#LikeAMother Kimra Luna, 29, mom of 3: Welfare to $1M in 1 year

Raised on public assistance, Kimra Luna and her husband found themselves living with his parents and relying on welfare to support their tiny kids.

Eventually, Kimra’s husband landed a FedEx job, and this bored housewife became obsessed with online marketing. Have a listen to hear with very limited expertise, blue-haired, pierced Luna launched an online business that grossed seven figures within a year, relocated her family from Southern California to a luxury Manhattan apartment, and today sends her kids to private schools and employs a vegan chef. Oh — and she started a social revolution, too: Freedom Hackers.

Her tagline? “A Little Bit Of Punk Rock, A Whole Lotta Business”


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4 thoughts on “#LikeAMother Kimra Luna, 29, mom of 3: Welfare to $1M in 1 year

  1. Wow! I enjoyed this podcast so much. I listened to it while I was doing things I should be outsourcing. Great questions as always. I was so impressed by Kimra’s confidence in her vision and her fearless go-for-it attitude. Thank you Kimra and Emma!

  2. Excellent interview Emma! Kimra is such a great example of what it takes to create success as an entrepreneur. So many powerful distinctions for success that anyone can learn from and apply to their own business. Success always leaves clues for those willing to recognize and apply those clues.

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