Our Family Wizard 2021 reviews: Is this a good co-parenting app?

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What is Our Family Wizard?

Quick answer: OurFamilyWizard (sometimes mistakenly referred to as, ‘My Family Wizard’) is a co-parenting app used by tens of thousands of parents to make it easier to share a calendar and schedule, text, share documents and information and other features for better communication — that can be used in court if needed.

Our Family Wizard ranked #1 on our list of Best co-parenting apps for 2021. Why?

  • Superior technology — great user experience, and glitch-free (or close to it) interface
  • Widely recognized by courts 
  • A+ rating from Better Business Bureau 
  • Competitive cost, with military discount, financial assistance, and money-back guarantee / trial 

Is Our Family Wizard free?

No, both parents have to pay for Our Family Wizard. But, there is a free trial. Check out OurFamilyWizard's free 30-day free trial now >>

Read our review of OurFamilyWizard (a.k.a. My Family Wizard),a co-parenting app for sharing a calendar, expenses, and more.

Do both parents have to pay for Our Family Wizard?

You have to use OurFamilyWizard with your co-parent. Each parent has to create their own account, and each account requires a membership fee. Then, each of those parents can add unlimited numbers of other people: Children, babysitters, grandparents, friends, step-parents.

Our Family Wizard app cost

First, Our Family Wizard offers financial aid to families who qualify, and granted more than 8,000 families free or reduced use of the app as of October, 2021.

  • One Year: $99 after free 30-day trial
  • Two Years: $179 after free trial
  • Discount for military families (see the site for info — no promo code needed)
  • Fee waiver for families in need
  • Add all other people for FREE: children, attorney, step-parents, grandparents, babysitters

Additional add-on features:

  • ToneMeter: $10/year
  • Additional storage, starting at 3GB for $18/year

Or, bundle features for additional discounts.

Sign up for OurFamilyWizard’s free trial now >>

OurFamilyWizard discount code: Is there a promo code or discount available?

OFW does not work with coupons or discount codes. However, the app will provide 100% financial aid to those who qualify, as well as military discounts.

OurFamilyWizard fee waiver program: Who is eligible?

OFW does have a military discount, as well as a fee waiver program for families who fill out their applications and qualify. With each membership, there are an unlimited number of people who can be added on to the account for free.

You qualify for an Our Family Wizard fee waiver and will get the app for free, if you receive certain public benefits including housing or utility assistance, Medicaid, or food assistance. 

To qualify for the fee waiver, each co-parent must apply.

Is there a free version of Our Family Wizard?

Unless you qualify for financial assistance, there is no free version of OFW.

Our Family Wizard coparenting app features

Of all the co-parenting apps we tried, OurFamilyWizard has the most features, and all in one, easy-to-use parenting portal. The overall goal of Our Family Wizard is to help separated and divorced parents improve co-parent communication and better facilitate coparent and shared parenting schedules.

You can grant your family lawyer or mediator access to OurFamilyWizard, which can help in any disputes, whether or not a court and judge are involved.

OurFamilyWizard features include:

Our Family Wizard co-parent calendar

While a shared calendar is the most obvious, and most widely used coparenting app feature, OurFamilyWizard's calendar is easy to use to set a co-parenting schedule, as well as request, agree to, and reject schedule trades, keep track of custody for holidays, kids' activities, and manage first rights of refusal:

While a shared calendar is the most obvious, and most widely used coparenting app feature, OurFamilyWizard's calendar is easy to use to set a co-parenting schedule, as well as request, agree to, and reject schedule trades, keep track of custody for holidays, kids' activities, and manage first rights of refusal:
OurFamilyWizard first right refusal

OurFamilyWizard messaging

Unlike texting or email, OFW messages cannot be deleted or altered. Similar to iPhone messages, these messages are time-stamped, and it is recorded if and when the other party reads them.

Like other information recorded inside of OurFamilyWizard these messages can be downloaded and submitted for court records.

Check out OurFamilyWizard's free 30-day free trial now >>

OurFamilyWizard's free 30-day free trial now >>

OurFamilyWizard expense sharing

Often, parents who have shared custody also must manage shared, out-of-pocket expenses for the kids, including medical and dental bills, school fees and expenses for extracurricular activities.

OurFamilyWizard's expense log makes it easy to document expenses as they occur, share screenshots of receipts, automatically split the bill between parents based on an agreed-upon percentage (for example, if one parent is required to pay 30% of medical expenses, the actual sum owed by each parent would be calculated automatically) — as well as whether the cost-sharing has been paid.

co-parenting app financial tracking

OurFamilyWizard check-in feature

Whether you are on friendly terms with your co-parent and want to let them know you arrived at your brothers' house safely, or need to document that you arrived on time for your parenting time, the OurFamilyWizard time-stamped geo-tracking check-in feature allows a parent to document exactly where they are at any given time:

my family wizard geotracking time stamped

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OurFamilyWizard ToneMeter

For an additional $10, the ToneMeter is a unique tool that helps reduce conflict between co-parents. As you write a text, ToneMeter flags any inflammatory language that could make your life a lot more difficult (even if you feel better in the moment! No judgement— I've been there!):

How to co-parenting with even the most toxic ex

OurFamilyWizard ToneMeter

Other OurFamilyWizard features:

  • iOS and Android
  • Face recognition sign-in and PIN quick sign-in
  • Option for attorney access — keeps everyone honest! Plus, you can communicate with your attorney within the OurFamilyWizard app.
  • Notifications — get alerts to new messages, schedule change requests, and document uploads
  • Info bank, so you can keep track of important information and contacts like:
    • Passport info
    • Social security numbers
    • Insurance cards
    • Doctors' contacts
    • Medical and prescription info
    • Phone numbers and addresses of family memebers, babysitters and nannies, school, daycare and friends.
    • Upload documents like a parenting plan, separation or divorce agreement, or school documents like an IEP or report card.
  • Military discount
  • Fee waivers for families in need
  • 30-day free trial, with 100% money-back guarantee

Who would benefit from using Our Family Wizard?

