Online therapy low cost and flexibility from apps like Talkspace. A review.

If you don’t have time to meet with a therapist, or if you’re looking for a lower-cost alternative to face-to-face counseling, online therapy is an excellent answer that can make quality mental health care accessible, convienient, anonymous, and affordable.

There are dozens of online counseling apps and sites. Talkspace is a quality choice and leader in the industry.

Check out all of the top online therapy sites in this post. Here is an overview of some of the leading counseling apps:

Online therapy serviceCostInsurance?BBBFeatures
TalkSpace$65-99/weekMaybeA+Combination of unlimited text, with optional live audio or video sessions.
BetterHelp$40-70/week for unlimited sessions, plus 7-day FREE trialMaybeA+100% Master's or PhD for unlimited text, video, phone or messaging.
HealthSapiens$120/mo. unlimited sessions for Wealthysinglemommy readers (usually $197/mo.)MaybeA-Unlimited, 24/7 immediate access to a therapist.

Talkspace online therapy is an excellent choice, though more expensive and with fewer features than BetterHelp. Rather than meeting in person like with traditional therapy, with TalkSpace you can access the best online therapy from your smartphone, leave messages for your therapist whenever you like, and expect a reply within business hours. You can also pay extra for live video sessions from the TalkSpace app.

As online therapy becomes part of regular health care, reports from the National Institute of Health continue to support the effectiveness of internet-based mental health treatment.

Can’t decide if online therapy is right for you? Keep reading for a complete online therapy review of Talkspace.

What is Talkspace?

Talkspace is an online therapy platform that delivers mental health treatment. They use licensed therapists to provide cognitive behavior therapy online with flexible scheduling and a low out-of-pocket cost.

With Talkspace, communicating with your therapist can be done day or night. Messages sent via text, audio, pictures, or videos are all acceptable. These different options make interacting with your counselor simple and convenient. This is what TalkSpace says about response time:

You make a Reply By request after 4:00 p.m. (and until 7:00 a.m.) – expect a response from your provider by 10:00 a.m. the next working day. You make a Reply By request between 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. — expect a Response from your Provider by 6:00 p.m.

Is Talkspace legit?

Talkspace has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, and is a recognized leader in the online therapy industry.

Talkspace screens all the therapists in their nationwide network to ensure they’re licensed, and only work withs therapists with more than 3,000 clinical hours, which is a licensing requirement in most U.S. states.

TalkSpace spokesman is currently Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Michael Phelps.

As for security, the technology behind the platform fully complies with HIPAA regulations. They also fully encrypt conversations with your therapist. If you use the app, you’ll set up a passcode for an additional layer of security.

Does Talkspace have an app for therapy?

Yes! You can use the TalkSpace app via iOS/Apple or Android/Google Play to text with your therapist, and manage your account.

How does Talkspace online therapy work?

How to schedule a therapy appointment with Talkspace:

  1. Go to, or downloand the online therapy app on iTunes or Google Play.
  2. Get an assessment via text with a “matching therapist.”
  3. Set up an account using a credit card or PayPal account.
  4. Receive your therapist match.
  5. Start messaging.

For the basic $65/week plan, you can message your therapist any time you like, and expect your counselor to respond 1-2 times each day, Monday-Friday.

Talkspace has unlimited messaging programs for individuals, teens and couples.

What do you do in therapy with Talkspace?

Text, messaging, video and phone therapy are just the same as traditional face-to-face counseling — except via technology.

Depending on the price tier you choose, you may have text-only communication with your therapist, ongoing texting/messaging along with weekly or monthly scheduled live phone or video sessions.

Your therapist will likely first ask you about yourself, why you sought therapy, what your past experience (if any) with counseling, goals for working together, and about any current issues you want to address.

As with BetterHelp, Talkspace therapists have a variety of training and specialties, so communicate any preference you have for a therapy approach during the onboarding process. Popular therapy theories include:

  • Person-centered therapy, also called client-centered, or person-centered therapy, requires the client to take an active role in his or her treatment with the therapist being and supportive — and not providing direction or instructions.
  • Gestalt therapy is considered a type of client-centered therapy, one that helps clients focus on the present and understand what is really happening in their lives, rather than what they perceive to be happening based on their past experiences.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a short-term, goal-focused approach that takes a hands-on, practical problem-solving method. CBT's goal is to change patterns of thought and behavior — and therefore change how the client feels.

