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Same-day pay jobs: 26 instant payout opportunities for quick cash

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A recent study conducted by market research firm The Harris Poll1 found that 83% of U.S. workers believe they should have access to their earned wages at the end of each workday. 

While most jobs pay you on a weekly or biweekly basis, if you need money quickly and consistently, there are jobs available that pay you the same day you work. 

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Same-day pay jobs

The following jobs are paid the same day you complete work:


Babysitting is a common way for teenagers to earn money, but adults can also care for children while their parents work or go out for a night. Babysitters typically get paid after they’ve wrapped up a babysitting shift.

If you’re looking to secure a regular job as a nanny, check out our post on how to become a nanny

Average hourly wage: $12-$130, but several parents and caregivers on Reddit note that they pay higher rates for watching multiple children:

Caregiving services

Caregivers provide care for others in different ways, like cooking for the elderly or providing personal care services for a person with a disability. Many caregiving jobs are available to those with a high school diploma, but caregivers providing medical care may need training, certification, or licensure. 

According to Kenneth Garcia, a former recruiter, caregivers who work for temp agencies may receive daily pay, and some home health companies offer daily pay in addition to regular payroll.

Learn more about how to become a home health aide.

Average hourly wage: $13-$14, with live-in caregivers typically earning the highest wages.

Cleaning houses

House cleaners clean and tidy all areas of a home with deep cleanings and routine touch-ups. They don’t need any qualifications, but some clients may ask for references to prove your skills and trustworthiness. 

House cleaners who work independently may request payment before or after completing cleaning services.

Average hourly wage: $13-$14

Contract delivery jobs

Shipt and Instacart both work with independent contractors to deliver household goods and food to people in their neighborhoods. 

Delivery drivers must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license and reliable vehicle. Both services let drivers choose which blocks of time they’d like to work and what jobs to accept during those times.

Shipt pays drivers per completed order, and drivers can elect to get paid weekly or once daily via Stripe. Instacart also pays upon order completion, offering weekly direct deposits or same-day cashouts within two hours of delivery.

Average hourly wage for Shipt: $10-$12 before tips, or $15-$17 after tips. People in populated areas, like major cities, can earn more than $20 per hour, according to Shipt workers on Reddit:

Average hourly wage for Instacart: About $20-$40 per hour, including tips, on days when orders come in regularly. Those in busy areas with consistent orders sometimes earn over $40 an hour, according to Instacart shoppers on Reddit:


Construction workers help build and renovate residential or commercial properties. Many construction companies will train new hires with a high school diploma or GED on the job. 

Workers directly hired by a construction company typically receive weekly or bi-weekly pay, but positions offered through temp agencies can provide same-day pay. They can also earn a per diem (an allowance for food/lodging/travel) from their companies while traveling:

Average hourly wage: $17-18

Construction is also a great no background check job.

Day laborer

Day laborers typically work with construction or manufacturing companies or contractors to help with various tasks, like cleaning up worksites, moving materials, or operating machinery. 

In Reddit threads discussing jobs that pay daily, some Redditors mentioned day labor work:

Reddit thread about same-day pay jobs.
Reddit thread about same-day pay jobs.

On-the-job training is usually acceptable for laborers. Like construction workers, laborers may find positions through temp agencies, like PeopleReady and Veryable, that pay daily. 

Average hourly wage: $17-$18

Freelance writing

Freelance writers provide writing services to clients for blogs, magazines, website copy, emails, and other types of online and printed publications. Having a portfolio of previous work can help a freelance writers show their expertise.

As independent contractors, freelancers can negotiate contracts with clients to set payment rates and schedules. Some freelancers require payments immediately after completing their projects.  

Average hourly wage: $20-$50+, although rates vary significantly based on experience and publication.

Some freelance writers on Reddit talk about earning more than $100 per hour:


A handyworker, a.k.a. handyman or handywoman, completes various jobs like moving furniture, painting, or making basic repairs in homes or commercial buildings. These professionals don’t usually need any specific training, but may have already learned skills through a training program or previous job experience. However, some states require handyworkers to hold licenses. 

Many handyworkers own their own businesses and request payment from clients upon completion of the work.

Average hourly wage: $24-$25, but several Redditors in one thread agree that charging $50 per hour or more is plausible, depending on the area and project scope.

Lawn care

Lawn care specialists plan and organize flower beds, mow grass, trim bushes, and complete other tasks to maintain and spruce up lawns. 

They usually don’t have specific credentials but may require a license to operate a lawn care business. Same-day pay is relatively standard for lawn care independent contractors or business owners.

byu/PatriotOutdoors from discussion

Average hourly wage: $12-$13

Pet care services

Dog groomers, dog walkers, pet and house sitters are often paid at the time of service. If you want to work independently, there are numerous apps that can connect you with clients who need pet care jobs in your area, including:

  • Rover
  • Time To Pet
  • Pawshake
  • PetBacker
  • Wag!

Average hourly wage: Some dog walkers on Reddit say they've made between $100-500 per week, depending on how many jobs they took:

Restaurant server

Restaurant servers take orders from customers and tend to their needs while dining. Having previous experience working with customers can help people get hired for server positions.

Some restaurants pay servers their tips with their weekly or biweekly paychecks, but others allow servers to take home the tips they earned at the end of their shift: 

When looking for server jobs, seek restaurants that allow servers to keep all of their tips rather than taking a cut or splitting tips between all employees on each shift.

