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Help for single moms in Kentucky: 32 assistance programs

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If you’re a single mom in Kentucky struggling to make ends meet, keep reading for resources that help with: 

Every month, I give out $500 cash to one single mom struggling with money, health, stress, child care, illness or loneliness — no strings attached. 

Qualifications are simple:

1. You're a single mom.

2. You need the money right now.

Fill out this form to apply:

(Note that the figures and information in this post are current as of publication date.)

Many of the programs on this list determine eligibility as a percentage of the federal poverty level (FPL). These are the 2024 federal poverty guidelines:

Number of people in family/householdAnnual income

* For families/households with more than 8 people, add $5,380 for each additional person.

You can also look up your area median income (AMI) here.

Emergency cash for low-income families in Kentucky

If you need cash to pay bills, buy gas, feed your family, or for any other reason, these resources can help:

Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program

KTAP is a cash assistance program that helps families with children get the money they need to afford necessities, like food, shelter, and clothing. Families can receive up to 60 months of KTAP benefits, and those months don’t need to be continuous. 

A family of three can get up to $262 per month from KTAP. 


  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be a Kentucky resident
  • Be unemployed or under-employed
  • Be a parent or caregiver with a child under 18 or under 19 if still in school
  • Meet the income requirements — $974 for a family of three

How to get help:

Apply at your local Department for Community Based Services office. Find your branch by calling 800-372-2973.

More emergency cash help in Kentucky: 

Single moms in Kentucky can visit or dial 2-1-1 to ask for assistance.

Find a Department of Human Services office near you:


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These are some more tips for getting cash quickly: 

Housing help for single moms in Kentucky

If you need help finding a place to live or paying your rent/mortgage, these programs can help: 

Rental assistance in Kentucky

There are multiple programs in Kentucky to help renters find housing and pay their rent:

Healthy at Home Eviction Relief Fund

This program gives eligible Kentucky families cash assistance to pay their rent if they fall behind because of a financial hardship. It can also pay utilities. Families may receive up to 12 months of payments equal to their past-due rent or utilities and up to three months of future rent and utility payments.

Jefferson and Fayette counties have their own separate programs. The Jefferson County program has stopped accepting new applications, but Fayette County residents can apply through the CommunityAction Council.


  • Kentucky resident not in Jefferson or Fayette counties
  • At risk of eviction
  • Request assistance for a primary residence
  • Experiencing a financial hardship as a result of the pandemic
  • Meet income guidelines, which vary by county and are capped at 80% of AMI

How to get help: 

Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) in Kentucky

Low-income families in Kentucky may apply for Section 8 vouchers. This assistance program helps eligible families pay their rent for qualified housing. If you’re interested in applying for Section 8, you can learn more about rental limits here.        


Families must meet income requirements for their area based on their household size.

How to get help: 

Mortgage assistance in Kentucky

If you need help buying a home in Kentucky, these programs can help: 

Kentucky Homeowner Assistance Fund

This program pays homeowners up to $60,000 to help them keep their homes after experiencing a pandemic-related financial hardship. Homeowners can get help paying their mortgage for up to six months of current or past-due payments or put the money toward utilities, homeowner’s association dues, or escrow payments.


  • Kentucky homeowner
  • Seek assistance for a primary residence only
  • Financial hardship affecting your ability to pay your housing-related costs
  • Income lower than 150% of AMI

How to get help: 

Create an account with the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center to apply online.

Kentucky Housing Corporation Down Payment Assistance

First-time homebuyers can get up to $10,000 in down payment assistance, paid as a loan in $100 monthly payments. Homebuyers must repay the loan, with interest, over 10 years.


  • Purchase price up to $349,525
  • Meet all underwriting requirements from a lender
  • Work with a Kentucky Housing Corporation lender                       

How to get help: 

Contact a KHC-approved lender to apply.

Kentucky Housing Corporation Home Loans for Low-Income Buyers

KHC offers its Conventional Preferred Program to help homebuyers with low incomes purchase a home. The loan is reserved for homebuyers with incomes not exceeding 80% of the AMI.

Applicants can also use a KHC down payment assistance loan to purchase their homes.


  • Purchase price up to $349,525
  • Use the loan for a primary residence only
  • Minimum credit score of 660
  • Pay a 3% down payment
  • Meet all underwriting requirements from a lender
  • Work with a Kentucky Housing Corporation lender          

How to get help: 

Contact a KHC-approved lender to apply.

Check today's mortgage loan rates >>

Homeless assistance in Kentucky

If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, these programs can help: 

Kentucky Emergency Solutions Grant

ESG gives money to emergency shelters and community programs that help people who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. The funds go toward providing emergency housing, maintaining emergency shelters, and getting families off the streets.

How to get help: 

Call KHC at 502-564-7630 for information.

Continuum of Care in Kentucky

The CoC program provides services for homeless individuals and families. The program addresses immediate food and shelter needs and connects homeless people to community and state resources. The goal of the program is to prevent people from becoming homeless again.

How to get help: 

Call KHC at 502-564-7630 for information.

