn’t use it but he cares more about money than family, I guess. Really all I want is the truth for once…from him. Any suggestions?

I don’t know what evidence you do or don’t have, but it sounds like at this point, with so much bad blood under the bridge that you have made up your mind: he is guilty. And if he’s absolutely guilty in your mind and he won’t admit to it, then you are at an impasse. An immovable object meets an unstoppable force. There is nothing that can be done from where you currently stand. You either need a therapist to try to work through things or a divorce.

Ahh Melanie,
Just get out. It will ever be good. Trust me. He’s a liar. You know it, I know it. Stop deceiving yourself. I hung in there for 20 years. I knew by year 5 my x was a cheater, and an alcoholic and loved his porn. Best day was when I filled for divorce. No regrets. Period. I got a new life. You should too. Stop asking yourself the What ifs and get the hell out.

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How is opening a savings account in your name only protection? If a divorce happens then courts usually just split the accounts down the middle regardless of whoose name is on the account…right?

In the state of Washington it is a “Community Property” state. This means that all property and debt acquired during a marriage will be divided equitably by the court if the couple cannot negotiate an agreement. Property that is subject to division includes money, the marital home, retirement funds, business interests, tax credits and refunds, investments, insurance policies, household furnishings, art and other valuables, credit cards, patents/copyrights, and deferred compensation. If it was acquired during the marriage, chances are it will be counted as marital property.

I don’t see how an account in just your name is protection. I guess the only thing I can think of it would prevent the other spouse from going bananas and taking money out of the account.

Incase there is a temporary freeze of assets if there is a dispute about splitting assets you will have cash available during proceedings.

My husband and I have been together for almost 4 years (married 2yrs). From the moment we got engaged I felt like he was changing, but I brushed it off thinking it was just me. After the I do’s were said and done, it’s like everything shifted. Sex went from great to completely absent in a matter of 6 months. It was constant arguing and screaming matches. There have been some good times, but the bad ones stick. We both have trust issues with each other. And every time I address it, I get the blame and then he manipulates me (puts me down, then cries and begs for forgiveness). For 2 years I’ve begged for change, or at least for the man he was. I hate to see that this is who he is now because we were bestfriends since high school. But he is not the same person at all. I’m contemplating leaving but worried about the guilt and what people will say because we live in a SMALL town (half the pop is related to him). On the outside he is everything a good man is, except that he has zero respect for me and that we cant agree on anything. His family is beyond great but he considers mine horrible people (I’ll admit they have rough lives). With everything that’s happened, I’ve become resentful and mad. I’m not sure what the best approach is for this situation.

Opposites attract but you should NEVER marry them! Otherwise you get into this situation: zero respect and can’t agree on anything. I know. My husband is the same way, too.
Don’t waste 20 years trying to “work things out” like I have. Things “don’t work out” and by then, you may not be in as good a position to leave as you were back then. If you are able, LEAVE. Who cares what small town gossips think! Your happiness and peace of mind is way more important.

My suggestion: Date if you must but don’t get remarried. Have single male friends you can do stuff with but stay single. You’ll be a lot happier. You want children? Be a foster mom or adopt. Better yet, get a cat or dog but remain single.

In my case a a husband, I married a woman what was divorced 2 times before me and she had 4 kids, I had one marriage and one kid which once we married and tried to blend, my wife only focused on her lifestyle staying the same and her 4 kids as the only priority. My child who I spent 12 years raising as a single dad was treated like dirt, made to feel like she was bad and I lost my child over this. She moved out and in with her mother. My wife talks badly about me, my family and my friends. Did I mention I pay for everything down to her cell phone. two years of trying therapy, talking for hours, trying to work through it….. Got no where, she is the same as always and her kids did I mention 3 are adults. Still on my insurance, each has their own bed room and I have done countless things for. M daughter was run out and treated poorly. I am to blame for letting this go on. So I done, I am filing for divorce and want to rebuild my life with my daughter before she goes to college next year.

As for his article. Yes I stopped sleeping in same bed, having sex and disconnecting myself from her. You get to a point where you look at the damage to your life and how poorly your treated and say no more.

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I don’t know where to begin I have been with my husband for 30+ years married for almost 20 he is always choosing his friends over my kids and I he does not take pride in his home constantly as watching TV and never wanting to have conversations with me every time I talk to him it goes in one ear out the other. our sex life was never the greatest either we were doing it every day or not doing it for six months. I don’t know what he’s doing or how he is feeling he does not communicate anything at all. What does all of this mean what is he trying to tell me? He will act all this way and then kiss me and tell me he loves me. Is it just me being insecure or is that not normal for him to treat my kids and I this way?

