Home security for single moms who need extra set of eyes

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For the most part, single motherhood suits me just fine. I like the independence to parent as I like, day-to-day, the freedom to make my own financial and career decisions, and I like to date people who are not my husband.

It is not all unicorns on clouds, as you know. One of the most frustrating — and scary, lonesome and tiresome — parts of single motherhood is simply keeping an eye on everyone and everything all the time — something that is simply logistically harder when there is just one adult living in the house full-time. You know the feelings:

  • You have to keep an eye on your toddler while you cook, but what happens when the baby stirs upstairs?
  • Your kids need to run around the backyard, as children need to do, but all this pressure to helicopter over children 24/7 makes you feel nervous/guilty/afraid a neighbor will call DCFS on you if any human under age 18 steps outdoors without an accompanying adult.
  • You need to run to the store for 20 minutes but also want to keep an eye on your kids, who swear they feel comfortable at home alone, but you aren’t so sure yet.
  • You mostly feel safe at home alone (without another adult living in the house), but secretly or overtly, you feel nervous being home alone — especially at night.

I found a really cool device that answers all these single-mom worries, and even some that you probably don’t have.

Blink home security offers systems for both indoor and outdoor monitoring, at the lowest price that I could find — and without any kind of subscription service fees.

It is incredibly easy to use, and the technology is quite elegant.

The Blink home security system works like this:

Blink mails you a system of one to five cameras, which includes a sync module, which, you know, syncs the whole system together. This enviro-mama likes that the packaging is minimal, akin to Apple product packaging.


blink camera for home security










I got the two-camera indoor system. For outdoor use, there is also a cool, black waterproof version, too.

Set-up was super-easy and took less than 10 minutes. My kids helped put batteries in the units and read me the camera serial numbers which helped me set up the app on my iPhone.


affordable home security system from blink


One of my challenges is that after school, I want my kids to be independently getting themselves a snack, finishing homework, and then they may watch TV once all is completed. They do this from the living room of our apartment, while I work out of my bedroom office in the rear of the apartment. I could go out and nag and pester them, but I a) don’t want to, b) believe they need to learn independence and autonomy, and c) I don’t want to.

I tested out our after-school plan. Here are the results …

First 10 minutes:

blink camera home monitoring


Then I got a motion alert:


blink camera motion alert


Second, 20 minutes of our experiment:


blink home cameraThis little white device, with no cords that runs on two AA batteries for two years just changed my life! (and my kids’ lives, but they don’t know that yet ;)

The benefits can be life-saving. The same alert that busted my homework-avoiders also saved a kid’s life when a toddler ran out of an open garage door — and was seen by his mom who grabbed him before he ran into the street.

A video of a burglar who snuck into a pet door was used to arrest the man, and package thieves were caught on video by the Blink outdoor camera!


Other cool features of Blink Home Security include:

  • Calendar so you can schedule when you want alerts in play — for example, for every weekday after school when your kids are home alone, or evenings starting at sundown.
  • Super-easy to install. DIY, no wires, cables or other nonsense.
  • Temperature alerts that tell you if the temperature drops or rises below a certain level.
  • Through the app, add a temperature (low or high) threshold. The cameras have built in thermometers and if the temperature goes above or below that threshold, you will get a notification. Really handy in basements or second homes to make sure their pipes don’t freeze.
  • Pretty awesome website with easy-to-use help articles.
  • Awesome price. Indoor systems start at $99, and weatherproof systems start at $129.99. These guys run on 2 AA batteries (included!) for 2 years, and there is no subscription or data storage fees, which is so rare with home security systems.

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