Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to file for divorce online if both you and your partner are in agreement on the terms of your divorce and how your kids will be taken care of.

With GetDivorcePapers, you can file for divorce without even leaving your home — and without paying exorbitant costs for a lawyer.

There are dozens of sites that make money from claiming to help divorcing people file online, cheaply, without attorneys.

GetDivorcePapers has an F Better Business Bureau rating, and no other outstanding features.

Our recommendation is to pay $299 to CompleteCase. CompleteCase's fee includes all the papers required in to file for divorce in your state, and detailed instructions for doing so yourself.

CompleteCase features:

  • A Better Business Rating
  • 100% money-back guarantee your papers will be accepted by the court
  • Free chat support

Learn more about CompleteCase >>

Rocket Lawyer is also a quality online divorce service, with fees starting at $39 per month, including a phone consultation with a family attorney, or $39 per document, plus $49 for a phone consultation.

BBB ratingLive attorney consultations?Price
Rocket LawyerA+Members may ask questions, plus get free 30-min phone consultations$39/ month after free 7-day trial, or per-document fee of $39

Keep reading this GetDivorcePapers review to learn how this service works, how much it costs, and why you might want to consider it.

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How to divorce amicably online using GetDivorcePapers

For the most part, GetDivorcePapers works similarly to other online divorce websites. Check out our reviews of RocketLawyer and CompleteCase.

By using the website and its tools to file the appropriate paperwork to get your divorce finalized, you’ll get access to step-by-step instructions that make the process easy.

GetDivorcePapers provides a 100% money-back guarantee on your investment, meaning that you’ll get all your money back if your local court won’t accept your divorce forms for any reason.

And since divorce laws and paperwork requirements vary widely based on the state you live in, you’ll only be directed to fill out the paperwork you actually need.

If you decide to file for divorce using GetDivorcePapers, the process is fairly easy.

Here are the main steps you’ll take:

  1. Log into the GetDivorcePapers website and create an account. You’ll share the state you live in during this first step.
  2. Answer questions related to your marriage and impending divorce. Once you create an account, you can answer all the interview questions on your own time and at your own pace.
  3. Read over your divorce paperwork. The next step involves going over all your divorce-related documents to ensure accuracy.
  4. Print your forms and file. Once you’ve looked over your divorce paperwork to check for errors, you are ready to print your forms and file. If you need to make changes after you print, you will have the opportunity to make updates and refile at no additional cost.

While filing for divorce online may seem impersonal, GetDivorcePapers provides all the resources you need to create the appropriate documents.

According to their website, they promise a “fast and easy” process and accurate forms that will work in your local court.

They also offer access to professionals who can give you applicable legal advice online, which could be a big help if you have questions along the way.

Finally, they let you file for divorce while maintaining your privacy.

You won’t have to talk to a lawyer if you don’t want to, nor will you have to pay for one.

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How much does GetDivorcePapers cost?

While filing for divorce online is easier and less intrusive than the traditional way, there’s another important benefit to consider with this option.

Not only can you save time and stress but filing for divorce is a lot more affordable as well.

GetDivorcePapers offers their full divorce package for a flat fee of $139.

This is a huge savings over a traditional divorce with lawyers involved, which could cost between $1,295 and $4,125 just for filing an uncontested divorce — though much more if you end up in court.

For $139, you’ll receive the following benefits and services:

  • Eligibility determination
  • Comprehensive filing instructions
  • Serving instructions
  • Help calculating child support
  • Help creating a parenting plan
  • Help creating alimony paperwork
  • Free name change application
  • Free shipping in some states
  • Access to all your completed forms instantly
  • Unlimited live chat and telephone support
  • Ability to edit your data online at no cost
  • Unlimited revisions to your forms
  • 100% court approval money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited customer support

In addition to the base package for $139, you can also sign up for an ongoing subscription for $34.99 per month.

This extended subscription service will allow you to make changes and store your divorce documents indefinitely. This service comes with access to thousands of useful legal forms you can use any time.

By comparison, another quality service is RocketLawyer, which allows you to choose the specific legal documents like a divorce settlement agreement, or parenting agreeement, for $39.99 each — plus ask legal questions of an attorney for an additional $49.99. RocketLawyer's divorce worksheet is FREE.