I don’t know if there’s something wrong or not but if you feel that something is wrong and that there’s not really a sense of intimacy (physical or romantic) then it would seem to me like you should seek some help. Remember, a relationship is a union of two people and if one person is dissatisfied with the arrangement, then it’s not working for either of you.

I can’t cope with the pain of my break up. Can’t eat or sleep, I feel depressed. Can’t sleep without the sleeping pills. And to make things worse I think I’m getting addicted to them. How can I make myself feel better and sleep better?

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Thank you much for this article. To be honest, I was never a believer of online recommendations but I had to put my faith in something because I was going through divorce. My attorney told me I needed hardcore proof to be able to pin adultery on her. I got help all thanks to this cyber genius. I recommend you contact him if you need such help. I can vouch for his services

This is really a disgusting article. You offer your two cents on the tell tale signs of a partner who is considering leaving their spouse, and then after each “sign” you offer a marketing scheme! For example on number three you mention how if they stop planning for future life events like vacation, holidays, and home repairs, it COULD be a sign that your marriage is on the rocks. However in the “what to do now” section, you give a link to a divorce attorney. How dare you! Misguiding people like that just so you can make a few bucks on affiliate links…

Just for the record, number three has been an issue my husband and I have had in the past and we TALKED about it. And the reason he stopped planning things with vacations, holidays, and house repair is because he has been so consumed with work and finances. Im a stay at home mom, so he is the primary source of income in the family. Right now we’re in a financial rut, so his main focus is getting out of that. It takes over him. It’s a HUGE responsibility. But wait.. let me take your advice and call a divorce lawyer instead of understanding where my husband is coming from.

And number 13? Sudden interest in the kids? Give me a break. It could be the fact that your husband found all those Google searches on divorce attorneys and he’s trying to protect his ass for the future..

I understand that some of these might be signs of a dwindling marriage, but that’s all they are… signs. And you have the audacity to suggest to your audience to see a lawyer and check bank statements if any of these signs are in their lives instead of talking.

This is quite frankly one of the most stupid articles I’ve ever read. But I want to thank you. I want to thank you because my husband and I are going through our own struggles at the moment, and after reading this article it made me realize that in some point of our lives, we have experienced a few of these problems. We’ve experienced these problems and have TALKED about it. Even though I might not agree with his side of things sometimes, at least I have an understanding of where he’s coming from. And seeing that we always come back together and communicate despite the problems makes me feel stronger about our unity.

I’m not trying to be a troll. Marriage, love, and commitment is just something that is very important to me, and I’m sure the majority of your audience. Instead of giving them a vision of hope and understanding of their partner, i get an overwhelming feeling of relationship doom in this piece.

Yes relationships get rocky, yes partners question their spouses from time to time, yes there are heated arguments and harsh words we throw at each other. EVERYONE has rocky moments in a relationship. Part of the reason relationships fail and why these “red flags” start getting worse with time is the lack of communication between partners. And I’m talking about real communication, not arguing, screaming, and pointing fingers at one another. It’s a buildup effect, which you fail to mention in your article. You give a clear exit strategy for a relationship, but no explanations and no resolution to possibly save the marriage. Meanwhile thousands of people come here searching for answers, for hope in the relationship, and then you fill their head with this nonsense instead of giving them strategies to work it out with their partner.

I’m real sorry about your experience from your ex, but different people have different lives and different situations that result in their problems. Keep that in mind next article you write. Just a suggestion.

I totally agree. A vile and materialistic article. I found it quite staggering and feel the author has no actual experience of a genuine and loving relationship, nor one that has declined.

In all fairness, she did say to seek out a counselor multiple times. You don’t think that constitutes as TALKING to one another?

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You may have stayed in an unsatisfactory relationship for a long time because you were afraid of dealing with the changes that splitting up forces upon you.

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I’ve come to realize that marriage is a bunch of bull. No matter what you feel, when your spouse is done, they are done. I have been hanging on for years hoping my wife would come back and now I am consumed by it every day. No matter how good of shape I get into, how well I play by her rules, or how many damn books I read, it doesn’t matter she is gone. The dream marriage is all that it is. A dream that turns into a nightmare. I have and will always love her but I know now her love is gone. Best advice for anyone is to not get married. Be happy with you and live your life for you. Vows don’t mean anything. They are only for show. I hope if you are struggling like me that you find peace one day. And do not bring god into this because I see now there is not a god. It is all a lie. Don’t rely on that pipe dream. Don’t be a fool like me. Good luck.
father of 4 with a broken heart

You have felt hurt and are angry. Understandable! Watch an Esther Hicks video. Its really helped me, and I think may help you with a new lease on life.

