Millionaire Single Mom FB Group: Make friends with other moms with big goals



Hey, single mom!

Are you super-ambitious?

Kicking ASS at work or with your own business (or both!)?

Do you have BIG DREAMS and BIG GOALS for your career?

Do want to make LOTS OF MONEY, and are not the least bit ashamed of it?

Better yet — do you want to hang out with other awesome single moms? Single moms who also have big work goals in their sights, supportive, positive, dynamic single moms who GET IT? Women who take responsibility for their lives, success and happiness?

Then come on over to Millionaire Single Mom, the closed Facebook group that launched  Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 3.34.28 PMTODAY, and is already BLOWING UP with excited moms taking their careers and lives to new levels. The group includes physicians, attorneys, HR directors, direct sales superstars, all kinds of entrepreneurs, educators, nurses, writers and media professionals– and much more!

No income requirements. The rules are simple:

  • This is a place of support, encouragement, and sharing.
  • Not allowed: bitching, complaining, blaming others, griping, rudeness, or being a victim.

Sound as delightful as it is? Just pop over to Millionaire Single Mom, request to be added, and join the camaraderie. I look forward to seeing you there!


Does this path to success and wealth something you crave, but you feel stuck? My new video course, How Not To Be A Broke Single Mom is in pre-launch now.




One thought on “Millionaire Single Mom FB Group: Make friends with other moms with big goals

  1. Dear Emma,

    I was surprised to find out that I have been kicked out from the group without warning. I actually have no idea why I was removed. I want to tell you that the group was really helpful for me for a long time (that you) and I always tried to contribute with a positive note. Luckily I am doing well at the moment so I does not hurt so much to be ostracised from my online buddies.

    All the best,
    Piritta Fors

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