How she did it: Med school at 35, single and 6 months pregnant

Dr. Susan O'Malley

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Dr. Susan O’Malley is pretty awesome. With her thick New York accent, this lifelong underachiever, secretary with no more than a high school diploma, set out at age 30 to become a physician.

She did it.

In this interview, I interview this amazing, charming woman who did not let her age, marital or family status or the zillions of naysayers hold her back from her mid-life dream of medicine.


Dr. Susan O’Malley shares about:

  • How she got over her low-self image to preserver through rejection from every medical school in the country, and eventual acceptance and matriculation at 35
  • Romantic disappointments
  • Powering through one of the most rigorous academic paths as a single mom of a newborn to become an emergency room physician.
  • Her eventual move to cosmetic medicine and entrepreneurship with the opening of Sonas Med Spa in Connecticut
  • The power of physical beauty
  • Dating as a single mother
  • What she does with her money
  • Her daily schedule while in medical school while raising her tiny son

Listen to her gush about the 15-year romance with her husband (hear what she said when I asked how the sex was after all those years, and now in her 60s).

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9 thoughts on “How she did it: Med school at 35, single and 6 months pregnant

  1. Wow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing Dr. O’Malley’s story. I feel like this was a divine intervention for me and the exact, very human story I needed to hear at age 40 as I contemplate taking on more schooling. I laughed, shed some tears, gained new hope and perspective. Thank you Emma and Dr. O’Malley. Sending my love.

    1. Just what I needed to hear. Just got out of a toxic relationship with my son’s father whom I treated like a king and end up getting treated like s#^t for 2yrs. A man who don’t have time for me or his son. Will never settled down and marry me as old as he is. I’m now embracing the idea of a single mom and finish up my nursing degree I had to put off because I was pregnant. I’m so determined to finish and move away with my son. I will be staying put on this page so I can stay encouraged. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Im sorry to hear of ur terrible experience. Well done for having the courage to leave and good luck with your nursing degree. Wish you all the luck in the world!

  2. I love Susan’s honesty and vulnerability. This was perfect for me as a single mom of three contemplating a career change after 28 years. Thank you, Emma and Susan!

  3. Very inspiring! She overcame so many obstacles and still has a great attitude. I hope many women who find themselves feeling down and out listen to this. I completely agree with her that we’re judged on our looks whether we like it or not. Even though I consider myself an accepting person, there are certain women and men who I would never want to work for me because of the lack of care they take in their personal appearance. So don’t worry Emma, you’re not doing your son or daughter a disservice by wearing heels

  4. Very inspiring story. This has given me hope that i can be a single mom and have a career. I have been feeling so guilty about taking my child away from its father but i now beleive its better off with a happier more successful me than the miserable, unhappy and lost person i had become. I now have hope and alot more courage after hearing this story.

    I bought the book! Onward and upward from here!!

    Thanks Emma

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