Do you have gold, silver or diamond earrings you never wear, no longer like — or that hold bad memories?

Time to sell! Thankfully, there are safe, secure online sites that will help you sell your old jewelry, at the highest price, fast.

For most gold, diamond and other fine earrings, sell to CashforGoldUSA, which has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, pays within 24 hours, and will give you a 10% bonus if you send in your item within 7 days. Door-to-door free FedEx pickup and delivery, including returns if you decide not to sell.

If your diamond stud or other earrings are valued at $1,000 or more, is also an A+ BBB rated diamond buyer, that uses an auction platform to help you sell your earrings or other items. They are especially suited for large pieces, watches and branded jewelry like Tiffany, Graff, Harry Winston or Cartier.

Your heirlooms, estate or antique jewelry could be worth funding an emergency nest egg, retirement, college tuition, or this month's electric bill!.

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Where to sell your earrings

You could go the old-fashioned route: Try to find a few spare hours in your schedule, pour over respectable jewelers in your area, get gussied up, deal with parking, haggle over the offer and leave your old jewelry behind, wondering if you got the best possible deal — if not totally screwed.

Or, you can explore online platforms that help you sell your diamond stud earrings for the highest price to hundreds of bidders around the world.

Where to sell your diamond earrings:

There are plenty of outlets that can help you, but if your diamond stud earrings are worth $1,000 in resale value, really stands out. (I write my experience with them in this review of Worthy.)

Feel free to research other options, but here are what made an impression on me: Worthy lets you sell your old fine jewelry in its online auction but allows you to stay involved at every step along the way.

On top of that, the company only works with serious buyers — interested jewelers and diamond buyers from all over the world, not just in your ZIP code.

Spend a few minutes creating an account, send in a few pics with your phone, and return the FedEx mailer — then watch the bids roll in.

Worthy handles the rest.

The company provides an initial assessment based on the info you provide, gives you a trending market price so you have an idea of what you’re working with, then they will send you an insured FedEx shipping label so you can send your earrings or other jewelry or watches off with a sense of security.

Then, Worthy has your jewelry evaluated by experts who take professional photos that will make your jewelry stand out even more to potential buyers.

I've actually been selling a few pieces of my own lately through Worthy.

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know that I'm a sucker for an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which Worthy has.

Worthy >>

How to sell diamond earrings online using

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your name and email, along with basic information (color, carat weight, clarity, etc.) about your jewelry, including size and grade of your jewelry or stone.
  3. Receive an estimated market value for your piece right then and there. This process takes about 2 minutes.
  4. A very nice customer service representative calls to answer all your questions and tells you what will happen next.
  5. Ship your item. If that price suits you, Worthy will send a FedEx delivery person to your house the next business day (or sometimes the same day!), in which you send the jewelry, diamond or watch to them — Worthy pays for all shipping and insures the item for up to $1 million (yes, really!).
  6. Agree on a “reserve price,” or the lowest price you are willing to accept.
  7. Your item is auctioned. Worthy will put your jewelry in front of at least 100 potential buyers worldwide, who can then bid on your item.
  8. Receive an offer within 7 days of Worthy receiving your item.
  9. Get paid. After you confirm the sale, you’ll receive payment within 24 hours, including through PayPal or your bank account. Cha-ching!

Sell jewelry with Worthy >>

If you're more of a visual learner, check out this video I made detailing my own experience selling jewelry on Worthy:

Where to sell your earrings:

CashForGoldUSA is a quality place to sell your earrings online.

  • Straight-forward process.
  • Free FedEx to your door overnight — and free FedEx pickup.
  • Legit company with a A+ Better Business Bureau rating.
  • Pays within 24 hours.
  • Free insurance up to $5,000 — and up to $100,000 upon request.
  • One of the older companies in the space with more than 30 years experience.
  • Quick way to get cash for earrings, jewelry, watches, scrap, coins, dental and other forms of silver, gold and platinum, as well as diamond jewelry and loose diamonds.
  • You decide whether you want to accept their offer, or not. 100% free, immediate return.
  • Earn a 10% bonus above your quote price when you send your earrings in within 7 days.

How to sell earrings online using

I personally sold gold and diamond jewelry to CashforGoldUSA. Super-easy:

  1. I entered my name and address on their website, they sent me a USPS mailer, I stuck the jewelry in it, dropped it in the mailbox and two weeks later got a check in the mail. You can also ask for a FedEx label. Both come with tracking numbers.
  2. Within days I got an email appraisal for $159. Accepted! Within 24 hours the money was transferred to my PayPal. CashforGoldUSA will also send payment by check or bank transfer. 

Not too shabby for something that had been gathering dust the previous month. Try CashforGoldUSA now >>

What is the value of my earrings?