More housing help: 

Electric bill assistance in Kentucky

If you are struggling to pay your utility bills in Kentucky, check out the following programs:

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) in Kentucky

This program gives direct payments to energy companies on behalf of families with low incomes who need help paying their energy bills. LIHEAP in Kentucky is available in three types of programs:

  • Subsidy: This program pays a lump payment to the energy company to reduce a family’s bill
  • Crisis: This is an emergency assistance program for families in immediate need of help paying for their heat
  • Summer Program: When enough funds are leftover, some families can get help paying for cooling in the summer


  • Kentucky resident
  • Income lower than 130% of FPL for subsidy or less than 75% of the FPL for the crisis program
  • For the summer program, eligible households must have a household member younger than 6, 65 and older, or who has a disability

How to get help:

Call 800-456-3452 for information on applying.

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) in Kentucky

The WAP program pays for necessary weatherization upgrades to Kentucky homes for families with lower incomes. Eligible households can get heating system repairs, insulation installations, and other services to help them lower their energy bills.


  • Kentucky resident
  • Valid Social Security numbers for all household members
  • Meet income guidelines — $37,290 for a family of three
  • Own the home getting help or have permission from your landlord if renting

How to get help:

Contact your local Kentucky Community Action agency.

More electric bill help: 

Free money to help pay bills

Medical insurance and dental help for single moms in Kentucky

Kentucky families who need help paying for medical or dental services can see if they’re eligible for the following programs:

Dental Lifeline in Kentucky

Participating dental clinics in Kentucky give free or low-cost dental care to people who qualify for the Dental Lifeline program based on a medically necessary dental need. Currently, the program is only accepting applications for people who live in Jefferson or Warren counties. 


You must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • Over 65 years of age
  • Permanently disabled
  • Need medically necessary dental care

You must have no other means to afford or receive dental care. Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, so there are no set income limits for this program. 

How to get help: 

Kentucky Free and Affordable Dental Clinics

Several dental clinics in Kentucky offer free or low-fee dental services to families who need care and may not otherwise be able to afford it. 


Each dental clinic sets its own rules and qualifications for patients.

How to get help: 

Contact a nearby dental clinic for more information about receiving services.

Kentucky Oral Health Program

Kentucky offers a few different programs to help Kentucky families get the care they need for healthy teeth:

  • Kentucky Public Health Dental Hygiene Program: Offers professional dental care to school-aged children in participating districts.
  • Fluoride Programs: The Kids Smile program gives fluoride treatments to children who may be at risk of tooth decay. Other fluoride programs supply fluoridated water and supplements to needy areas of the state.
  • Kentucky Sealant Program: This is a community-based program that provides sealants to children in schools with a high percentage of students at risk for dental problems. 


Each program sets its own rules and qualifications for patients.

How to get help: 

Kentucky Medicaid 

Medicaid is a federal program that provides coverage to low-income families for health services like:

  • Wellness checkups
  • Prescriptions
  • Lab or radiological exams
  • Emergency room visits
  • Hospital stays
  • Specialist visits

Some Medicaid recipients with very low incomes can get free services, while others pay a spend down amount before Medicaid begins covering the costs of care.


  • Kentucky resident
  • U.S. citizen
  • Income up to 133% of FPL for an adult or up to 195% of FPL if pregnant

How to get help:

Apply online using Kentucky’s kynect portal or in person at your local Department for Community Based Services. 

Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program (KCHIP)

The KCHIP program provides health coverage for kids whose families don’t qualify for Medicaid. The program pays for:

  • Lab tests
  • Mental health services
  • Doctor visits
  • Dental care
  • Immunizations 
  • Physical and speech therapies
  • Hearing and vision services
  • Prescriptions


  • Live in Kentucky
  • U.S. citizen
  • Child under 19
  • Ineligible for other health insurance
  • Have income up to 213% of FPL — $4,413 for a family of three

How to get help: 

Apply online using kynect or in person at your local Department for Community Based Services. 

More medical/dental help: 

Food help for low-income families in Kentucky

A number of federal and state food and nutrition programs are available across the state:

Kentucky Food Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP is a federal program that gives families money to buy food. Single moms in Kentucky can use SNAP benefits for fresh produce, meat, snacks, and other food at participating stores. Generally, the maximum benefit amount a three-person household can receive per month is $740. 


  • Be a Kentucky resident
  • Be a U.S. citizen or qualified citizen
  • Have no more than $2,250 in cash and resources or no more than $3,500 if one of your household members is 60 or older
  • Participate in a work registration program if you’re between 18 and 59 years old
  • Have income at or below 130% of FPL — $2,495 for a family of three

How to get help: 

  • Apply online using kynect
  • Call 855-306-8959
  • Apply at your local DCBS office

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) in Kentucky

WIC gives pregnant women and their children up to age 5 money to pay for nutritious food, like infant formula, baby food, milk, and cheese. The program also offers nutrition guidance and connects moms to community resources that help with child development and nutrition.

Kentucky residents can use the WIC Shopper app to register their WIC card and scan products at the store to make sure they’re eligible for WIC.