Average hourly wage: $8-$9 base pay, plus tips

Selling online

If you’re looking for jobs paid the same day that you have ultimate control over, consider selling crafts, vintage items, and other products online. Set up a website to sell from or use a marketplace like Etsy to sell products. Every time you get a sale, you make money. 

Just be sure to connect a payment platform with a same-day payout option, like Stripe or PayPal.

Average hourly wage: Online sellers don’t necessarily earn a wage but instead earn revenue based on how much they sell. Advertising your business on social media and via word of mouth can be good ways to boost your sales.

Jobs that pay weekly, plus “instant payout jobs”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, biweekly pay is the most common pay schedule. Therefore, jobs that pay daily cash aren’t easy to find, However, jobs that pay weekly are becoming more commonplace, especially in the delivery driver realm.

We’ve rounded up a few of the best weekly pay options, some of which also offer instant payouts you can use when you can’t wait a full week for your paycheck.

  • Uber or Uber Eats: Drive for Uber as a rideshare driver or for Uber Eats as a delivery person and get paid weekly. Or, get paid sooner with Instant Pay, which lets you cash out your earnings up to five times daily.
  • Lyft: Lyft is another rideshare company offering weekly deposits processed on Tuesdays. Drivers can cash out up to five times per day using Express Pay or get paid instantly after each completed ride using the Lyft Direct card. 
  • Roadie: Roadie drivers deliver items locally to businesses and residents. Although they typically process payments every Tuesday, Roadie allows drivers with at least five completed gigs to cash out instantly for a $1.99 fee.
  • DoorDash: DoorDash’s independent contractors deliver food and other items from restaurants and stores. Dashers get paid weekly unless they set up Fast Pay to get paid instantly with a $1.99 processing fee.
  • Grubhub: Grubhub drivers can get paid via direct deposit every Thursday or cash out instantly for a $0.50 fee or free for Chase Bank customers.
  • Instawork: Instawork is an app that helps you find same-day jobs to work at companies that need extra help. The app pays weekly for all work from the previous week. 

Same-day pay temp agencies

Talia Knowles, a human resources specialist and contributor for, notes that temp agencies can be prime resources for job-seekers who want to get paid quickly. In fact, some temp agencies offer same-day pay, including: 

  • Adecco: DailyPay partner offering temporary and temp-to-hire jobs in retail, accounting, marketing, and hospitality industries, to name a few
  • Staffmark Group: Works with DailyPay to help its temp workers get paid instantly
  • Labor Works: Staffs companies with skilled laborers and offers same-day pay
  • PeopleReady: Agency featuring numerous jobs with weekly pay and select jobs with same-day pay, either through a cash card or direct deposit

Although several temp agency jobs can provide same-day pay, Knowles says that some positions, like delivery driving, caregiving, and back-of-house restaurant roles, are more likely to pay each day. 

Knowles suggests applying for temp jobs for which you meet or exceed the minimum requirements, as temp agencies look to hire qualified candidates as quickly as possible to meet staffing needs. 

“If you present yourself as hard-working, trustworthy, and willing to ask questions, you’ll often be hired on the spot,” Knowles says.

Instant payout apps

Some companies offer the following instant payout apps for employees to get paid the same day or get cash advances on their paychecks:


DailyPay partners with temp agencies and businesses offering pay advances to their workers. Workers with DailyPay access can use the app to view their earnings, cash out before payday, and drop money into savings.

Download: App Store (Rating: 4.8) | Google Play (Rating: 4.7)

Fees: Free to download; Up to $2.99 fee per instant transfer


Dave gives users a payday advance of up to $500, allowing people to get paid up to two days early. The app also features a side hustle search for users to find quick-paying side jobs.

Download: App Store (Rating: 4.8) | Google Play (Rating: 4.3)

Fees: Free to download; $1 per month for membership

Dayforce Wallet

Dayforce Wallet helps you get your paychecks faster by requesting an advance to your Dayforce Wallet debit card if your employer allows on-demand pay. Workers can also get direct deposits straight to their Dayforce accounts. 

Download: App Store (Rating: 4.9) | Google Play (Rating: 4.5)

Fees: Free to download, although there may be fees for out-of-network ATM usage


EarnIn gives payday advances of up to $100 daily based on a user’s earnings. Regular cashouts take 1-3 business days, but immediate cashouts are available for a fee with Lightning Speed. EarnIn takes care of withdrawing any advances from a user’s pay when payday hits.

Download: App Store (Rating: 4.7) | Google Play (Rating: 4.6)

Fees: Free to download; Up to $3.99 per transaction for Lightning Speed withdrawals 


Employers can partner with PayActiv to give employees access to their paychecks up to two days early. Users can also sign up independently for a PayActiv Visa Card to get cash advances, which will be deducted from their next paycheck.

Download: App Store (Rating: 4.8) | Google Play (Rating: 4.4)

Fees: Free to download; Free to use with direct deposits to the PayActive Visa Card; otherwise, a $1 fee applies

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Bottom line: Finding jobs with same day pay

Although not the norm, same-day pay jobs are available, especially through temp agencies.

According to Bill Ryze, a Chartered Financial Consultant and board advisor at Fiona, having savings is essential for covering financial emergencies and unexpected expenses that your typical paychecks may not cover. 

“Savings also motivates you to continue building better financial habits, keeps you a step ahead, and brings you closer to future financial goals,” Ryze adds.

If you do find a job with same-day pay, you should consider jump-starting your savings. Ryze suggests creating a budget to help you track your expenses and income. Doing so can help you visualize how much money you have left over for savings after taking care of bills and necessities. You might also notice some patterns in your spending to identify ways you can cut back.

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