9 reasons your ex hates your BFF


I used to be friends with my BFF’s ex. Until they split up.

Now, when we’re both at the same playground and our kids are playing tag, he makes sure to stick to that side of the tire swing, sending me death stares that could evaporate his kid’s cherry Italian ice.

My ex hates my BFF, too. They used to be friendly, until my bestie — a family attorney — helped me with some issues in my divorce. After one contentious exchange between our respective lawyers, my ex went to LinkedIn and gave my friend a few “endorsements” — some twisted passive-agression no one but him understood.

I’ve heard from many divorced families and the story is always the same: They part ways and he grows to despise her friends. Here’s why:

1. Your friend supports you. He — at least for a time — hated you. She told you that you were right. And that he was wrong.

2. She egged you on. Encouraged you to fight for more money. Crack down on visitations. To leave, already.

3. She knows all about that guy you’re dating.

4. And that he is totally better than your ex.

5. In bed.

6. He’s embarrassed. He knows you told her all about what an ass he’s been. All his secrets.

7. He knows she knows about that thing.

8. In bed.

9. She hates him, too.

2 thoughts on “9 reasons your ex hates your BFF

  1. It’s a double-edged sword, being friends with your bestie’s main squeeze. When the break up occurs, only one thing can happen. At the end of the day, the BFF chooses the friend and the friend’s opinion of the ex.

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