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23 sexy date night ideas

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Whether you are too exhausted or broke to go out, are just hankering for a quiet night in, here are some fun and sexy date night ideas from single moms who are enjoying themselves this year.

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1. Movie date night (or TV) and chill

Amanda: Getting shit faced, drinking whisky and watching horror movies. Then fucking on the couch like a couple of teenagers.

Shay: Order in from an expensive restaurant, wine, candles, PAJAMAS, and movies all night. Also, an unlimited supply of junk food after the sex.

Jane: Netflix and chill?

Mica: We order takeout and binge watch our favorite shows with bottle of wine…or rum…depending on the type of after party we're trying to have. LOL

Elle: Fireplace lit, all the movie snacks, take turns massaging each other during the movie (which turns into a foreplay) and lots of sex after. Amazon Prime Video deals >>

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2. Board games

Shira: Honestly? We’ve been doing: chess, sex, eat, rinse and repeat as necessary.

Staci: Twister in lingerie.

Heather: The other night we made MANY cocktails and played Scrabble. It was awesome.

Alyssa: Settlers of Catan while imbibing (I always pick wine, he always picks bourbon), s'mores by the fire pit, movie that we both like but don't need to focus too much on since inevitably on our every-other-weekend date night in we take advantage of the alone time 🙂

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3. Date night card games

Cards Against Humanity and other naughty games

Ruth: We play gin rummy and the winner gets a massage and hand job in front of the fireplace.

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4. Dance and sing

Tomika: Cooking or ordering in, drinking wine, slow dancing and then, um, an adult combination of the three 😝.

Kelli: Dance party (lasers, loud music, and questionable attire!), bonfire sometimes including cooking dinner over the fire, and adult-only games. Those are our go-to’s 🙂.

Catharine: Our new favorite is Karaoke ballad and rock battles…man to woman…

5. Forts

Holli: Pillow fort, wine, tablet to watch stream movies on, and snacks. Make sure to have extra pillows and blankets to snuggle in under the fort.

Lana: We make a fort in our living room, dragging the couch cushions onto the floor, a canopy with sheets and twinkle lights over our head, and watch movies all day/night. It’s instant romance.

6. Hookup 

Elizabeth: See how many times you can get each other off 😉

Yanira: Sex.

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7. More sexy date night ideas

Elizabeth: “This has been my life this year!” Favorites:

  • College drinking games: beer pong, flip cup
  • Take an online class together: We’ve done sangria-making with drag Queens in Spain, sip-n-paint, and a wine tasting
  • DIY spa day: get nice massage oil and get the lighting and music good for massages and other spa treatments (with happy ending OBVI)
  • DIY DJ dance party: come up with a list of themed songs (e.g. songs that remind you of high school, songs you’ve had sex to…)
  • Take turns reading short stories or poems out loud to each other…bonus points if they’re erotic (check out Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet)
  • Dirty truth or dare

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