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I’m leaving this up, because it is such a beautiful story. In the end, 42 courses were purchased by women for other single moms. The promotion is over, but the gifting program continues.  

Ladies, something magical happened!

In case you missed it, a couple days ago I wrote “Why she surprise-bombed another single mom with this gift,” about Carleen Murchison, a mom in my Debt Free Single Moms Facebook group, asked to sponsor another mom in the group — someone who expressed interest in my Make More Money Now course, but who said she didn’t have the $19 sale price. “I am lucky in that my ex faithfully pays child support, that I have a good job, and that I have a business. It is just time to help other women who aren’t so lucky, and her post moved me,” said Murchison.

That gesture inspired not only the post, but my Carleen Murchison Program for Single Moms, whereby anyone who sponsors another mom for the Make More Money Now course gets a copy free for herself.

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What happened next blew my mind. 

I have received more than a dozen such purchases, such lovely, generous, often anonymous gestures from women who just want to help another woman she knows. Turns out, you all are doing this any way. Sari said she’s sent books via Amazon to women in my online communities who mentioned interest, but lack of funds, for the titles.

I also received the mind-blowing notice from Cara Lemiuex, single mom blogger at HereWeAre.Today, and star of the TEDx talk: “Rebranding the Single Mom.” She asked to sponsor moms. Best part? She doesn’t know any moms who could use this gift! I gifted the course to a few great candidates, but there are still spots left. A similar gesture from Debra Woog. Current problem: More generosity than candidates!

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Cara told me:

I thank god every day I have a career and held onto it through all the shit I went through. This is the very least I can do to help my fellow mamas that need a boost.

Since having Ellie I have realized that women, and particularly moms, really make the world go round. When I was pregnant and totally strapped for money and stressed out, so many mom friends gave me bags of awesome maternity clothes, a rocker for my tiny apartment, and many other things. And I remember thinking: Is there some underground network of women that I was never aware of before, taking care of each other? And then I realized: Those women are moms.

And that is how it works. You do one kind thing for someone, and that love blooms and grows into gorgeous things that you will never know. Somehow, moms just get that. We know. You know that a small gesture now will snowball into a blessing somewhere else, for someone else, when she needs it and least expects it.

Let’s keep this going.

Remember: anyone who gifts a copy of Make More Money Now to another mom will receive FREE their own copy of Make More Money Now for herself.

And if you’d love to take the course, but don’t have the funds, send me a note I’ll try to match you with one of the very generous gifters! 



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