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25 gifts for your boyfriend’s mom she’ll love

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There’s no better sign that your relationship is going somewhere than meeting your boyfriend’s family — specifically his mother. 

Whether you’re trying to make a great first impression or build a relationship with your boyfriend’s mom, a well-thought-out gift could be just the thing to make her your biggest fan — and get your new relationship off to a strong start. 

Rori Sassoon, co-owner of the matchmaking agency Platinum Poire who has been featured on the Real Housewives of New York, says a gift for your boyfriend's mom should be intentional and thoughtful —  without going overboard.

“It’s not time to become the teacher’s pet, but you want to give her a caring gift,” Sassoon says.

We put together a list of 25 gifts for your boyfriend’s mom for Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day, Easter or as a hostess gift.

Best gift for your boyfriend’s mom under $25: Succulents

Plants can brighten up a room and will serve as a long-term reminder of your thoughtful gesture. Colorful and kill-proof succulents can be bought alone or in a group for your boyfriend’s mom for less money than a nice lunch. Not to mention they look gorgeous on a windowsill or table.

Our picks for your boyfriend’s mom:

Best DIY gift: Fragrance jar

Create a customized scent jar for your boyfriend’s mom with any combination of fruits, herbs and oils.

Here’s how: 

  • Pick your favorite combination of citrus fruits (like lemon or orange), essential oil (like vanilla or mint) and dried herbs or flowers (rosemary or thyme work well). Our favorite combo is orange, cinnamon and clove.
  • Place ingredients in a mason jar, and keep the jar inside the fridge until you give the gift. Make the gift cuter with a bow and tag describing what’s inside. 

Your boyfriend’s mom can simmer the ingredients on the stove until her whole home smells cozy. 

Items for your fragrance jar:

Best birthday gift: Spa gift card

Everyone needs an opportunity to relax, and birthdays are the ideal time to indulge in self care. Even if you don’t know your boyfriend’s mom’s favorite day spa, you can choose a spa gift card from a chain of spas that have nationwide locations. This way, your boyfriend's mom can get whatever service she wants, whether it’s a massage, body wrap, manicure or pedicure. 

Our pick for your boyfriend’s mom: Amazon spa gift card

Even more gifts for your boyfriend’s mom

Fresh flowers

Flowers are a simple and timeless gift for almost any occasion —  a birthday, holiday party or the first time meeting your boyfriend’s mom. You can actually order fresh bouquets for a modest price online and skip the grocery store or florist. Yes, they arrive that quickly.

Check out the sales on flowers and more from 1-800-FLOWERS >>

More picks for your boyfriend’s mom:

Coffee table book

Whether your boyfriend’s mom loves fashion, travel, politics, or art, there’s a coffee table book with her name on it. Coffee table books are a great conversation piece and, as a bonus, they show that you’ve listened or done your homework to get to know your boyfriend’s mom.

If you’re unsure what to get, we suggest a book filled with travel inspiration and stunning photography from all over the globe. 

Our picks for your boyfriend’s mom:

Event tickets

Whether she’d prefer a heart-pounding rock concert or something a bit more sophisticated and low-key, tickets to an event can make a great gift for your boyfriend’s mom. Ask your boyfriend what music his mom loves and get her tickets for an upcoming concert, theater production or perhaps a night at the symphony.

You can also let her choose her next night out with a gift card that can be used on a variety of fun events. 

Our pick for your boyfriend’s mom: Stubhub Gift Card

Bath and shower steamers

Give her some self-care to recharge her batteries. Hot bath and shower steamers feature luxurious scents like eucalyptus and lemongrass that will give your boyfriend’s mom a relaxing spa experience at home.

Our picks for your boyfriend’s mom:

Snack basket

A snack basket is a way to show your boyfriend's mom that you understand her taste — and that human desire to pig out. You can seek out local gifters from area wine shops, a gourmet food store or make her a basket of her favorite farmer's market goodies.

There are countless food baskets you can choose from online, for all budgets:

Our picks for your boyfriend’s mom:

House slippers

Whether your boyfriend’s mom needs to keep her feet warm, walk outside to the mailbox or just cover up a less-than-perfect pedicure, house slippers are a must. Skip the bunny rabbit faces, and opt for something both comfortable and stylish. 

Our picks for your boyfriend’s mom:

Sweets and chocolates

We all have a secret guilty pleasure, especially when it comes to food. Whether your boyfriend’s mom likes to indulge in creamy chocolate, refreshing mint or decadent caramel, she’ll find them all (and then some) in the perfect box of sweets.  

Our picks for your boyfriend’s mom:

Framed photograph

Remember that scenic Instagram shot of you and your boyfriend that his mom recently liked on Instagram? Print it out and frame it for her! A meaningful photograph inside an elegant frame makes a great gift. And even if you don’t know her interior design style, a floating glass frame is perfect for any room or decor.

Our picks for your boyfriend’s mom:

A work of visual art

Art tells our personal stories, shows off our tastes and makes our homes much more welcoming and distinctive. As a gift, a work of art is always memorable and doesn’t need to be over-the-top expensive. Check out collections from independent artists on Etsy, everything from photography and paintings to hand-crafted pieces.  

