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Market Research

Did you see the original research we conducted earlier this year? 100+ media mentions and profiles interviews with top journalists at CNBC, TIME and others. 

Are you planning a new product or service launch next year?  Rebranding to shift your focus to a new demographic?  Or maybe you’re that the wealth women will acquire by the end of the decade is set to triple and you need to make women the focus of your marketing and advertising campaigns!

Would you be interested in launching your own survey?  Our audience of 45,000+ Gen X/Y/Z moms will provide valuable insights.

What I can provide if you work with us at

  • Your own dedicated survey or poll — no overpriced omnibus here
  • Data from a survey or poll of email list of 40,000+ Gen X/Y/Z mothers
  • Data from a survey or poll of my closed Facebook Group of 16,400 Gen X/Y/Z mothers

What you can do with the data you collect:

  • Improve your product or service
  • Improve your customer service
  • Structure better, more relevant marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Acquire earned media attention and links to your website

Contact me to discuss further: [email protected]


I partner with national and global brands in spaces including finance, online dating, technology, lifestyle, beauty and more. Video content, sponsored blog posts, Instagram and Pinterest campaigns, Twitter parties, satellite media tours (SMT). Open to your ideas — let's brainstorm!

Contact me to discuss further: [email protected]


I have been a speaker at the United Nations, Google, New York University, before state legislatures in Georgia and South Dakota, at CLEs in Pennsylvania, Texas Conference for Women, Pennsylvania Conference for Women, FinCon, and other events.

My presentations are inspiring, provocative, personal and totally hilarious. I leave listeners with concrete action steps — and wanting more!

Client reviews of keynotes:

Christine Nigro, former AXA Advisor Vice Chairwoman:

Emma Johnson is such a dynamic, engaging speaker that we invited her to present at three of AXA’s Diversity Summit Meetings. Her presentation was rated by over 90% of our audience members as excellent and immediately applicable to their careers. Emma delivers unique, thoroughly researched content in a lively and engaging way that involves the audience.  Our team was so energized that they continued the discussions long after the end of her presentation. Emma won over skeptics who were worried about hearing the same female empowerment lecture that they have heard many times before. Instead she presented them with actionable, immediately implementable suggestions. Emma will add immeasurably to any conference or meeting lucky enough to get her.  

Philip Taylor, CEO and founder, FinCon: 

Emma is great to work with. She's a confident speaker with a professional and personal approach. I was impressed with her ability to connect with the more than 1,500 live attendees before, during, and after her inspiring talk. Work with her for your next event!

Contact me to discuss further: [email protected]

Please fill in the form below, or email emma at emma-johnson dot net. I aim to respond within 48 hours.