  • Low-income, pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women, for up to one year postpartum
  • Women up to six months postpartum who are not breastfeeding
  • Infants and children under 5 years old, including foster children
  • Low-income sole provider parents of children under age of 5 who are at nutritional risk and who are below 185% of FPL
  • If you are currently receiving Medicaid, Temporary Assistance, or Food Assistance help, you are also eligible for WIC

How to get help: 

Apply at your local health department.

National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program in Kentucky

These USDA programs help children in families with low incomes get free or reduced-price school lunches and breakfasts. Some schools, camps, and daycares may also be eligible for free fruits and vegetables, milk, and after-school snacks.


Eligible households have income within the federal income eligibility guidelines

How to get help: 

  • Contact your child’s school for more information
  • Call 502-564-5625

Kentucky Seamless Summer Option

This program allows eligible schools in Kentucky to provide fresh meals to their students over the summer when school is on break. 


Children must be 18 or younger. Participating sites can determine their own requirements for meals.

How to get help: 

  • Contact your child’s school for more information
  • Call 502-564-5625

Feeding Kentucky

Feeding Kentucky helps people across the state access food they need for themselves and their families. The organization’s program, KY Kids Eat, is specifically for children in need aged 18 and younger to get free food.

How to get help: 

More food help: 

Child care help for low-income families in Kentucky

Moms in Kentucky can get help from the following programs with child care costs and services.

Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) in Kentucky

Kentucky moms who are working or in school can get help paying for child care expenses through the CCAP program. CCAP pays all or some costs of child care for children attending participating programs.

You can find the maximum full-day and partial-day rates CCAP pays per county in this chart.


  • Have a child under 13 or older than 13 if they have special needs
  • Be working, participating in a job search program, or be enrolled in school
  • Meet income within 160% of FPL — $2,723 for a family of three. 

How to apply: 

  • Apply online with kynect
  • Call 855-306-8959

Kentucky Head Start and Early Head Start

Kentucky Head Start programs provide preschool education to children ages 3-5. Early Head Start programs are for children from birth to age 3. They include family support, parental resources, and help with accessing community resources for families.


Families must have a child aged 0-5. The programs typically accept families with income below federal poverty limits.

How to apply: 

More child care help

Education help for single moms in Kentucky

If you’re a single mom who wants to further her education in Kentucky, here are some helpful resources: 

Kentucky GED

Adults who did not finish high school can get a GED in Kentucky, which measures important academic areas, like math and language arts. Kentucky offers free GED testing for both online and in-person GED tests. To qualify, test-takers must pass the free GED Ready Official Practice Test at a Kentucky Adult Education Prep Center (KYAE).

Find a KYAE center to take the practice test and schedule your GED exam. 

Grants and scholarships in Kentucky

The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) offers several grants and scholarships for people entering college or technical programs. Many of these programs are funded with help from the Kentucky Lottery. 

More education help: 

Employment help for single moms in Kentucky

Workforce programs in Kentucky provide training and assist with employment:

Kentucky Career Center

Kentucky single moms can find several helpful resources through the Kentucky Career Center to find and keep a job. Internship opportunities, vocational rehabilitation, and career counseling are available services.

How to get help: 

Find your local Kentucky Career Center.

Kentucky Works

Kentucky Works helps people find full-time and part-time jobs in Kentucky. 

How to get help: 

Register for a Kentucky Works account to apply for jobs.

Kentucky Unemployment Benefits

If you’re unemployed in Kentucky, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits to help you pay bills as you look for another job. 


  • Live in Kentucky
  • Unemployed for no fault of your own
  • Earned enough money to qualify
  • Willing to look for another job

How to get help: 

Apply for benefits through the Team Kentucky portal.

More employment help: 

Charity organizations in Kentucky

There are a number of charitable organizations throughout Kentucky that offer support to single moms:

Family Scholar House

Family Scholar House helps Kentucky families reach their goals and meet their immediate and future needs through:

  • Affordable housing
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Academic and career coaching
  • Apprenticeship programs
  • Advocacy support

How to get help: 

  • Call 502-584-8090 or 877-677-9177
  • Fill out the online form

The Salvation Army of Kentucky

The Salvation Army gives back to Kentucky communities in numerous ways, including:

  • Food donations
  • Financial assistance
  • Housing support
  • Job training
  • Domestic violence assistance
  • After-school programs
  • Community recreation
  • Holiday gifts for kids


Eligibility for Salvation Army programs varies by location and program.

How to get help: 

Visit the Salvation Army website to find your local chapter. 

Catholic Charities of Kentucky

There are four Catholic Charities chapters in Kentucky that may provide:

  • Rent and mortgage assistance
  • Utility assistance
  • Food assistance
  • Budget counseling
  • Job readiness

How to get help: 

Contact your nearest Catholic Charities office:

United Way of Kentucky

The United Way of Kentucky helps families in need become financially stable. The organization connects Kentuckians to community resources and provides immediate help, like food, clothing, shelter, and educational assistance.

How to get help: 

Not your state? Select yours here:

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