You should try femalehackerz1 AT gmail , she helped me when I was suspicious of my husband’s activities. She’s good and very understanding

Thank defiantly deserve to know the truth of this relationship my close family had said he was planning to leave
I’m just ready for it to be over and done with i feel like he is just waiting for a opportunity to gather money for another vehicle and a place to stay his brother doesn’t want him to live with him again

13. They read and have shunned being around your children in exchange for working later hours trying to get a promotion for her own personal gain because MONEY is the ultimate goal in life.

Are you blaming someone else for the demise of your marriage? My suggestion is to stop blaming Emma for your failures and start looking at yourself. Maybe the reason your wife has to work so hard is because her husband is incapable of taking responsibility for himself and his own life. Why don’t you start being a real man and fix your life instead of blaming others? I bet your wife would love to have a man she can depend on instead of a weakling with a victim mentality. No one wants to be married to a crybaby who harasses women online. I am so sick of seeing your endless whining on this blog, I can only imagine how your poor wife feels. It’s exhausting just reading it so I can’t imagine living with it.

Newsflash! YOU and only YOU are responsible for what happens in your life. If you don’t like it then look at yourself and make some changes. If you won’t change then you don’t want to be married that badly. Don’t respond with whiny excuses because I don’t want to hear them.

Amen! Most men who comment on this articles are their own problems. They truly are weak, content to be underachievers, and resentful towards the woman in their life who has been most honest with them.

I beg your pardon, I worked my job 6 and 7. Days a week for 17 years of our 19 year marriage, I got hurt on my job 2 years ago and was out of work for 15 months, I had a lawyer that was able to get me a settlement from my job, my son went to the military and my wife left. When I call and try and talk to her she calls me pathetic, wish she would never have met me and tells our son to make sure that he knows who hes marrying or they could end up like her.

Why is a man “weak” for having the emotional bandwidth to love and express heartbreak? Are these attributes exclusive to women? I would NEVER want my son to be chastised for expressing himself, especially if he were losing his love.

If you truly believe a man is weak when he professes his sadness or loss, you are admitting.that women are also weak because they behave in normal ways when hurting. That only perpetuates the fallacy of a women as a weaker sex. Stop doing this to Menander women , in our society. The entire topic is about strength and survival after loss of a partner, probably because intimacy is lacking, yet, some here mock emotion.

Women, love your partner. Men, express yourselves. There. That’s half the battle.

Lol….what I’m seeing here is disgruntled men making valid comments like myself who are burned out and done bc of modern womens’ sense of laziness and entertainment. I did everything under the sun to please my critical, unfaithful, unloyal and demanding wife. I worked a great career until i became 100% disabled from a serious form of arthritis. She was miserable and judged me as “lazy” bc I had days where I couldnt walk. Regardless i still cooked all of our meals, all the laundry, all the cleaning, while doing all the “manly” duties including car repairs, lawn and yard maintenance and home improvements. Mind you I’m walking with a cane. She worked part time and grocery shopped and pretty much complained that she had to leave the house. See, I’m not alone in this paradigm and this is an example of why marriage rates are dropping bc of women’s entitlement. The fact is that divorce courts are antiquated with laws meant for uneducated and careerless housewives in 1954 who couldnt survive without their exhusbands assistance which was understandable. These divorce laws havent changed and now career women are getting alimony and child support that isnt reflective of actual necessity. My buddies wife had her MBA and made more money than him. After the divorce (she blindsided him with while sleeping with his boss which it’s a fact infidelity is very common with married women wanting a divorce ) he ended up living in a studio apartment while she ended up with their 4000 square foot home that he BOUGHT before they were married. He ended up paying her more than half his salary so he couldnt even afford to live while she is considered a wealthy single mother. Hmmmm Ring a bell ladies? This is happening to millions of men in this country where we pay over half our salaries and assets and you wonder why men are angry and fed up? I will probably pay a 3rd of my SSI which isnt much to begin with. She will most likely get the majority of our assets just because she is a female. she will live comfortably and I will live on scrapes while barely seeing my kids. Tell me, how does marriage benefit us men bc this is happening to many men exponentially? It’s a fact that women initiate divorce 80 percent of the time. It’s no wonder why….cha ching!!