Our pick for your boyfriend’s mom: Original art on Etsy

Cozy sofa throw

When it’s time to relax, curl up and watch a movie or show on Netflix, a cozy blanket enhances the whole experience. For a foolproof sofa throw that your boyfriend’s mom will snuggle with on the regular, try one in an attractive neutral shade with a classic pattern she’s sure to love. 

Our picks for your boyfriend’s mom:

Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, and there’s literally one for everything, whether your boyfriend's mom loves books, beauty products or high-end coffee beans. But in our opinion, the best boxes offer a variety of goodies she can look forward to each month. Pick one with a month-to-month plan so you can customize the number of boxes you send. 

Our picks for your boyfriend’s mom:

Artisan Teas

Drinking a nice cup of tea is a way to hydrate our bodies, calm our minds and enjoy a moment of peace. A set of upscale loose leaf teas makes a perfect gift for your boyfriend’s mom, with flavors including Detox, Vanilla Mint, English Breakfast and more — plus, little reusable tins are a great opportunity to upcycle! Pair the gift with a tea strainer, just in case she needs one.

Our picks for your boyfriend’s mom:

Regional Foods

Whether you select artisan grits to bond over your love of the American South or yummy maple syrup to inspire a future girls trip to New England, specialty foods are always a solid gift option on their own or as part of a gift basket. 

Our picks for your boyfriend’s mom:

Hand Cream

Indulgent hand cream is a perfect item to stow anywhere, from your car to your desk to your handbag. But the best thing about hand cream is that you can get a really nice tube for your boyfriend’s mom without spending a lot of money. Try one that comes in a fancy, decorative tin in a variety of scents.

Our picks for your boyfriend’s mom:

Day Planner

Sometimes practical gifts, like a day planner, make the best gifts. Skip the bargain bin at a superstore, and opt for a leather-covered planner, complete with unbleached paper and a list of major holidays. She’ll love your taste — and think of you when her days are much more organized. 

Our pick for your boyfriend’s mom:

What should I get for my boyfriend’s mom?

The best gifts for your boyfriend’s mom are gifts that will last a while and remind her of your thoughtful gesture. A live plant, stylish day planner, coffee table book or a cozy sofa throw are all great options. Each of these gifts is something she can enjoy on a daily or almost daily basis, and hopefully think of you each time she sees or uses them. As an added bonus, none of these items have to be terribly expensive — there are tons of options at different price points. 

What should I get my boyfriend’s mom for her birthday?

Is your boyfriend’s mom’s birthday coming up soon? Sassoon says to get her something she wouldn’t get herself.

“Ask yourself this: are you in it for the long haul with your partner? Obviously, you’d want the gift to have more of a special meaning if so,” she says.

You definitely won’t go wrong with our top pick — a spa gift card she can use to pamper herself in honor of her special day.

For even more birthday-friendly ideas, we suggest: 

Tickets to an event 

Birthdays are a celebration, and going to fun events like concerts, ballets, plays and other performances can make someone’s birthday even more fun. A Stubhub gift card will translate to a fun evening out for your boyfriend’s mom, on you. 

Bath Goodies

Following along with the birthday indulgence theme, you can’t go wrong with upscale bath products. Since pre-packaged bath sets rarely impress, make your own luxurious gift basket with these De-stress Salts from Aromatika, a moisture-infused Lollia Bubble Bath and PraPra Natural Loofah, emphasis on the “ah.”

What should I get my boyfriend’s mom for Christmas? 

The holiday season can be stressful when you don’t know what to get for the people on your list. When it comes to your boyfriend’s mom, just follow our Christmas gift guidelines: make it seasonal, sweet or savory.

Seasonal Gifts
Ornaments, keepsakes and other festive items are always great holiday gifts. We suggest this understated yet elegant wreath by Lights4Fun Inc. It’s ideal for use indoors and out, and it will complement her other decor. 

Sweet Gifts
Chocolate and sweets, especially around the holidays, make foolproof gifts, so try our favorite Belgian chocolate truffles from New York’s Bonnie and Pop, complete with chocolates, caramels, mints and other treats. 

Savory Gifts
Savory snack baskets are another good option for the holiday season — they are either a hostess gift or a casual “Merry Christmas” if you’re just getting to know your boyfriend’s mom. We love the Milliard Ultimate Cheese Gift Basket, which she can pair with her favorite glass of wine (that you can also buy).

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Should you get your boyfriend’s mom a Mother’s Day gift?

If you’re wondering whether or not to get your boyfriend’s mom a Mother’s Day gift, the first thing to ask yourself is how serious your relationship is. 

If you see your boyfriend's mom as a future mother-in-law, then get her a Mother’s Day present, Sassoon says.

She suggests writing your boyfriend's mom a sweet note, “without professing fangirl love to her.”

The following scenarios might make it appropriate to buy her a gift for Mother’s Day:

  • You and your boyfriend are soon-to-be engaged
  • You have met your boyfriend’s mom multiple times and have become close with her
  • You are going to see her at a Mother’s Day-specific function, such as a brunch or party
  • Your boyfriend’s mom has recently become a grandmother to a new baby in the family

Flowers or chocolates make great Mother’s Day gifts if you’re on the fence about whether you should get something for your boyfriend’s mom.

“You can create that special bond and relationship in these moments, while remaining ‘chill,'” Sassoon says.

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