LegalZoom provides affordable help and advice from attorneys on divorce, custody, business formation, estate planning, and more.

LegalZoom is one of the oldest online legal form companies, and with an A+, accredited Better Business Bureau rating, it is of high quality, with an easy-to-use, modern website.

However, for online divorce services, LegalZoom's $499 fee is expensive, compared with competitors who offer very similar online divorce services:

BBB ratingLive attorney consultations?Price
LegalZoomA+No, legal review costs $39-$99/ document, or $71.94/ 6 mo. for prepaid legal advice$499 for all papers + filing instructions
CompleteCaseANo$299 for all papers + filing instructions and online storage
Rocket LawyerA+Free 30-min phone consult$39/ month after free 7-day trial, or per-document fee of $39

For wills, business incorporation and other legal services, LegalZoom is an excellent choice. In fact, founder Emma Johnson used LegalZoom to incorporate her business, as well as create an estate plan, and had a positive experience.

What is LegalZoom?

LegalZoom is an online platform for legal forms, advice and services, including:

  • Estate planning
    • Wills
    • Living will
    • Power of attorney
    • Living Trust
  • Marriage and divorce
    • Prenup
    • Name change
    • Uncontested divorce
    • Cohabitation agreement
    • Wedding planning services agreement
  • Real estate
    • Leases
    • Property deed
    • Probate and executor assistance
  • Business
    • LLC formation
    • S Corp or C Corp formation
    • Nonprofit / 501c3 creation
    • Corporate filings
    • Compliance, including annual reports, operating agreement, registered agent service
    • Trademark registration and services
    • Patent registration and services
    • State and federal tax IDs
    • Business licenses
    • NDA template
    • Invoice template

Additionally, LegalZoom offers live attorney consulting with prepaid legal advice for businesses and individuals, as well as flat-fee document review.

Is LegalZoom legitimate?

LegalZoom is a quality and established online legal services, which was accredited by the Better Business Bureau in 2001:

  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • All attorneys are vetted and “speak plain English”
  • Flat-fees only — no surprise bills
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • LegalZoom claims 4 million customers

How LegalZoom helps single moms with divorce

LegalZoom helps families going through an uncontested, amicable divorce for a fee far lower than if each spouse hires an attorney — which can easily start at $10,000 per person, and go up from there.

Read more about how uncontested divorce is defined, and the benefits for families in our list of Top 10 online divorce services.

Top of our list is CompleteCase, which has an A rating with the Better Business Review, a flat rate of $299, unlimited customer service support, and detailed filing instructions.

Read our CompleteCase review, or check out CompleteCase now >>

Note: Until the beginning of 2020, LegalZoom partnered with Wevorce for bundled online divorce papers and legal services, but they have since parted ways.

How does filing for divorce with LegalZoom work?

  1. Go to and answer a few questions to make sure that your divorce is indeed uncontested, and therefore qualifies for LegalZoom. These include:
    • Names and location of yourself and your spouse
    • Date and location of your marriage
    • Number of children and whether you are pregnant
    • Properties and debts—and whether you plan to split either equally
  2. Confirm and pay $499 with a credit card or Paypal, creating a LegalZoom account.
  3. You will then be provided with the actual filing documents you will need to file your divorce, along with filing instructions.

It is on you to do the actual filing in your state, which can cost an additional $200 to $400.

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How much does a LegalZoom divorce cost?

LegalZoom's online divorce papers service costs a flat $499, plus the filing fees in your state, which can cost up to $400.

Still want to ask a lawyer for advice?

You can also pay extra fees for contract review, or legal advice on the phone with a LegalZoom attorney, as part of the company's prepaid legal advice service which provides unlimited, 30-minute phone consultations, and free review of documents up to 10 pages.

For individuals the fee is:

  • $71.94 / 6 months ($11.99/month)
  • $119.98 / 12 months ($9.99/month)

For LegalZoom prepaid plan members, you can pay an additional $39 for review of documents of 11-15 pages, or $99 for documents of 16-25 pages.

You must be a plan member to access the document review.

Complete Case and RocketLawyer: LegalZoom Divorce alternatives

Other online divorce options to consider are RocketLawyer and CompleteCase.

CompleteCase provides all the divorce documents you need in your state, along with filing instructions, for a flat fee of $299 (essentially the exact services as LegalZoom, which charges $499). Check out CompleteCase now >>

RocketLawyer allows you to buy legal documents like a divorce settlement, parenting plan, or separation agreement for a flat fee of $39.99 per document (this is per document, while LegalZoom's $499 divorce package includes all the documents you need to file for divorce). You can also buy 30 minutes with an attorney for $59.99— no subscription needed. Learn more about RocketLawyer >>

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How LegalZoom helps single moms with custody

First, LegalZoom, as well as its competitors, provide separation and divorce documents to establish custody, co-parenting, child support and other child-related divorce matters.