Understanding the value of your earrings or other fine jewelry has many factors. These include:

  1. Are your earrings a know brand, such as Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Graff, Chopard or David Yurman?
  2. What is the quality of the diamond, gold or silver in the earrings?

Understand the value of your diamond earrings and diamond studs:

If your earrings have diamonds of any size, spend some time understanding the 4Cs of diamonds, and how diamond buyers value, appraise and pay for diamonds, gemstones and jewelry. This post outlines:

  • Cut, clarity, color and carat of diamonds
  • Market prices for diamonds today
  • How to tell if your diamond is real — and how much you can get for yours
  • Best places to sell diamonds

Understand the value of your gold earrings:

First, you want to know how much you will get when you sell your gold stud or gold hoop earrings. You can get an estimate at CashforGoldUSA's online calculator.

CashforGoldUSA is a 30-year-old U.S., family-owned company that was found by a Fox News investigation to pay 3X its competitors for gold and diamonds. They pay within 24 hours and insure your item up to $5,000 through Lloyds of London.

Gold prices are at a 7-year high. As of , the gold price in the USA was at a near-record price of $ per ounce, or $ per gram.

Gold prices have surged by 35% over the past 12 months — and 450% since 2000. When the economy and stocks are unstable, prices of gold historically rise. In other words: Now is an excellent time to sell your gold!

How to find the quality and value of your gold:

Check for a stamp. Real gold earrings will have a purity marking on the back or inside. This stamp is typically either a carat number, such as 18K, or 12K, in the shape of a rectangle with the corners cut off, and with a number inside. Here is the meaning of those numbers:

999 = 24 karat, 99.9% gold
990 = 22 karat, 99% gold
916 = 22 karat, 91.6% gold
750 = 18 karat, 75% gold
585 = 14 karat, 58.5% gold
375 = 9 carat, 37.5% gold

Learn more about how to tell if your gold stud or hoop earrings are real, plated or filled, and what you need to know about how to value, price and sell your gold.

If your earrings have diamonds or other gemstones, you want to understand the 4 Cs, grading and lab reports, and the way diamonds are graded and priced.

You may also be interested in our full list of the best online jewelry buyers.

How much do gold earrings sell for?

If your earrings are gold with no stones, then then the price you will receive for your jewelry is based on the weight and carat of the gold, calculated by the spot gold price at the time of sale, minus the buyer's commission — which can be around 20% for a quality online gold buyer or jeweler near you — or much higher with a pawn broker.

Today's gold prices:

Gold prices are at a 7-year high. As of , the gold resale value in the USA was at a near-record price of $ per ounce, or $ per gram.

Understand the value of your gold with diamond earrings:

Typically, a single stone of carat weight of .5 carat is worth more than $1,000. Keep in mind that is for ONE stone — not the total carat weight of all the stones in your diamond or gold earrings.

Smaller stones are typically worth less than $100 total, and people are often surprised to find that the gold or platinum setting is worth more in resale value than the diamonds — especially today when gold prices are so high, and diamond prices have been decreasing.

How much do diamond earrings sell for?

Here are some recent diamond earring sales:

how much can sell diamond earrings for
how much can sell diamond earrings for
how much can sell diamond earrings for

Understand the value of your silver earrings:

As of , Kitco silver prices closed at $15.19 per ounce, or roughly $0.49 per gram — far less than gold or platinum.

Frequently asked questions about selling earrings

What can you do with old earrings?

Your options for your old earrings and other jewelry include:

  • Sell
  • Have the stones redesigned into another style or a ring or necklace
  • Save them — you may decide you like them at a later date, or choose to give them to someone you love
  • Gift them to someone you love now!

Can you sell used earrings?

Yes! Sell your gold, diamond or other precious metals earrings via CashforGoldUSA and get paid within 24 hours.

Can I pawn diamond earrings?

Pawnshops do buy jewelry, including diamond earrings — though they typically pay far less than an online jewelry buyer.

Can I sell one diamond earring?

Yes, you can sell single diamond earrings. Almost all diamonds bought by a buyer are removed from their setting and resold to jewelers.

Can I sell pearl earrings?

While there is a small market for used pearl earrings and other pearl jewelry, it is harder to sell pearls than other types of jewelry. A pawn shop, estate jewelry store or even eBay are your best bet.

How do I get my earrings appraised near me?

An appraisal is different than a diamond lab report, or a certification from a qualified gemologist.

Most local jewelers in your community provide appraisals. This can be a good estimate of the replacement value of your jewelry, which can help you get it insured, and understand more about your earrings. Jewelers will often offer this for free.

However, if you want to know the true value of what your jewelry is worth, and how much you can get for it by selling, you need a certified lab report.

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