OurFamilyWizard is used by hundreds of thousands of families across the country, in all 50 states. These families include:

  • Parents a court mandate to use a co-parenting app
  • Parents whose lawyers suggest they use a co-parenting app
  • Divorced parents
  • Separated parents
  • Parents who were never a couple
  • Parents who frequent family court and need documentation of visits, communication and expense payment
  • Parents who share equal, 50/50 custody or joint custody parenting plans
  • Parents who have sole custody, or are working together to co-parent in a variety of visitation schedules
  • High-conflict parents who communicate exclusively through OurFamilyWizard, which can help with interpersonal conflict management
  • Parents who co-parent amicably, but like the convenience of keeping all information and communication about the children inside of one app
  • Parents who need help to manage right to first refusal custody

Shared parenting research — is 50/50 really best for kids?

Alyssa Stacey, a divorced mom of one, says this:

 I requested that we be ordered to use Our Family Wizard and the judge accepted it. My ex was extremely anti-usage of any app, but the reasons for that (not wanting me to be able to say “yes you did see this message, you read it on XX day at YY time” or to know when he logged in and checked the calendar) were the reasons that I wanted to use it.

It's great for me because all the communication is in one place (no going between text and email) and it isn't clogging up the email inbox. There's a calendar that I add everything to – if he checks it he checks it, if not that's on him, and everything I add is time-stamped so I can say, yes I added the appointment 2 months ago, etc. There's also an expense tracker where I can upload receipts for medical and invoice for his share. I consider it well worth the $8 per month.

Alyssa Stacey

How does the Our Family Wizard app work? How do you use it?

Here is how Our Family Wizard works:

  1. Each parent creates their own account.
  2. You can then connect OFW accounts by inviting the other parent (or vice versa!).
  3. You can then immediately synch calendars, exchange messages inside the app, document and send requests for reimbursement for expenses, and more.

Tips for how to use OurFamilyWizard co-parenting app:

  • Be consistent. Always use the messaging feature within the app — never your personal text or email
  • Always stick to your agreement for how you will use the app, even if the other parent does not
  • Keep in mind how all the features help you, as well as the co-parent. For example, it is really helpful to have all the kids' documents in one place — whether or not your kids other parent accesses them.

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Our Family Wizard app pros

OurFamilyWizard has been in business more than 18 years, and is by far the most widely used co-parenting app.

The tool has dozens of features, and for the most part, is very easy to use with intuitive user experience.

OurFamilyWizard's parent company, Avirat, has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, which BBB attributes to one unresolved customer complaint.

Our Family Wizard app cons

OurFamilyWizard has 2.3 stars on Google Play. However, the company's developer is responsive to recent complaints and seems genuinely intent on resolving individual issues, and making the app better for all users.

The TrustPilot score is 1 star based on two reviews.

Each parent must buy a subscription.

You cannot use OurFamilyWizard solo — just like with conception, you need two people (however, it is free to add other people … more info below).

Our Family Wizard reviews

Real moms review OFW:

OurFamilyWizard (a.k.a. My Family Wizard) is a co-parenting app for sharing a calendar, expenses, and more. Read our review of this app.

OurFamilyWizard (a.k.a. My Family Wizard) is a co-parenting app for sharing a calendar, expenses, and more. Read our review of this app.

Other apps for coparent communication

Cozi vs. Our Family Wizard

Cozi is a 100% free co-parenting app that is designed for all families — separated, divorced, married, multigenerational, etc. Cozi lets you add up to 12 people share your family’s calendar and lists.

Cozi parenting app is 100% free, or upgrade for a no-ad version for $29 per year.

Read our Cozi review.

Our Family Wizard is a better fit than Cozi for co-parents who need all communication documented in a single place: messages, calendar swaps, medical and financial transactions and more. 

Talking Parents vs. Our Family Wizard

TakingParents is a co-parenting communications tool that has a free website version, as well as a paid, ad-free version for its TalkingParentsApple and Android apps. 

The paid version costs $5.99 per month, but add-ons like downloads of messages, calendar or expenses start at $9.99 each — with certified versions costing $39.99, plus 19 cents per page. Depending on your needs, TalkingParents may be more expensive than OurFamilyWizard or Fayr.

The features of both Talking Parents and OFW are very similar, but Our Family Wizard has fewer tech issues and better customer service reports.  While the Apple store and other platforms show many user reviews for Talking Parents, neither the app nor its parent company have a BBB review. 

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coParenter vs. Our Family Wizard

coParenter provides messaging, expense documentation, and geo-pinpointing, plus on-demand, live conflict resolution from a team of retired judges, child specialists, mediators and therapists. coParenter has a 3.9 rating in iTunes, and 3.6 in Google Play. $12.99/month.

Our Family Wizard is a more robust app than coParenter, and is updating its interface and backend more frequently.

Sign up for OurFamilyWizard now >>

Is Our Family Wizard free?

No, both parents have to pay for Our Family Wizard. But, there is a free trial.

Our Family Wizard





  • Co-parenting calendar
  • In-app messaging
  • Great design
  • One of the most established co-parenting apps with the most features
  • Recognized by courts as a leader


  • Each parent must buy a subscription
  • Premium price, but offers financial aid and military discounts

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