For more details about what to expect in therapy, read 24 questions to ask your therapist — and what questions your therapist will likely ask you in a first session

Can Talkspace therapists prescribe medication?

No, Talkspace therapists do not prescribe medication, nor does the app provide any same-day or scheduled sessions with psychiatrists.

Is Talkspace worth it?

Investing in yourself to boost your own happiness and live a better life is always worth it, and the best online therapy can help. Starting with any kind of counseling can seem overwhelming, but an online approach can ease some of your fears by removing obstacles to find healing.

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For instance, there’s no need to set aside extra time to drive across town or deal with traffic when receiving help for your mental health. Plus, not meeting face to face can ease your anxiety since you’ll have a certain amount of anonymity between you and your counselor.

Talkspace reviews

Talkspace has many positive reviews:

Talkspace reviews- pros and cons of best online therapy sites

Does Talkspace offer free online therapy?

No, TalkSpace does not offer free online counseling.

However, BetterHelp does offer free online therapy for 7 days. BetterHelp also has an A+ Better Business Bureau ratings.

How much does Talkspace cost?

Talkspace pricing is billed monthly. There is no contract, and you can cancel anytime.

These are the current plans:

  • Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus: $65/week for unlimited text, video & audio messaging. Your therapist responds to messages daily, 5 days/week.  (Billed as $260 monthly)
  • Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium: $79/week for text, video & audio messaging + 1 Live Session/month. Your therapist responds to messages daily, 5 days/week. (Billed $316 monthly)
  • LiveTalk Therapy Ultimate: $99/week for text, video & audio messaging + 4 Live Sessions/month. Your therapist responds to messages daily, 5 days/week. (Billed $396 monthly)

Couples therapy is available for $99/week (billed as $396 monthly) or $89/week (billed $1068 every 3 months).

Live Video Sessions can be added for $65 per 30-minute session.

By comparison, traditional face-to-face therapy costs $70-$250+ per hour.

BetterHelp prices for similar packages of online therapy cost $40-$70 per week.

Is Talkspace covered by insurance?

Talkspace works with a limited number of health insurers, as well as some employers directly. If your insurer does not cover Talkspace sessions, you can pay with a credit card and submit the bill to your Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

Talkspace vs. Betterhelp: Which is better for therapy?

Free trial?YesX
Live chat?YesYes
Mobile video sessions?YesYes
Desktop video sessions?YesX
Phone sessions?YesX
Couples therapy?YesYes
More BetterHelp info >>More TalkSpace info >>

Learn more about all the best online therapy sites with our review here.

Talkspace and Betterhelp are two of the largest, most established and highest-quality online therapy apps. Their programs are similar, though

Deciding between Talkspace and BetterHelp for online therapy can be difficult, as their plans are similar, both have A+ Better Business Bureau rating, both allow you to interact with your therapist anonymously, and both have large client bases.

Here is why BetterHelp has an advantage:

Talkspace vs. BetterHelp: Costs

Price Betterhelp’s services start at $40 per week, compared with $65 minimum at Talkspace.

Free therapy BetterHelp has a free 7-day trial, while Talkspace does not offer free online counseling.

Therapist qualifications While both Talkspace and BetterHelp require therapists have at least 3 years and 2,000 hours of training, and are licensed and certified in their states, BetterHelp also requires that each counselor also have a Master's or Doctorate (PhD) degree.

Check out BetterHelp now >>

Best online therapy sites

Online therapy serviceCostInsurance?BBBFeatures
TalkSpace$65-99/weekMaybeA+Combination of unlimited text, with optional live audio or video sessions.
BetterHelp$40-70/week for unlimited sessions, plus 7-day FREE trialMaybeA+100% Master's or PhD for unlimited text, video, phone or messaging.
HealthSapiens$120/mo. unlimited sessions for Wealthysinglemommy readers (usually $197/mo.)MaybeA-Unlimited, 24/7 immediate access to a therapist.

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How to get started with Talkspace

Whether you want help as an individual or are seeking therapy as a couple, Talkspace can help you find an appropriate therapist for your mental health needs.


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