Who is a single mom in 2016?


Friends, I’m really excited to share this project I co-created with BBVA Compass, the global bank. This interactive infographic, The New Single Mom, tells the story of who single moms are today when compared with our sisters one and two generations ago — and why we are so much more affluent and educated than ever before.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.11.42 PM


Here are some comments on social media from moms:

I love this!! I do not adhere to the mindset that single moms are victims of their circumstances. I know single moms are super powerful and it’s time for society to see that as well! Thank you for this!!

Thanks Emma, this is exactly who we are: strong and affluent! So good I had to share, thank you!!!

Fantastic! I love that word is getting out that being a single mom doesn’t equate to a miserable life and can be quite empowering if you let it!!!

This is awesome information that NEEDS to be out there! Thanks for being our voice!

I absolutely LOVE this, Emma! Great job! And way to go empowering women everywhere!

This is AMAZING and inspiring !! shared on my page! GREAT work Emma Johnson

I love this! I’ve found, personally, in the last year and change of being single, that when I have the attitude of “I rock” instead of “poor me” I get so much more done and I’m happier. There’s always a long road ahead but it’s much less rocky when you realize you’re in control and you have to rely on yourself and no one else to get you from point A to point B. Seeing this infographic, I realize I’m not alone and while in my social circle/child’s school/neighborhood, I may be the odd ball, nationally, I’m pretty normal lol

What do you think? Does The New Single Mom reflect the single moms you know? Share in the comments! 



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4 thoughts on “Who is a single mom in 2016?

  1. Love this! Yes, I am smart, affluent and powerful. I’m not a victim of circumstance. I love my life and wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you for empowering us!

    1. This the first time for me to read about other single moms. Have I been in denial about being a single Mom for the past 9 years! It’s time for me to wake up and move my butt. I need to stop thinking my knight and shinning armor is going to save me and I will have the life I had when I was married. My mindset has been way off and i had no idea I walk around like a victim. Thank you for sharing. I am awake now!

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