Why she surprise-bombed another single mom with this gift …



I’m leaving this up, because it is such a beautiful story. In the end, 42 courses were purchased by women for other single moms. The promotion is over, but the gifting program continues.

Beautiful story:

Saturday I received a Facebook message from Carleen Murchison, a mom in my Debt Free Single Moms group, whom I had never interacted with before. She asked if she could sponsor another mom in the group — someone who expressed interest in my Make More Money Now  course, but who said she didn’t have the $19 sale price.

Of course you can! I replied. I offered her a free course for herself, or my Get Back Into Dating for Single Moms, her choice. (“I already have a honey,” Carleen replied.)

I asked this  Raleigh, N.C., mom of three, ages 14, 18 and 22, what inspired the gift to this stranger. “When I read her post, my heart broke because I cannot imagine not having an extra $19,” says Carleen who is a an accountant for a communications company, and has her own accounting/bookkeeping business: www.MurchisonBizSvc.com.

She went on:

“I am not rich, but I am doing okay post-divorce. I got married at 21 to a good guy, but we grew apart after 22 years. Thankfully, we have a good co-parenting relationship and help each other out. I am lucky in that my ex faithfully pays child support, that I have a good job, and that I have a business. It is just time to help other women who aren’t so lucky, and her post moved me.”

She added:

“I took a peek at her page to see the type of person she is, and her public posts were all very positive. So, despite having a rough time financially, she seemed like she was a good person and in a good place.”

The recipient, Shara, responded:
What an angel to have taken her time, energy and money to make this gift. I am grateful for women like Carleen. It is a dream of mine to be able to reciprocate this example of graciousness to others. I try to do so with my words and my energy and soon will be doing it with my money, too. This is an example of generosity that I have shared with my children so they too can learn what it means to be successful and own it! What a true blessing, thank you Carleen! I look forward to diving into Emma’s course. From what I have read already, it means true business and will seriously assist me on my path.

Shara offered to use her name here because: If more women own the issue of being broke that maybe just maybe we can solve it together. She just got a job offer and is currently negotiating a salary!


I am so, so touched by Carleen’s gesture. So much so that anyone who gifts a copy of the course to another mom will receive FREE their own copy of Make More Money Now for herself. I’m calling this the Carleen Murchison Program for Single Moms! 

To make your gift, buy the course here, then email or message me the the name and email address of the woman you want to sponsor. ejohnson76 at yahoo dot com.


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