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Where to find parenting classes “near me” in 2024

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If you’re searching for “parenting classes near me,” you can usually find that information by searching online or by checking with your state’s department that handles child protective services or by checking with your district’s family court. More on this below.

Social service organizations, community programs and private companies are common providers of parenting classes. 

If you search “parenting classes near me,” you’ll get a list of nearby locations that offer parenting classes. 

Click through your search results to find out what types of classes each provider offers, and read reviews from people who have taken them.


Where to find parenting classes “near me” in your state

To find local parenting classes, you can search “parenting classes near me” and filter through the search results to find an option that works for you.

You can also add a zip code or city to the search term for more specific results. For example: “parenting classes near me Austin” or “parenting classes near me 90001.”

Where to find court-approved parenting classes “near me”

Court-ordered parenting classes are designed for a specific purpose, whether you need to satisfy a child protective order or you're required to take a co-parenting class to communicate more effectively after divorce, among other reasons.

These classes can help provide information and resources to create a healthier home environment for your children.

It’s important to understand that not all parenting classes satisfy the requirements for court-approved parenting classes. Your local court can provide a list of parenting classes that meet their criteria.

For example, the New York State Parent Education and Awareness Program offers a provider list for certified parenting programs on the website. 

Additionally, if you find parenting classes that you think work, you can submit it to your lawyer or social worker to get pre-approval by the court.

Many districts and programs offer parenting classes in Spanish and other languages.

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Where to find co-parenting classes for divorcing and separating parents “near me”

In many cases, if you’re going through a divorce or separation, you need to take court-ordered parenting classes. Some courts also require classes so that parents can maintain successful co-parenting relationships for children, whether you have an amicable divorce or you have to pursue a parallel parenting plan.

The following list shows approved parenting classes in states that require them when you are going through a divorce:

Alaska Alaska Court System 
Arizona Arizona Judicial Branch 
Connecticut 211 of Connecticut
Connecticut Judicial Branch
DelawareDelaware Judicial Branch
Florida Florida DCF
Hawaii Hawaii DHS
IdahoIdaho Coordinated FCS
Illinois Illinois Circuit Court
MinnesotaMinnesota Judicial Branch
Missouri University of Missouri Extension
Classes vary by county. Check with your county circuit court for approved classes.
NebraskaNebraska Judicial Branch
New Hampshire New Hampshire Judicial Branch
New Jersey New Jersey Family Division
Classes vary by county. Check with your family division manager in your county for approved classes.
Oklahoma Oklahoma State University Extension
Tennessee University of Tennessee Extension
Contact the extension office in your county for help with locating a parenting class.
Utah Utah Court System
VirginiaVirginia Judicial Branch
Washington Come back to
West Virginia West Virginia Judiciary
Wisconsin Wisconsin Court Directory
Classes vary by county. Check with the family court commissioner office in your county for approved parenting classes.

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And if you live in Idaho, Minnesota, Nebraska, or Virginia, you’ll need to attend and complete a parenting class if you file for a contested divorce.

Finding court-approved parenting classes can be done by asking the court for their own list of resources. These usually include in-person and online parenting classes. If you find a class that you think meets the requirements, you can work with the court to get pre-approval.

If your schedule is better suited to an online class, you’ll find that there are plenty of court-approved options online. Our top recommendation for court-approved online parenting classes is, but there are a variety of legit courses that are recognized in each state.

These courses address topics like:

  • Co-parenting when going through a divorce 
  • Navigating high-conflict co-parenting
  • How to handle your emotions
  • Hot to improve communication
  • Understanding your children better
  • Managing your anger
  • The importance of self-care for parents
  • Military families facing divorce

Some parenting classes are self-guided. Others are instructor-led and offer 1-on-1 coaching calls and an online community for support. Through lectures, assignments, journaling, discussion, or quizzes, each parenting class offers a comprehensive education to improve the way you interact with your children and the other parent. 

These are two of our top choices for online parenting classes:

Court-ordered parenting classes: OnlineParentingPrograms.comParenting classes for all families:
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*Courses for specific needs, including co-parenting, high-conflict, teens and more
*Court-order certificates
*Accessible and affordable pricing
*Financial assistance available
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