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how credit repair companies work

How to repair your credit

So your credit is in the pooper and you need to repair it, likely ASAP. You are not alone. A few years ago Experian reported that 30 percent of scorable people in the United States, or 68 million, have bad or poor credit scores lower than 601.   Free credit score check from Credit Karma…

credit people review improve credit score fast

The Credit People review

I hear from so many smart, hustling moms who are eager to move out of a crisis situation like a bad relationship, bad job, or bad town, but a low credit score is hampering their efforts. Credit People, a credit repair company, might be able to help. But your credit score is low. Or: Your…

who gets house in divorce

Should you keep the house in divorce? What to do if you want the house

Many women assume they should keep the house in divorce. The thinking is that she will be the primary caregiver of the children, and the kids should stay in the home they are accustomed to, and in the same school district.  Sometimes that make sense. Often, that is a woman’s biggest mistake. Deana Arnett, a…