Get Back Into Dating for Single Moms

get-back-into-dating-squareIf you’re thinking of dating again, you are a normal, healthy and wonderful mom — one with a normal, healthy and wonderful urge for companionship, someone to hold your hand in the street, sex, the possibility of love and partnership. In this course we tackle your fears, guilt and hangups about dating, get your sexy back, find awesome men, and launch a healthy romantic life — with confidence! 

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Kickass Single Mom Money Masterclass

master-class-header-squareSick of being broke? Tired of the world telling you that single moms are destined for mediocracy — or even poverty? Money Master Class gives you need to create a life you want for you and your children longterm: more time with your kids, loving your work, and having the freedom and energy  to live life with security and on your own terms.

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Make More Money Now

how-to-make-more-money-now-squareThis is down-and-dirty guide is guaranteed to help you move from crisis, to abundance. How to Make More Money NOW! is designed for a very specific situation: You need to make some money ASAP. This is a roadmap for getting unstuck, seeing the possibilities before you, manifesting cash flow and taking specific, action steps to bring more money into your mindset, bank accounts, and life.

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