Maybe she see’s you as intrusive or a controlling personality, maybe you’ve taken over everything she once enjoyed doing but became burnt out! How do I know this? Because I have a spouse seemly similar to you, even my own adult daughter looks back and saw how her own father was a narcissist! Take a deep look at your past actions and stop justifying your past action for the greater good! Seriously!

Always have a prenup!!! It’s not sexy or romantic but it protects both parties AND keeps your assets out of government hands! Marriage can thrive when both parties are equally and fairly treated from the beginning. Wills are for the committed. If a person won’t sign one, RUN!

I’m sure there’s more to THAT story Waylon. Some people don’t WANT to scrape by in life on the bottom ladder rung. Do you have any drive or ambition to get ahead in life? If you answered no, then it’s time to take an honest look into the mirror. Money isn’t the MOST important thing. But it’s pretty high up there.

My husband,is just acting weird,not talking to me much,says he doesn’t want to be around anyone,,sex,is not like it use to be,n when we do have it,it is usually once a week,,he doesn’t plan trips anymore,or anything,he never says I love u never has,,,n he is grumpy all the time,n blames me for anything that goes wrong,n talks awfully mean to me,we been married 39 yrs,n I love him regardless of the fact that he is grumpy, ,,but I am just to the point of I am tired of trying to love someone who just doesn’t seem to give a crap about me, ,you can’t make someone love you, ,,Anyone can email me with any help,,[email protected]

You talk about stopping the husband bashing, when in reality your whole premise is to give wives a way out of marriage. You have mentioned signs of husband or wife getting ready to leave as a smokescreen to hide your true persprctive. Trying to sound as though you are playing a level field when in fact you know as a female, wives will swallow everything you have to say hook line and sinker because of the way you wrote your article. Being a female, yourself you cannot help but feel more empathy for wives who are in this situation, but are too weak-minded to leave whereas the man on the other hand is deemed stronger in any relationship, so your thoughts are primarily geared toward the female. When you read this and you are digesting what I have said, be honest about your true intentions as a woman who obviously has been through some type of relationship trauma yourself.

Actually, my boyfriend who is divorced, contributed heavily to this. Sorry you are so bitter! Best wishes!

Every article you write is filled with the bitterness in your life that condescends against women and men who don’t fit your corporate-money centered lifestyle or do not share your life history. Your prose is filled with projections from the emptiness in your soul, the things that you alone feel are the cause of your unhappiness. EVERY article you have written in the past 4 months references MONEY as the savior for women. My God what a smashing world you must desire to live in that MONEY is your end goal in life. Here is a hint that might shatter your Marxist-Feminist view but a majority of men do not seek out MONEY as an end goal in life, the same male windmills you tilt your lance at in these pages (strawmen you alone have created). We know this to be true because successful people don’t write blogs blaming others for their failings or use cheap put downs about their competitors in life.

The article has no credits to the heavy contributions of the mentioned boyfriend. “Let your pubes hang out and stalk college boyfriends”?

I will assume that was a joke just like this article and the people who produced and published this garbage.

I believe it can go ether way. In truth I believe in society today woman are advancing more in What a man is supposed to do and i believe generations are flooding father figures divorce is easy marriage is hard and work nether side anymore can put God first. That is the sign of devorce

Before I asked for a divorce, I stopped talking altogether unless I had to. I didn’t argue, stayed out of his way, intimacy went out the window 2yrs before.

Here is the simple truth…..ALL the power, in any relationship, goes to the one that loves the least. You can’t make a person love you. If they want out, they will find a way. Best thing to do, if you truly love that person, is to let them leave. Maybe they can find their happiness again. Maybe they won’t.
The best advice is NEVER lose the communication. It will kill a marriage….. quick. No matter what, be able to talk about ANYTHING, not yelling, talk. After all, we did marry our best friend.
Please never forget, no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes.

My husband tells our friend, in front of me, he will out live me. I just had knee surgery and have been in a lot of pain but not terminally ill. I fell alarmed by this. Not that it matters who goes first. It just that he would say this out loud. I would never do that to someone. My friend felt embrassed for me. I’m thinking divorce. I don’t know how to get around this.

God forbid a spouse tries to lose weight, look better. Many are twice what they were when married. My thing is lack of sex. People get most of the sex when they are single. Get all you want., from buying dinner sometimes. Then marry, pay for a huge house, nice vehicles, vacations. Then not much … twice a month if lucky? Marriage is a big sham.

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