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Is GetDivorcePapers a legitimate company?

GetDivorcePapers offers a service similar to many other companies that promise to help you file for divorce online without ever hiring a lawyer.

Read our list of top online divorce companies here. Spoiler alert: Our #1 top choice is CompleteCase.

While it is a secure platform that uses VeriSign secure encryption technology to ensure your personal data and financial details remain safe and secure, GetDivorcePapers has a poor online reputation.

Better Business Bureau rates GetDivorcePapers' parent company, SS Solutions, an F.

By comparison, CompleteCase, which provides similar services, has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

GetDivorcePapers recent complaints at BBB include poor customer service, unwarranted extra fees, and general lack of incompetence and communication. GetDivorcePapers made no effort to respond or rectify these complaints on the Better Business Bureau.

Further, GetDivorcePapers Trust Pilot review score is an average rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars.

BBB ratingLive attorney consultations?Price
Rocket LawyerA+Members may ask questions, plus get free 30-min phone consultations$39/ month after free 7-day trial, or per-document fee of $39

Who should use GetDivorcePapers?

While GetDivorcePapers is a smart option for anyone who wants to save money on their divorce, this service isn’t for anyone.

To be able to file for divorce online, you have to have an uncontested divorce.

Generally speaking, this means that both you and your partner need to be in agreement on all major terms of your divorce.

You have to agree on how to split up debts and assets, for example.

If you have children, you also need to be in agreement on time sharing  and child support payments.

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If you or your spouse will pay alimony, you’ll also need to be in agreement of who will bear this expense and how much they’ll pay.

If you and your spouse don’t get along or can’t agree on these important matters, you won’t be able to file for divorce online.

Instead, you’ll have to file for divorce the traditional way by getting a lawyer involved.

There’s nothing wrong with this option either, but it will be more expensive and potentially take more time.

Another sign this service would be a good option for you is if you feel fairly comfortable navigating the process on your own.

While you’ll have access to live chat and telephone support, you’ll still be on your own to figure out all the required paperwork as well as how to file it with your local courts.

Since a lawyer would handle much of this legwork for you, you may be better off hiring legal counsel if you’re someone who needs extra support during the process.

Also, consider that you could potentially benefit from getting legal counsel and advice.

Maybe you wish your spouse agreed to higher child support payments or you feel you deserve to have full custody of the kids.

There are certain situations where hiring a lawyer is the best way to get the outcome you actually want once your divorce is final.

While filing for divorce for $139 is a good deal, it could wind up costing you money if you find yourself on the short end of the deal when it comes to child support payments, spousal support, or the division of your joint debts and assets.

With all this in mind, there are certain situations where using GetDivorcePapers or a similar service is ideal.

Here are a handful of signs this service is a good idea:

  • You haven’t been married long and don’t have many joint assets or debts to split up.
  • You don’t have kids, or you do have kids but you have agreed with your spouse on how and where they will be raised.
  • You have considerable debts and/or assets, but both you and your spouse agree on how they will be shared or split.
  • You feel comfortable using online tools to fill out your own divorce paperwork. You also have no problem figuring out how to file your divorce documents with your local court system.
  • You don’t need legal counsel or advice from an attorney, nor do you want to pay for one.

All that said, getting divorced is one of the most important legal transactions of your life, and it pays to do it right — even if you do it yourself, online, in a low-conflict separation.

Our recommendation is to pay $299 to CompleteCase and have it done right with a company with an A Better Business Rating. CompleteCase's fee includes all the papers required in to file for divorce in your state, and detailed instructions for doing so yourself. CompleteCase also has a 100% money-back guarantee your papers will be accepted by the court. Learn more about CompleteCase >>

Similarly, RocketLawyer sells single legal documents, and the ability to ask single questions or buy a half-hour of an attorney's time, for fees starting at $39.99. RocketLawyer's divorce worksheet is FREE. Get started with RocketLawyer now >>

The bottom line

GetDivorcePapers is a mediocre choice for online divorce filing, offered at a low price.

Instead, go with RocketLawyer or CompleteCase offer competing services and have excellent online reputations.

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