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How to Make More Money Now

“I'm broke.”

Those words are so loaded. “I'm broke,” means:

“I'm scared.”

“I'm stuck.”

“I feel guilty.”

“I feel like a bad mom.”

“I'm angry.”

“Life is not fair!”

“I'm terrified something bad will happen.”

“I don't know how to make more money.”

I have been there, and guess what? I don't care how wealthy, educated, from affluent parents, an affluent country, or with how many resources a person has,  they have felt broke. And some of them actually were.

In this down-and-dirty 49-page guide I show you, step-by-step, EXACTLY how to stop being broke. You will:

  • Find money right in front of your face
  • Get that big raise you deserve
  • Get your hustle on BIG TIME
  • Find money to pay the bills now, while networking your butt of for that dream career-position
  • Get your resume in top shape
  • Find where the good jobs REALLY are
  • Unlearn everything you thought you knew about networking
  • Learn the secrets of EXPERT networkers who are NEVER BROKE
  • Get word-by-word scripts to use to network with new contacts and old colleagues and acquaintances
  • Learn the rules of job search and social media
  • Make positive, MONEY-MAKING MINDSET a natural part of your every day life. Starting today!

Ready? This one is a no-brainer. Whether you are desperate and stuck, or just need a refresher on getting your hustle on — whether you are looking for a corporate job, upping your entrepreneur / freelance game, or looking to land part-time gigs, this guide is a tiny investment in a lifetime of money-making.

When you buy Make More Money Now, you get:

  • 49 pages of action-packed, step-by-steps that I use myself, and have helped countless of my followers and clients start making more money RIGHT AWAY.
  • My customizable ‘Money-Making Machine Networking' sheet— a critical tool to systemizing your job search. (You'll be STUNNED how many people are in your network!)
  • Exactly what you need to know about creating a killer resume, fast! 
  • Word-for-word  email scripts you can copy-paste and send to your contacts to find jobs and gigs.
  • Rules for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram during your job search.
  • Word-for-word  text scripts you can copy-paste and send to your friends and acquaintances to find jobs and gigs.
  • A library of articles that I have curated (some of which I wrote!) guaranteed to deepen your job-search skills and resources
  • My personal resource guide that I currently or have used to research, find work and information critical to a thriving income!
  • And most important: Scripts to tell yourself to get out of a BROKE mentality, and START MAKING MONEY. 


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

badgeGuarantee: I believe so strongly in the quality of the More Money Now,  I confidently back it with a 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, just contact me within 30 days days of purchase, show you've done the work, and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.



Q: Emma, who the hell are you to tell me what is up? What makes you the expert?

A: For one, I have been an award-winning personal finance journalist for 15 years, writing articles about career, money and work-life balance for publications including  the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Glamour, Men's Health, Forbes, MSN Money, Women's Day, Elle, and a zillion others. In my four years blogging at WealthySingleMommy,I have been noted as ‘Best of the Web' by Parents magazine, ‘Top Personal Finance Podcasts' by U.S. News, and many others, I have helped thousands and thousands of single moms turn their careers and personal finances AROUND, and start seeing and earning what they are worth — regardless of their family statuses.

In my own life, I have gone from a broke mom newly single to earning multiple-six-figures in less than two years, using the very steps outlined in this course. I'm not a genius. I am smart, I am hardworking, and I want to give my kids a great life — just like most of the moms I know. I knew that if I could make this 180-turn, you can, too. That is why I created this course.

Q: I live in Canada/Belgium/Australia/Columbia. Is this course for me?

A: Yes! These are fundamental tools, skills and truths that are applicable to moms anywhere! Of course there will be slight differences in local professional and cultural norms, but you will not be disappointed in this investment, no matter where you live.

Q: Emma, I want to take advantage of the discount, but don't have time this week to start the course. Will it expire?

A: No! Once you buy the course, you will be sent an email with the course information which you can use when you want, where you want, for as long as you live!

Q: Emma, If you care so much about poor single moms, how can you in good conscious charge money for this information? 

A: Studies find people are more inclined to take action on information they invested in. Also, by building a thriving business serving single moms, I am able to give all kinds of free information to single mothers through my blog and podcast, which I have been serving for four years.

Remember, this discounted price is only available until Friday, July 29! 

Get it now for $59 $29