#LikeAMother: Sarah Megan Thomas’s film Equity: Women, Wall Street, sex and money

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Read my Equity, The Movie: Should Women Wield Sexuality To Get Ahead At Work? on Forbes.

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Sarah Megan Thomas is the star and co-producer of Equity, the film billing itself as the “first female-driven movie about Wall Street,” hits theaters in New York and Los Angeles today, July 29. (Find showtimes here.)

The film centers on investment banker Naomi Bishop, played by Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn, who has foregone marriage and children for a successful Wall Street career — yet faces a final glass ceiling she cannot shatter.

Meanwhile, we follow Thomas's character, vice president Erin Manning, who does seem to have it all: a promising career, hot looks, nice husband, and a planned pregnancy that is threatening her professional future. Weaving throughout the narrative is the character played by the film's other co-producer, Alysia Reiner, of Orange is the New Black, a happily married gay mom public defender, out to take down the very Wall Street institutions that have made her old friend Naomi so successful.

Equity's core female creators include writer Amy Fox and director Meera Menon, and asks the question:

Can women really have it all — and can we achieve personal and professional success ethically?

In this Like a Mother episode, Thomas, a married mom of a toddler, met me in my Times Square studio where we discuss:

  • Is she offended by media questions about being a working mom
  • Is it OK for women to wield their sexuality to get ahead at work?
  • Why Hollywood stopped calling after she had a baby
  • How she produced and starred in a major film with a baby at home
  • Lessons learned from Thomas's own professional mom
  • What's up with Anna Dunn looking so haggard?
  • What she wears at home working
  • Where women go wrong when it comes to work and money
  • Is entrepreneurship the antidote to workplace sexism?
  • Where women go wrong when it comes to risk and failure
  • Have it all?

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