Also, divorce has a huge impact on children, particularly in cases with emotionally charged child custody battles.

By committing to a low-conflict, DIY divorce path, without the angry attorneys encouraging conflict, there is a much greater chance of successful co-parenting long-term — and lower chance of trauma for the kids.

Co-parenting apps like these can also help:


One of the firest co-parenting apps, and widely used app, OurFamilyWizard's features include chat, information storage (like pediatrician and teacher contact info, prescriptions, etc.), a shared calendar with alerts, and financial record-keeping — all of which can be downloaded for court submission.

OurFamilyWizard has a free 30-day trial, after which the price is $99/year per parent. Military discounts and assistance for low-income families. Learn more about Our Family Wizard >>


This app provides messaging, expense documentation, and geo-pinpointing, plus on-demand, live conflict resolution from a team of retired judges, child specialists, mediators and therapists. 3.9 rating in iTunes, and 3.6 in Google Play. $12.99/month.


This one’s a hybrid: TakingParents is a co-parenting communications tool that has a free website version (where you will see ads), as well as a paid version for Apple and Android apps.

Both free and paid versions have messaging, a shared calendar and personal journal. The paid app also has features like file storage and unlimited downloads for conversations and journal records — which you may want or need for court appearances or mediation with your attorney. 

The paid version costs $5.99 per month, but add-ons like downloads of messages, calendar or expenses start at $9.99 each — with certified versions costing $39.99, plus 19 cents per page. Depending on your needs, TalkingParents may be more expensive than OurFamilyWizard.

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Starting a business with LegalZoom LLC

If you have a side gig, or are starting a new business — full or part-time — it is important to incorporate your business as either an LLC or S Corp C Corp in most cases. More than a decade ago I used LegalZoom LLC to create Emma Johnson Inc. as an S Corp.

Incorporating your business can be a critical investment in any business, as it can help you save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, as well as protect your assets in the case of a lawsuit or bankruptcy.

Incorporating your business also has advantages including:

  • Estate planning
  • It is easier to sell your business, or transfer it upon your death
  • Raise money / qualify for business loans

Learn more about the pros and cons, and types of corporations that is best for your business in this article.

LegalZoom LLC can help you incorporate quickly, for fees starting at $149, plus state filing fees. If you're not ready to incorporate yet, LegalZoom will help you get your business off the ground for as little as $79.

Get started with LegalZoom now >>

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Still want to ask a lawyer for advice?

LegalZoom provides Speak with an Attorney, a pre-paid legal service, with fees for business owners that start at $31.25, and include:

  • 30-minute independent attorney consultations on new legal matters
  • Contract and other legal document reviews (up to 10 pages)
  • Annual business evaluation
  • Access to a tax professional
  • Unlimited downloads from legal form library

Speak with a LegalZoom attorney now >>

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Using LegalZoom to create an estate plan and get a will

If you are recently single, or otherwise join the millions of Americans who do not have an estate will and trust, LegalZoom Estate Planning is an excellent choice for affordable, easy-to-use service that includes a consultation with an attorney.

Learn more about estate planning for single parents in this post.

LegalZoom's will program will help you create and formalize all the documents you need, including:

  • Will or trust
  • Durable power of attorney
  • Healthcare power of attorney
  • Designation of beneficiaries
  • Letter of intent
  • Guardianship designations

Learn more about LegalZoom's estate and will products >>

Still want to ask a lawyer for advice?

LegalZoom's Estate Planning Bundles start at $179, and include 1 year of legal advice from an attorney. founder Emma Johnson created a living trust, living will, and power of attorney.

“The free legal advice included in the package helped me make sure that my kids will be taken care of should something happen to me. The process was really easy to use, and much, much cheaper than an attorney, which would have cost me more than $2,000.”

Get started with LegalZoom Estate Planning >>

Pros of LegalZoom

  • Established, reliable online business.
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating.
  • LegalZoom has TONS of blogs and articles on their sites to help you make informed decisions. (These are free to everyone!)
  • For most legal matters, online forms and pre-paid legal advice is a very good value, and LegalZoom is a leader in the online legal space.
  • Access to a deep network of attorneys for an affordable price for document review and phone advice.

Cons of LegalZoom

  • LegalZoom's divorce service is more expensive than the leading online divorce papers service by $200, for nearly identical services. For online divorce, use CompleteCase >>

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The bottom line

LegalZoom is an excellent online legal forms for forming a business or will with a deserved high reputation.

However for online divorce papers, for $200 cheaper, you get the same, highly rated service from CompleteCase.

Other companies to consider:

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  • Quality, affordable legal documents
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Free legal advice from quality articles
  • Live attorney consultations


  • Some products like divorce are less expensive elsewhere

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